Epstein Dead, Too Many Questions Remain

Epstein Dead, Too Many Questions Remain

Epstein Dead, Too Many Questions Remain

Jeffrey Epstein is dead. That is pretty much the only “known known” we have right now.

The rest falls into the category of “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns.”

When the news broke that Epstein was dead, allegedly assumed to have committed suicide while in jail, Twitter and media promptly exploded in conspiracy theories, legitimate questions, and wild speculation. Even those asking legit questions knew that the conspiracy theories were going to run wild today. But here are the questions that really should be asked now of all the authorities in charge.

1) Who removed Epstein from suicide watch?
After the previous suicide attempt, Jeffrey Epstein was placed on suicide watch. When the news came out that he was dead, people immediately asked how this had happened, because the last we had all known, Epstein was still on the suicide watch.

So the question is: who has ownership of removing Epstein from suicide watch? That leads into question number two…

2) Why was Epstein removed from suicide watch?
Once the person/people/board responsible for making the call are identified, they need to be asked this question. And because the level of trust is so degraded at this point, their finances probably need to be under a microscope for a while as well. Attorney General Barr is demanding answers to how this could happen and has demanded that the Inspector General’s office open an investigation, and the FBI is going to be investigating. Epstein was in a federal prison, so the feds are the ones who have all the investigative jurisdiction here.

3) What does the autopsy say?
This autopsy is going to be highly scrutinized for any signs that would be inconsistent with a suicide by hanging. The New York City Medical Examiner’s office, who will be performing said autopsy, had better make sure that all their T’s are crossed and every I is dotted properly.

4) What happens to the Epstein case now?
It’s been reported on Twitter by some lawyers that any evidence now discovered by the search warrant of Epstein’s home is now admissible in court, and no one has standing to challenge it. Which means that we could have a very public evidence dump that could implicate a whole lot of the people involved. While Epstein was a key target and witness, and has now gone to face a Higher Justice than he would have ever gotten on this earth, the victims deserve whatever justice that can still be meted out for the accompanying crimes. Remember, there were some names just recently released in court documents. What cases can be built against them, and what does Epstein’s house hold in the way of evidence? There was an awful lot of speculation that he made good money by blackmail. Will we find out now that this “billionaire investor” was really just a pedophile with enough smarts to keep the receipts on those he brought along with him? Epstein might end up being a better witness for the prosecution dead than he would have been while alive.

And those questions are just some of the “known unknowns.” There are still a multitude of things that are “unknown unknowns.” I am certain there are a ton of questions out there about this case that we don’t even know that we should be asking. But while Twitter and the media run rampant with conspiracy, we owe to the victims to get to the reason why Epstein got to escape a courtroom and instead face his Ultimate Judge.

Featured image: Jeffrey Epstein (screenshot via CBS New York on YouTube)

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