Donna Brazile Joins Fox News, Viewers Outraged

Donna Brazile Joins Fox News, Viewers Outraged

Donna Brazile Joins Fox News, Viewers Outraged

The New York Post reported yesterday that Fox News Channel has hired former interim Democrat National Committee Chair Donna Brazile. The powers that be at the network hired Brazile because they don’t have enough glazed-eyed idiots who parrot the Democrat talking points. Well, I’m just spitballing here.

Here, from the NY Post, is the Fox News statement on Donna Brazile:

“Brazile, a veteran Democratic strategist, will offer political analysis across both FNC and FOX Business Network’s daytime and primetime programming,” Fox said in a statement.

Brazile, herself said:

“I know I’m going to get criticized from my friends in the progressive movement for being on Fox News,” she wrote.

“My response is that, if we’ve learned anything from the 2016 election, it is that we can’t have a country where we don’t talk to those who disagree with our political views,” she continued.

“There’s an audience on Fox News that doesn’t hear enough from Democrats. We have to engage that audience and show Americans of every stripe what we stand for rather than retreat into our ‘safe spaces’ where we simply agree with each other. For there is no safety in self-limiting numbers,” she said.

Brazile is right about that first part. A casual look at Twitter (ignoring the bot repeats) and you get the idea that Donna Brazile won’t be asked to sit with the Progressive Cool Kids at Le Diplomat for a week or two. That is until the next liberal outrage is announced.

More importantly, the question is “What the Hell, Fox?” Conservative have been loving you long time. You, Fox News, insult us by every possible method. We keep loving on you. You keep Juan Williams on their air. You have Mary Anne Marsh on occasionally. Jessica Tarlov? And, don’t even get me started on Shepard Smith. Smith shows his hatred of not only Donald Trump, but anyone who even considered voting for Trump with every sneer and eye roll. I miss the Shepard Smith of Pretty Prancing Ponies and car chases. He was quite fun then.

And Donna Brazile is going to tell us what Democrats stand for? We got it. Dead babies, illegal immigrants, reparations and gun confiscation. Donna Brazile passed debate questions to Hillary Clinton. Fox News viewers are not happy.

Twitter and Facebook are both filled with angry Fox viewers.

Fox News hires Donna Brazile days after pulled Jeanine Pirro’s Saturday show at the last minute and then suspended the Judge for two weeks. Judge Jeanine Pirro asked a question about Representative Ilhan Omar and Sharia Law. A valid question. Some on-air establishment types, apparently still stung by not getting a Democrat Primary Debate (excuse me, while I go horse laugh), demanded that Pirro be suspended.

This next move, hiring Brazile, just screams of crawling on your belly and begging to be hit again. Please, please Liberal types, please love us. We just NEED you to love us. The powers that be at Fox News want to be invited to the right cocktail parties in the UWS (Upper West Side of Manhattan).

Donna Brazile cannot even admit she truly passed the questions to Hillary.

Donna Brazile doesn’t know whether to wind her butt or scratch her watch.

Fox News is going to give a masterclass in how to destroy a brand. Those of us who used to consume Fox News Channel cannot even go to Fox Business Network since the bigwigs have threatened to have her on there too. It’s groovy Fox. You don’t want us. We don’t want you either. We will take our eyeballs, our clicks and our ad dollars and go elsewhere. Somewhere we are loved and respected.

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  • windbag says:

    I guess they want to trim some of those excess viewers. Fox is increasingly unwatchable.

  • sound awake says:

    because of this move my prediction is she ends up doing more damage to the democrat brand than to that of fox news
    it will be documented in the annals of leftist autophagy
    it is a truth universally acknowledged that revolutionary sentiment is inherently expansionist and if unimpeded always winds up devouring its earlier partisans
    as was the footage of the weeping and bewildered hillary supporters on election night
    it will be some of the best entertainmant on tv

    • I am very disappointed with Fox. You were the only outlet in TV that primarily present and supported the conservative point of view. It now appears that you are joining all of the liberal fake news media. This is not due to your hiring Donna Brazille. Your station has recent hired or supported other liberal, one world leaning, people. It gives every indication of shift away from supporting the base that made you the best outlet in TV.
      Do not be surprised if this does not prove to be a great mistake on your part.

  • His_Highness says:

    I am not outraged. Fox’s hiring of Brazile does nothing more than to add to a stable full of liberals — Shep Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, and Chris Wallace. I used to think Wallace was at least middle of the road, but he’s shown a great love for sticking it to conservatives, so no, he’s not conservative and not even middle of the road.

    Fox has joined MSM. Consequently, there is no conservative outlet on television.

    • Mia Free says:


    • Chris says:

      Check out One American News Network (OAN). If your cable doesn’t have it switch to DirecTv. Only place to watch conservative news and their whole lineup is all to the Right. A wonderful station.

    • Calvin says:

      This is that B.S.they call fair and balanced. Thow shall not discriminate.Apparently they too think that the public is a flock of sheep.This type of overbearing skunks have a way of cutting their own throats.

  • Paul Izzo says:

    It’s quite telling that no other left wing outlet would hire Brazile. Used to be that when Fox rejects reached their mini skirt expiration dates, they would be demoted to CNN. Now CNN rejects end up on Fox. What a world.

  • Mark says:

    Sorry, but I’m not triggered by this. I appreciate them having opinion people on both sides so I can hear what the other side is saying so I am better ready and able to counteract it. Yes, I roll my eyes at them quite a bit.

    Fox is doing what we complain the others don’t do.

    • Virginia B. Duhon says:

      Why would you want to hire Donna Brazile? Please put Judge Jeanine back on Fox. We don’t want these liberal diehards on Fox. Fox News has been the only news station I can get unbiased news. Please don’t make me have to quit watching you too.

  • Al Sheeber says:

    I don t need to waste my time listening to an equivocating documented criminal.

  • Dexter Wilson says:

    Let us hope this will be like Juan Williams and they will have to be sharp to deal with this Democrat. By having her on if they play it right, and study how to answer her, we will have Democratic Viewers we may be able to persuade to come in from the cold Democratic Lies.

    • J Cherolis says:

      We can watch dem’s lies anywhere else, and can see they are all bought and sold to the one world,baby killing ,commie dems . Shame on you fox.

  • Janette Braswell says:


  • Lucy says:

    Donna Brazile has no character; the value of her ideas is 0; it’s a waste of the time of my life to listen to her; send her packing!

  • Lucy says:

    Fox news, find out Omar’s views on Sharia Law, report them. Give the job to Judge Pirro or another, no way to Donna Brazile. Fire Brazile. Bring back Judge Pirro.

  • Snipes says:

    Outraged!!‘ How and why would Fox do this to us faithful Vierers ? Also to Judge Jeanine , a Smart , beautiful , trueful, Person who loves America and will keep Fox Viewers informed about the enemies we have who would like to take away our freedoms for alittle Money from abillioneer who Wanst power to rule the USA and the world!!!

  • 4Pip says:

    I hated to see Fox do this because Brazille never tells the truth but I guess she fits in with the other Left people. Marie Harff was also hired and I thought that was bad so now there are even more I will mute when they are on,Juan,Wallace,Marie,and now Brazille. I don’t like Wallace anyway It took me a while to know how he leaned but didn’t watch him anyway. I hope they put back on Judge Jeanine,I really like her as she will speak the truth all the time about what is really going on.

  • Robert Eastman says:

    What the hell! Donna Brazile is a liar, a leaker, a murderer of babies, a demon rat (supports HR 3222 Do not Harm act which puts exemptions on Freedom of Religion), a comi (Green New Deal), a supporter of terrorist and would take away guns from law abiding Americans.
    BRING BACK Judge Jeanine. She reports the truth. Do not bow down and kiss the leftist butt. I understand you have lost advertising. Fire your PR group and advertising department. You should be the number one news agency but these decisions will set you on the road of CNN. You are on your way down.

  • yolanda cardenas says:

    I myself will not watch Fox if that lier joins fox.

  • RON says:


  • Joe Feeney says:

    FOX NEWS sucks bilge water

  • DickC says:

    Bye Fox…….

  • Nick says:

    Fox news what happens when the only people who watch your station are terrorist. You are going to lose the conservatives. You have already lost the liberals. No one is left. With no one left where will you get your advertisers. You are making a huge mistake by giving in to a very minority group with very bias opinions and will be voting Democratic. Don’t change and you will suffer the consequences.

  • MARIE BILBAO says:


  • Mary Jevne says:

    There must be a few honest liberals out there. Couldn’t Fox hire one of them? When Fox hires a known liar it is hard to know if and when they are telling the truth.

    • Mary Jevne says:

      Publish the comment as is or don’t publish it.

      • Kate says:

        Mary your comment was held up in our queue because you’ve never commented here before. After the first comment, posters publish freely. Thanks for being here.

        Just so you know — We don’t sensor comments or views. We will however remove posters who act like jackwagons.

      • Allene says:

        Are you kidding me Fox? We have begged you for years to fire Juan Williams with his fire spitting tongue on republicans. Even the rest of The Five fight with him constantly. You keep him and fire the judge. Then you hire the wacko Donna Brazil. Have you forgot all your loyal listeners have a remote and know how to click the station. Three people carry your network. Hannity, Ingram, and Tucker. And, you are threatening Tucker. They all three need to move to Newsmax or OAN. We are.

  • Jane says:

    For years, I mostly watched FOX News & FOX business. Please put Judge Jeanine back on & remove Brazile. If this is not done, I will forget watching FOX.


    Brazile is a confirmed liar, a confirmed cheat, untrustworthy and not believable. FOX knows this and so do the FOX viewers. Why anyone would turn on FOX for the news now is a mystery to me. There is always the drudgereport and lucianne. i’m gone, my family, friends and associates are gone and I am sure millions of other former FOX viewers are gone.

  • Helen says:

    I’m done with Fox. The suspension of Judge Jeanine was the final straw! Even if they allow her return I will not watch a FOX News channel again, ever! I’m going to enjoy watching their ratings plummet, especially with liar Brazile and RINO Ryan on board.

  • Rose Schulz says:

    Fox USED to be my go to for fair news. the MSM is ultra left (must be on the Democrat payroll) and now you have joined the left too. In previous comments I agree that Juan Williams, Shep Smith (a far left goon) Geraldo, Chris Wallace espouse the leftist point of view.- don’t you think we have enough leftist views? You insist you want fair and balanced. Well, quit getting rid of the conservatives and replacing them with democrats. You now belong in the same category with CNN, MSNBC and all the other leftist programs. They are members of the “Hate Trump” and now looks like you are joining them. I watched crooked Donna Brazile the night Hannity had her on. Are those the things you now stand for and the views we need to be exposed to. She wouldn’t shut up until she got her point of view aired. Sorry. I will have to find another news source. Conservatives no longer are represented in the news media.

  • Rich says:

    Fox has too many trump haters already now they just added another one-have to watch one American news now

  • Nannytk says:

    OAN here I come. Good Bye Fox!

  • William R Thompson Jr says:

    Brazille is a “person of interest” in the MURDER of Seth Rich! I am a believer in innocent until proven guilty, but, I think “person of interest” in a murder case, is pushing it. There may never be enough evidence to charge anyone in that case, because the Left, including the Clintons and the DNC, are so good at covering up their crimes, which Fox should know all too well. But, I’ve seen Fox cover-up, or ignore inconvenient evidence, too. They’re just doing it more often, these days. Maybe the release of Mueller’s report, which seems to confirm no evidence of collusion or obstruction, by Trump, will reverse the trend? We can only hope. In the meantime, maybe she will make a fool of herself?

  • Mel says:

    It didn’t take your new owners to much time to change your direction as to going from conservative to Very liberal ??? Who’s next AOC, Hilary ??? Good while it lasted.

  • james says:

    Anyone that watch FOX is mainly conservative, and Brazile is not what we want to see. She is a liar, a crook, and a brown noser for the Clintons. What the HELL is FOX thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I wont be watching FOX news along with ABC< NBC< CBS<CNN and the rest of the miserable media.

  • Andy Moschetta says:

    Just want to say “GOOD BYE FOX NEWS” Enough of Shep Smith, Juan Williams etc. Suspending of Judge
    Jeannie was the last straw.

  • Mycat says:

    That’s the end of fox news for me. It was the only station I watched. Was always looking forward to a judge Jeanine. She told it like it is. Very sad and alarming developments at Fox News. Bye, bye from me

  • I’m ssoooooo glad OAN came into our lives! It is my go-to station 100% now. Juan and Shep, and Chris, who turn my stomach and in my opinion, do not belong, The new burdensome ads have become time -consuming and make FOX like most stations on cable. They do not earn my respect or time anymore. Goodbye to FOX. I’ll look for Judge Jeanine to show up again somewhere else if we are lucky!

  • Leona Kuhn says:

    OH…MY…GOD!!! Where is such hate coming from? I thought most Americans were fair-minded, and perhaps they are. They just don’t write to you…or FOX news. I learned early on to keep my political views mostly to myself. It’s getting pretty hard to do so, since the first thing strangers seem to want to know is NOT your name, your job title, your annual income (not really relevant), or your religion. They want to know who you HATE. If you don’t HATE the right people, you aren’t worth hanging around with. I haven’t been watching FOX much, or any other news station. I read the paper–I can stop reading when I’ve had enough! All this HATE, though, needs an outlet. And I’m afraid of what that outlet may turn out to be! So…I’ll try not to HATE, and I’ll keep my own counsel.

  • How can Fox News hire somone that gave the opposng party the questions before a debate? Unreal. Goodbye FOX News!!

  • Richard C Klein says:

    What a shame. The Judge is willing to be honest, unlike so many others.

  • Sad and a big mistake !! Will you networks never learn? Fox is forgetting who made them grow, and that’s conservatives ! I really don’t have to watch Fox, so I’m gone ! They left us, and that’s a shame !

  • 4USA2 says:

    For FACT, Donna Brazill was caught on video stopping in front of the place where Hillary was staying and giving the debate questions IN ADVANCE to Hillary. Donna Brazill was caught on video! No wonder she had to admit to it. And what a horrible sham to have pulled by giving dumb bell Hillary the debate questions in advance of the debate. Fox new, WAKE UP! DO NOT HIRE HER!

  • No Judge Jeanine Pirro for telling the truth and now the left-wing nut extremist, donna brazil !!! Perhaps its time to start a new “Fox News” network that will represent the truth and and Constitution with those it hires !!!!

  • Angela Worden says:

    Thank you Fox news for the electric bill savings. Since you have pre-empted Judge Janine Pirro and now hired Donna Brazile , as well as maintaining your relationship with Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith, and other liberal misinformed folks, I will keep MY TELEVISION OFF!! Why waste good money on junk news.

  • Barbara says:

    Congratulations Fox News. You have now joined the ranks of all the other dimwitted, lying, racist fake news networks. I was upset over the suspension of Judge Jeanine but to hire a liar and a cheat like Donna Brazile. Every person I know that USE to watch Fox news won’t anymore. There are enough news stations out there that won’t tell the truth and now you have become just like the rest. Hope you enjoy your ratings falling through the floor because of your stupidity.

  • Mark Goryance says:

    Unbelievable, what an asinine decision, hiring Donna Brazile …

  • King59 says:

    Not watching the 5 today because the lying and cheating Donna Brazil is on!! If you don’t get her off the Fox News Channel I will quit watching your channel altogether!!

  • Virginia graves says:

    Why would Fox hire a known liar? I won’t watch while she’s on.

  • Kerri says:

    Do we have ratings for the eeek she was on in Nashville?

  • Ludi says:

    I turned it off that day and have not turned it on once since. Im not listening to someone who truly tried to interfere with our election. Bad move fox.

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