This is the end of the Clinton machine. It’s been 24 years since Bill Clinton was elected president. Tonight, Hillary Clinton has been defeated.

That fact alone is almost more important than Donald Trump winning the election.

And I feel the need to say it again.

Hillary Clinton has been DEFEATED.

After all the media protectionism, after all the spin, after all the lies, after all the corruption – THIS IS IT.

Hillary Clinton will never be in public office ever again.

Never again will she be able to expose national secrets. Never again will she be able to make money off her position of power. Never again will she have access to classified information. Never again will she be in a position to leave men to die.

Hillary has apparently called Trump to concede, according to Fox News.

But she didn’t go thank her supporters in person – she sent Podesta out to do that job.

This was supposed to be her coronation ceremony. The DNC arranged it by keeping Bernie Sanders down. Obama gave her his “blessing.” The media fawned over her and hushed up anything negative.

And tonight, the wheels came off.

As usual, Greg Gutfeld nailed it on the head on why this happened.

The hard work will begin very soon – and the fact that we now all have to live with the decision that was made. A President Trump is a risk and a gamble. But a President Hillary was a guarantee of scandal, corruption, and criminality. And right now, we can all exhale a deep breath in relief that America has dodged this bullet.

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  • Jodi says:

    The fact that she chose not to address her supporters in person speaks volumes.

    • VALman says:


      That contrast between her and Trump, after he put away some of the hoopla, resonated with many, many people. In particular, it was obvious in the response he received at the various rallies. I’ll add that this can be said of Mike Pence, as well.

      On a personal note, I went to bed thinking that Hillary most likely would win. (This was when she held a small lead.) I guess I wanted to have one last night of hope. So, what a way to begin the day to see that a definitive message has been sent to those in power.

      God bless America!

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