#ElectionNight 2016: Will The Celebrities Leave The Country?

#ElectionNight 2016: Will The Celebrities Leave The Country?

#ElectionNight 2016: Will The Celebrities Leave The Country?

I promised that I was going to be a decent human being. And, for the most part, I am. But as you all have come to know me, there is nothing I can’t stand more than Hollywood celebrities who possess such inflated egos and a sense of importance. They have been the mouthpiece for our election season, throwing around their pretentious politics every chance they got. They thought FOR SURE Hillary had this election on lock. And they were quick to say they would gloat about the victory because maturity. Professionalism.

Looks like you won’t need to picture it, Joy. Because it ain’t happening. Your parents having sex? Really? Thanks for that nasty visual. Without further adieu, here are some of the Celebrity Greatest Hits of the Evening:

Rose McGowan went off the rails:

And more:

Producer Sarah Schecter:

Boo-hoo, Katy. Pass the Kleenex.

Do you even know what you’re talking about Sara? America is close to fascism? Does this mean you’re closer to getting out??

Maturity, Cher. Toilet and poop emojis? Come on!

Bruce Springsteen said Trump was “going down“. James Taylor called the act of voting for Donald Trump “an act of ransom and wanton destruction”. Rapper Jay-Z claimed Trump “cannot be his president”during a free concert in support of Hillary Clinton (the same one where he uttered the n-word and various and sundry f-bombs because “Hillary is for the youth of America”).

There is a silver lining in all of this. Business Insider came up with a brief tutorial for the malcontents in Fantasy Land should they want to exit stage left and try a go at things with Justin Trudeau.

This is where I get nasty. Again, I don’t like to gloat and I would never personally post an “in your face” status update on my Facebook directed at people I care about who are good Americans. I know how I felt when Ohio turned blue in 2012 and we discovered that we would have four more years of Barack Obama. My heart goes out to those friends who voted for Hillary Clinton and who are disappointed this morning. I feel you guys. I’ve been there. But there’s nothing I hate more than the “popular kids” who like to hop on the bully pulpit and push people around. To the Hollywood collective who have run their mouths incessantly I would like to offer the proverbial “universal sign pointing to Heaven” if you know what I mean. I would like to say a big “IN YOUR FACE”! “In your face” to the Hollywood machine and all of your misinformed rants, your sanctimonious lectures, your performances meant to incite injustices you don’t even know about, your insults, your disrespect, your lies, your classless behavior in the name of being an American, your arrogant confidence in thinking Hillary had this in the bag, your hypocrisy. In.Your.Face. #ByeFelicia.

I think I’m going to start a moving company.

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