Pollster Says Trust In Media Is Low And That Americans Are “So polarized” [VIDEO]

Pollster Says Trust In Media Is Low And That Americans Are “So polarized” [VIDEO]

Pollster Says Trust In Media Is Low And That Americans Are “So polarized” [VIDEO]

Newsflash to Howard Kurtz-were you in the country during the run up to #Election2016? If so all I can say to the conclusions of this pollster is “DUH”. According to Kurtz’s latest poll, released last night, 45% of the voters polled trust President Trump over the media, while 42 percent of those polled say that the media itself is untrustworthy. Well, I have to say that I gave up trusting the media a long time ago so I guess you would put me in the 10% who said they trust neither the President nor the media.


As for the polarization of America, again I think that Howard must have been asleep for most of last year. We saw very clearly that Americans do not trust the media. Trump knew that, and he played to it. Some would say that was one of the things that helped him blaze his trail to the White House. According to an article in Fortune this February:

“One of the themes that ran throughout Donald Trump’s presidential campaign—and has continued to manifest itself since Election Day—is the untrustworthiness of the mainstream media, which he has described repeatedly as “dishonest scum,” among other things.”

Can you blame the American public though for not trusting the media as of late? If you remember just yesterday Nina wrote an article all about how the media freaked out and blew up a story about the National Guard being nationalized and used to round up illegals for deportation. Many mainstream media outlets ran with the story: CBS News, Associated Press  and the Los Angeles Times to name just a few. I actually felt for Sean Spicer, and that is saying something since I usually find him to be arrogant and pugnacious, when he was explaining to press at the White House briefing this morning that the White House could not comment on a memo that was not released by them.

Pollster Kurtz says Americans are “So polarized”

According to the poll released by Kurtz  allegiance to one party or the other also determines whether or not someone is more or less likely to believe President Trump. According to his poll, 81% of the Republicans polled believed that the Trump Administration tells the truth. Evidently on the Democratic side of the aisle, an almost equal percentage of people are more likely to trust the press (that was 79%). Kurtz thinks that this should inspire some heavy “soul searching” by the media. I would go a step further than that. I think that both the Trump Administration and the media need to see this as an opportunity. Conservatives in this country have spent the past eight years being gaslighted by the Obama Administration. Heck I still feel my hackles raise when someone says the words “Now let me be clear…” in almost any kind of context. Then during the campaign we heard insane things out of many candidates in that race. Between Trump’s “Blood coming out of her wherever” comment about Megyn Kelly, and Hillary’s comment about being “Dead broke” upon leaving the White House, and pretty much ANYTHING Bernie Sanders said-it is no wonder Americans are so distrustful of media. Instead of trying to interject some reason into the “silly season”-the press turned it into a sideshow befitting the Roman saying  “Panem et circenses” (Bread and Circuses).

Artists even made a poster out of Bernie Sanders “Put a bird on it” episode in Portlandia

I think that this should be a revelation for not only the media but all “leadership” in the major political parties. I know many who fled both major parties this cycle. Some because their party had gone too far left with Bernie and others who did not recognize the GOP with their talk of mass deportations. I think realizing that both parties moving to their respective corners has something to do with the polarization of this country’s citizens would be a great first step towards healing those divisions and making both parties, and the country, great again.

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