Ferguson Five Years Later: It’s Not All Black and White

Ferguson Five Years Later: It’s Not All Black and White

Ferguson Five Years Later: It’s Not All Black and White

Five years ago, 18 year-old Michael Brown Jr. was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The New York Times called it the “catalyst” for the social justice movements as we know them today.

Protesting is still alive and well in Ferguson, MO as well as other cities last night in remembrance of Michael Brown and as a reminder that (white) police officers are “bad”. This did not stop some of our favorite Democrats from pandering to their potential voter base:

“White lady who panders” was met with a “come to Jesus”:

These minor details have not stopped democratic lawmakers from proposing a bill aimed at reducing police killings by raising the standard for law enforcement’s use of deadly force. From HuffPo:

The bill would change the federal standard for “use of force” by federal officers ― including those with the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and more. It would require that cops only use lethal force when necessary to prevent “imminent and serious” harm or death, and after “exhausting reasonable alternatives.” Notably, it would require officers to use de-escalation techniques to try to stabilize the situation.”

Just to clarify, by “police killings”, these lawmakers are not talking about officers being wounded or killed in the line of duty. These lawmakers are not talking about individuals who wreak havoc on a community and try to grab an officer’s weapon after a rampage. These “lawmakers” are talking about police officers defending themselves in the line of duty not by weapons but by using so-called “de-escalation techniques” and “exhausting reasonable alternatives”. The legislation is called the PEACE Act. And you can read more on this here. Here is an excerpt:

11 Federal law enforcement officer may not use deadly force
12 against a person unless—
13 (1) such force is necessary, as a last resort, to
14 prevent imminent and serious bodily injury or death
15 to the officer or another person;
16 (2) the use of such forces creates no substantial
17 risk of injury to a third person; and
18 (3) reasonable alternatives to the use of such
19 force have been exhausted.-Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.)”

Michael Brown, Sr. is also calling for a reopening of the investigation in his son’s death.

Michael Brown, Jr. was unarmed drug-dealer who was making his rounds and walking in the middle of the street blocking traffic. What is exactly “necessary force, as a last resort” when asked by law enforcement to stop blocking traffic? And force is not supposed to be used on a person who keeps coming at you even after several rounds of warning shots are fired? How, pray tell, do you deescalate that?!

And here we are. Five years later. Are our cities any safer? Are law enforcement officers able to do their jobs? How many officers have been shot in the line of duty? If we want to talk about the color of one’s skin here, how many. of those officers are black shot by another African-American?

None of this matters. You see, the narrative is that a white police officer used a weapon to end the life of a young black man. All of the news outlets (nodding to you, CNN, NYT, WaPo and MSMBC to name a new) will report it this way. I repeat. A white cop shot a black man five years ago. That is, according to them. all the masses need to know. Politicians will continue to capitalize on this narrative. These monkeys continue to fling this at all of the readers and viewers and throw in more decisive rhetoric because, why not? If we look to the way our media continues to cover these events, past and present, some eyes may be opened. I challenge liberals to take “black” and “white” out of all of these stories and to see then, if opinions and attitudes change. I’m not holding my breath here. In the meantime, our media outlets will continue to call protests and racial division “catalysts” for social justice movements.

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  • Bill Smith says:

    Warren knows full well that she is lying. But, she needs black votes. If it takes agitating racial tensions in Ferguson and people get hurt in the process, that’s a small price to pay. If she contributes to the eroding respect blacks have for law enforcement, she’s willing to live with that.


  • Wfjag says:

    Five years ago violent crime rates were declining. Since then, especially in minority neighborhoods, they have been increasing. Will the MSM report that?

  • GWB says:

    5 years ago Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer
    If I were Officer Wilson, I would sue Warren for slander for that statement. Even as a “public figure” that meets the standard of knowledgeable malice.

  • Scott says:

    The only thing wrong with Brown being shot is that no-one did it years earlier, prior to him terrorizing his neighborhood… In addition, his “parents” should face repercussions for not only raising, but supporting such a predatory piece of shit..

    As to Warren you all are correct, she knows full well that her comments will incite violence, and she does not give one tiny rats ass about it, primarily because most of the victims of such violence would be black, and she, just like most dims, would be just fine with that.

  • GWB says:

    And force is not supposed to be used on a person who keeps coming at you even after several rounds of warning shots are fired?
    There were no warning shots fired. (And I would sack any cop who fired warning shots.) All the shots fired by Wilson were attempts to stop Brown.

    as a last resort
    reasonable alternatives … have been exhausted
    A couple of things…
    The progressives have taken away all other reasonable alternatives.
    However, they will insist that no matter what happened there must have been some other resorts that weren’t tried.
    And, of course, waiting on deploying adequate force against someone will get a cop unnecessarily hurt.

    A white cop shot a black man
    For the racialists, that is all that matters. Guilt, innocence – irrelevant.
    This is their goal: division. Because a divided people cannot stand against tyranny.

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