Dr. Jill Loves CRT-Loving SOTU Guests

Dr. Jill Loves CRT-Loving SOTU Guests

Dr. Jill Loves CRT-Loving SOTU Guests

While the feckless, soul-less shell of human being we call President took to the airwaves for the SOTU, his wife, the one and only, Dr. Jill, entertained her guests.

Who was Jill hanging out with while ol’ President Poopypants proudly proclaimed Putin will “never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people?” Her guest list would not have been complete without another fellow educator. Enter, Melissa Isaac of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Issac’s title? Gizhwaasod (“Protector of the Young”) at the Michigan Department of Education’s Indigenous Education Initiative and Founder of Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe (SCIT)’s Project AWARE Program.

Leave it to someone like this to have a title of “Gizhwaasod (‘Protector of the Young’) at the Michigan Department of Education’s Indigenous Education Initiative and Founder of Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe (SCIT)’s Project AWARE Program.” I’m sure she uses her pronouns in her signature, too like every good, woke-ass educator. And we’re sure she sits in Zoom meetings on the taxpayers’ dime plotting out the demise of our educational system like these fellow members of the pronouns-in-signatures club:

All day, every day. “What a way to teach a budget,” say the kids! Wait, isn’t budgeting racist these days, too? I can’t keep up. So is medicine. Specifically, veterinary medicine. I mean, the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges are bringing Nikole Hannah-Jones on-board for a conference. That’ll teach those racist American shorthair cats a thing or two.

Anyway, back to Dr. Jill’s guest, Ms. Melissa Issac. Isaac and the first lady met in October of 2021 during a listening session “focused on youth mental health”, with members of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, educators, and families in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Now, nothing against Issac (or anyone for that matter) advocating for Native American children or for the mental health of school-aged children (God knows after these two years, they need it). And of course, this cause is so important to Dr. Jill because she cares so much. But, we have seen this all before. Mental health is woven into the tapestry of CRT. Of which, Issac is also an advocate, calling any arguments against CRT a “smokescreen”:

What Issac neglects to mention is that those against CRT are not looking to censor the material. They are questioning the material as viable for teaching in the public school system. They are questioning the failing American public school system with the push to replace basic academic classes with “social justice” agendas. Most in opposition to CRT in schools are not racist individuals but also do not agree with the level of race-baiting and victimhood that results from this line of thinking. And no, you can’t “ungay the gay” or “unqueer the queen”. No one with a reasonable bone in their body is advocating for that. But when boys are allowed in girls’ bathrooms at schools (and subsequently rape girls in these spaces) and students are participating in sports teams of the opposite sex (where they are no match for strength), are we really doing our kids a service to their well-being here?

As if Issac’s first tweet wasn’t bad enough. Read between the lines…cops are bad. Dr. Jill sure knows how to pick ’em, doesn’t she?

There is a vast difference between what Critical Race Theory is and what the intention is. The goal seems to be the banishment of concepts like systemic racism, marginalized populations and inequity taught in schools.

Think about WHY they would want this. Why don’t they want our kids to think critically and question everything? Why don’t they want people to have the ability to have minds of their own?”-Melissa Issac

Au contraire. We actually do want our kids to think critically and question everything, Melissa. But CRT puts a brush over history and drives a wedge between races, other walks of life and indigenous groups by calling out these differences, focusing solely on victimhood and discounting the very thing that ties us all together as Americans in our nation. Anyone in opposition to this way of thinking is a racist and a hater. Those who recite the script are praised. It is no wonder parents are skeptical when any government puts forth so much effort in making sure teachers recite a certain script to children in an attempt to get them to repeat that script. What’s even more disgusting about this is that pro-CRT people like Melissa Issac are Dr. Jill’s kind of people. Make no mistake. And this, in my book, makes Jill Biden an equally loathsome human being. Dr. Jill wants kids to grow up to be just like her puppet of a husband-zombies who have forgotten history, basic geography, (Iran is not Ukraine) and have no academic chops, mental fortitude or critical thinking skills. She wants them depressed, defeated, downtrodden and dependent upon the state as these types of people make great subjects. If she didn’t, she, as an educator, would have stood up for them a long time ago. And she did nothing of the sort. Too harsh? Didn’t think so.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States, CC BY 2.0/Cropped

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