#DNCinPHL: Hillary Clinton On Benghazi, DNC Emails, Standards, America [VIDEOS]

#DNCinPHL: Hillary Clinton On Benghazi, DNC Emails, Standards, America [VIDEOS]

#DNCinPHL: Hillary Clinton On Benghazi, DNC Emails, Standards, America [VIDEOS]

Hillary’s coronation, I mean the 2016 DNC convention in Philly hasn’t even officially started yet, and its up to its ears in controversy. Four different convention chairs named in less than 24 hours, Debbie Wasserman Schultz sacked for the DNC emailgate, then hired by her best gal, booed by the FL delegation, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in the midst of overseeing the implosion of Baltimore now gaveling in the convention, Donna Brazile apologizing to Bernie for “very mean-spirited emails”…and we’re not even done with Day 1 of the convention!

"Just put the tiara on my head, peasants."
“Just put the tiara on my head, peasants.”

If you think that’s not enough, check out what Hillary’s been doing for the last two days. Check out the excerpts from the fawning 60 minutes interview with Hillary and her new VP pick Tim Kaine.

Was she asked about the DNC emails? Why sure!!

However, did that segment make the final cut? No, of course not.

Second biggest news of interview, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Here’s a reminder of 60 Minutes long time bias in favor of Democrats.

Now, are you ready? Cue Blood Pressure Alert!

Lets review that again:

“It was not my ball to carry,” Clinton said. “Those never came to my attention…We have security experts. I am not going to substitute my judgment for people who have been in the field, who understand what our men and women are up against.”

Hillary, don’t even try to pull that crap with us. YOU were Secretary of State during that time. YOU were head of the entire State Department. ALL of it. The buck stops with you whether you like it or not. You can throw the State Dept’s security division under the bus all you like, but we all know you are definitely NOT blameless!

That’s not all folks. There is definitely more. When your own VP pick commits a Bidenesque gaffe of epic proportions…WOW


You can bet that Hillary was NOT happy with Kaine for his emailgate gaffe!! I bet his ears are going to be ringing for days after that lecture!


But it doesn’t stop there. Hillary had a chat with the folks at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention this morning. How about this gem?

Worth repeating just because I can

Oh it does? Does Benghazi, Egypt, Syria, Russian reset button, emails and bathroom servers ring any bells? Hillary, America’s word means a great deal. Yours however, means nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. And don’t get us started on standards!


Oh so very very SAD!

Yes, they have but never mind, because really…


And there you have it folks. If Hillary gets coronated, she’ll do everything she can to wipe her lies, servers, emails, and all other annoyances away with a cloth. All because she wants power. We can’t afford Hillary’s type of power. Ever.


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