#Dorian: Former Canadian PM Hopes Hurricane Destroys Mar-a-Lago

#Dorian: Former Canadian PM Hopes Hurricane Destroys Mar-a-Lago

#Dorian: Former Canadian PM Hopes Hurricane Destroys Mar-a-Lago

There’s a hurricane by the name of “Dorian” barreling its way toward Florida. Forecasters say it could make landfall as a devastating Cat. 4. So imagine the collective hysteria if a former Canadian prime minister wished the coming hurricane would demolish the newly-purchased $15 million mansion of the Obama family. And imagine if she wished harm to everyone inside. Foaming-at-the-mouth CNN types would be doxxing the heathens and calling for a public tarring and feathering. And they’d get it.

But that’s not what’s happening. No, the target of said viciousness is the usual suspect: President Donald J. Trump:

Yeah, that’s Kim Campbell, former prime minister of Canada, aka “Canada’s Coolest PM.” Isn’t she precious?

But wait, there’s more:

*insert the obligatory, looking-over-the-top-rim-of-my-glasses, stink-eye stare here*

Oh, but she’s not alone in wishing destruction to Floridians. There are plenty of social media users hoping for the same. People like this:

Why? Because climate change. And hurricanes are a new phenomenon, doncha know. Also: I’ll need a refresher on today’s definition of “good people of America.”

By the way, this is the sobering reality of what Floridians (not to mention possibly Georgians) are facing. Again:

Now, you and I know that Mar-a-Lago—a resort and historic landmark located in Palm Beach, Florida, where hurricane threats are a yearly occurrence—employs lots of people. People who are just going about their days trying to make ends meet. While Palm Beach itself is home to more than a million more. You know, people like you and me. But no matter. Tolerant, Love Lives Here leftists like Ms. Campbell are hoping for a direct hit by an extreme weather event that could cost them not only their livelihoods, but their very lives.

And, yes, we’ve heard this song before. It played most recently in the form of hoping for—and doing anything they can to make it a reality—an economic recession, the dire consequences for millions of Americans be damned. And just as people like Bill Maher see nothing immoral about pining for an economic downturn that would lead to job and home loss for millions of Americans, people like Campbell see nothing wrong with dehumanizing Trump, and by extension his employees. They think nothing of hoping for the destruction of the workplace of everyday Americans, and potentially their demise, at the violent hand of a hurricane. Because anything is fair game if it gets Trump out of office, including death and destruction for anyone who happens to be in the path of Hurricane Liberal.

Which makes me wonder: Do these cretins ever stop and think about what they’re tossing out into the world before they hit the “send” button?


Why? Two reasons that I see. One: we’ve become a nation intensely divided, with a hysterical leftist media, and even more hysterical congresspeople, fanning the flames 24/7, whose only real concern is grabbing back not leadership, but raw, un-checked power. And two: social media accolades. The “Me Me Me” culture (see its queen, AOC) thrives on “likes” and “shares” and echo chamber “atta girls.” The result being a large chunk of America—and at least one former Canadian Prime Minister—who view their fellow humans (people like me who support our president) as sub-human. And therefore expendable.

But Trump is a fascist dictator, they say…oh, and they’re just kidding. We’re just too dense, and lacking in real empathy, to appreciate the profound messages they’re sending to us plebes in 280 characters.

Yet…imagine a world where people, like former Prime Minister Campbell, took deep breaths before tweeting, or took a moment to speak with, rather than past, their fellow man, particularly with someone who thinks differently than they. Imagine a world where someone like me, a woman who dislikes everything about the policies of Barack and Michelle Obama, hopes for their safety anyway, because I do. Then maybe, just maybe, people like Campbell might see the face of an intolerant, compassionless jackass staring back at them, and instead hit “delete,” re-compose, and wish their fellow man well in the face of a deadly hurricane.

But, no. The Kim Campbells of the world don’t think twice about what they release into the interwebz with one thoughtless click. Because they don’t understand—nor do they care to—why Donald Trump, a man who was admired by many of these same people when he was a Democrat, is president. They don’t care that he cancelled his trip to Poland to make himself available while our fellow Americans ride out yet another hurricane threat. And they won’t care when their fellow Americans start assisting with cleaning up the aftermath, something I’m betting people like the oh-so-woke Ms. Campbell won’t be doing. Instead, they’ll continue basking in the cheers, and the applause, and the reverence heaped upon them by the faceless masses who think, and tweet, just like them. Which just further emboldens them. And tomorrow they’ll tweet out more messages full of loathing and contempt and wishes for the destruction of their fellow man while painting themselves with the brush of self-righteousness.

And that is why I’ve as much as shunned most social media these days.

So while it doesn’t have to be, that is the sad, and dangerous, reality of our culture today. But the good news is: we have the power to change it. And it starts with a smile, a kind gesture, a genuine quest for understanding, and it starts with hoping for the safety of us all, regardless of who we voted for.


Feature Image Credit: Wikimedia, Executive Office of the President of the United States, public domain, image cropped.

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  • rbj1 says:

    And yet it is Donald Trump who is so mean and rude on twitter. Even if there’s a recession I’m voting for him again. He’s exposed the left as the hate-filled evilness that it is.

  • Bill C. says:

    I am curious how many everyday Jacques Ms. Campbell would like to see destroyed in South Florida to see her wish come true.

  • CaptDMO says:

    I wonder why Ms. Campbell’s title includes the term “former” NOW?

  • Lemuel Vargas says:

    Why would the Former Canadian PM Hope Hurricane Destroys Mar-a-Lago?

    Because…wait for it…”Orange Man Bad”…

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