#Ferguson: the Michael Brown Funeral

#Ferguson: the Michael Brown Funeral


Michael Brown’s funeral is today, and his parents are calling for a day of silence, so that they can peacefully mourn their son and lay him to rest. The aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown has been marked by violent protests, with violence coming from police and protestors alike.

The funeral is already being made into a political event, though, with Al Sharpton speaking, the parents of Trayvon Martin attending, and a delegation is being sent on behalf of President Obama. Of course, Obama played golf while Major General Harold Greene was being laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery, the highest ranking officer killed in the War on Terror. Evidently thugs who were shot during a scuffle with police rank higher in Obama’s book than military officers who died honorably in defense of our country, but is anyone surprised by that?

Video will be live-streaming below, and we will keep you updated throughout the day as people like Sharpton surely work to exploit this funeral to advance their own agendas on the backs of grieving parents.

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  • Xavier says:

    The latest race-baiter talking point is that “police officer Wilson shot Brown six times, a use of force that could seem reckless or excessive”. That quote is from Touré, but it’s the criticism du jour being repeated on every liberal blog and news service.

    Let me ask: what would their response be if the police officer had stopped, and killed, Brown with a single shot?


    “Why did he shoot to kill with the first shot? Why couldn’t the cop have winged him in the arm a few times? That would have stopped him! Cops just want to kill black men!”

    You can’t logic against a liberal. It’s like nailing jello to a tree.

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