How to Drive the Left Crazy: Take Melania Trump and Add the Lord’s Prayer [VIDEO]

How to Drive the Left Crazy: Take Melania Trump and Add the Lord’s Prayer [VIDEO]

How to Drive the Left Crazy: Take Melania Trump and Add the Lord’s Prayer [VIDEO]

So this happened today at President Trump’s rally in Melbourne, Florida. First Lady Melania Trump opened the rally by praying the Lord’s Prayer.

She seemed a bit uncomfortable. I don’t whether it’s because she was unfamiliar with the words in English, or just plain unfamiliar with the prayer. I have no idea whether or not she is a Christian. But you know who was really uncomfortable? The anti-Trump crowd. Their little heads were ready to explode.

Of course, what’s a leftist rant without a Hitler trigger?

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And of course there’s always the racist angle. It’s their default position, you know.

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“It’s sacrilegious!” scream the leftists who probably never darken the door of a church. Right. They’re also really good at taking Biblical verses out of context as well.

I wonder if this good “Christian” also diligently follows the Bible when it comes to areas like abortion? Yeah, probably not.

I don’t know how sincere the First Lady was when praying the Lord’s Prayer. I do know that I’m happy to no longer have a president who wants to lecture me at a Prayer Breakfast about the alleged horrors conducted by my Christian faith.

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  • VALman says:

    I don’t doubt First Lady Melania’s sincerity at all in praying the Lord’s prayer. That it was a “cheap stunt” it’s my understanding that President Trump didn’t know this is what she planned to do.

    As for those who object, in whatever way or form, I would simply ask them why they take such offense at something good. If they are so blind that they cannot appreciate something good and look for any reason to object that which they find objectionable, then it is truly a shame that their life is so shallow.

  • OC says:

    The Christian in me knows it’s wrong, but the American in me wants to give the lefties the middle finger.

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