Evan Sayet, Modern Liberal Thinking, and 9/11

Evan Sayet, Modern Liberal Thinking, and 9/11

Evan Sayet, Modern Liberal Thinking, and 9/11

You can learn a lot from Facebook.

 And you can learn a lot from Evan Sayet

I learned a lot from his book, “Kindergarten of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks”

I believe that on the eve of the 12th anniversary of 9/11, we need think learn and hard about this:

“There have been a fair number of revolutions and attempted revolts during the Obama administration. The ONLY commonality in Obama’s policy is that he’s taken the side of America and Western Civilization’s enemies.” – Mr. Sayet

While most of America recognizes that Islamic terrorism is the “enemy”, I don’t think most of America realizes how dangerously close we are to not only multiples of tragedies like 9/11, but of losing…well…losing America.  I’m not exaggerating or being dramatic.  Look what has happened just within our own government and their disastrous domestic and foreign policy results in a just a few years. 

Imagine what would happen in the event of a determined enemy gaining the upper hand. 

The forces of true evil are not slowing down or dithering or playing golf or going to Hawaii.  In a time of true and persistent danger, Obama and his minions continue to play games with foreign policy, hoping the majority of American citizens continue in their blissful preoccupation with the Kardashians.  Obama continues to blame American foreign policy for the woes of the world.  If only we were NICER, they’d be nice too.  I’ve yet to completely understand this, but Evan is helping me out. 

Our enemies (after they stop howling with laughter at us) are pressing down even harder and faster.  They see opportunity and they will take it.

Their plans would make the horror of 9/11 pale in comparison.

As we mourn in remembrance of so many lives lost and changed by 9/11, stop and seriously consider what the Obama and the “liberal thinking” future holds for you and your loved ones.  Stop pretending or ignoring the fact we indeed have a President determined to undermine our safety for the benefit and installation of liberal beliefs into our culture and government.  Liberal beliefs that would keep the liberal elite safe and coddled, while the rest of America pays the price. 

Because you surely don’t think Obama will be anywhere near danger when it comes, do you?

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  • Reiuxcat says:

    Well said. Will be getting the book.

  • Jodi says:

    Absolutely dead on, Catherine. We’re sitting ducks. Best be prepared for the inevitable.

  • William says:

    Regardless of what the administration says, it was interesting how quickly they cooled off on Syria after Iran threatened to target politicians in the US. The DHS and the rest probably have a pretty good idea of who has come across the border and is operating in the country. No big deal as long as the targets were civilians, but targeting politicians and their supporters?

    Western politicians have protected themselves from the wars they start for the last 100 years or more with treaties saying politicians were off limits for attacks. Facing an enemy who would target them as directly as the US targeted Saddam probably threw them for a loop.

    • Catherine Wilkinson says:

      that’s an interesting take I had not considered, William…thank you for adding a new dimension to the self-serving political elite sphere of crap that revolves around our lives….

      • William says:

        You’re welcome. Even though I don’t think it is really that high on their list of concerns, mainly because they think it will never happen. But think back to John Malvo and all the trouble he caused.

        I think there are two more likely ends Obama is after.

        Most likely Obama is trying to back Republicans into a corner. By framing his Syria attacks in terms that appeal to his base and, more importantly, his lapdog media, he can bully them into voting for Amnesty, for funding Obamacare, and the rest of his agenda. Boehner is already helping Obama in this regard.

        Also possible is that Obama is hoping that the attacks will cause a spike in oil prices is not an outright embargo or stoppage from the Middle East. This would cause economic chaos in the US which would give him a crisis to ram through more of his agenda. Most of the groundwork is already there, all he really needs is the excuse.

        Those are my guesses anyway. Why else would Obama be risking WWIII over a piddly country like Syria unless he had some big move in the works at home?

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