Dianne Feinstein Says No Thanks To Sunrise Movement Kids Green New Deal Push

Dianne Feinstein Says No Thanks To Sunrise Movement Kids Green New Deal Push

Dianne Feinstein Says No Thanks To Sunrise Movement Kids Green New Deal Push

Ever since AOC announced the Green New Deal, the jokes have been writing themselves. I mean seriously, the airline industry and farting cows are a menace to our world? As for how to pay for the plan? Taxing the rich and printing money is the way to go! Well, yesterday a few of the Sunrise Movement kids and their moms decided to have a chat with Senator Dianne Feinstein. It didn’t go well.


Boy howdy, that was something else wasn’t it? I’m here to tell you I’m NOT a fan of Dianne Feinstein. And after her horrible conduct during the Kavanaugh hearings, I wanted her GONE.

That said, I have to admire her for not taking any guff off the kids and the rude adults in the group who should’ve known better.

Feinstein replied, saying, “You know what’s interesting about this group? I’ve been doing this for 30 years. I know what I’m doing. You come in here, and you say it has to be my way or the highway. I don’t respond to that.”

Good for her!

Who is this so-called Sunrise Movement?

Sunrise, founded a year and a half ago by a dozen or so twentysomethings, began its campaign for the Green New Deal last month, when two hundred activists occupied Nancy Pelosi’s office a week after the midterm elections. The movement has allied with the incoming congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who joined them outside Pelosi’s office (and whose run for Congress was inspired, in part, by her participation in the anti-pipeline protests at Standing Rock), and Justice Democrats, the progressive campaign incubator started by former staffers of Bernie Sanders.

Oh. Well, hmmm. By the way, one of the founders is a spawn of Occupy Wall Street. Meanwhile, the Sunrise Movement is all about saving the planet …CHEERFULLY and with song. And, as we saw above, rudeness.

But we are going to DIE in 10-12 years unless we rid ourselves of cow farts and airplanes!

So, having the Sunrise Movement folks target those who’ve been putting up a bit of resistance to jumping on their and AOC’s merry little bandwagon wasn’t unexpected. What unexpected for THEM was Dianne Feinstein’s pushback. And lemme tell ya, the butt hurt was strong!

“Elected representatives should work on behalf of the next generation, not disparage them, especially on an issue that is going to have much more profound consequences for young people,” tweeted former Obama deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes.

Ben, were you working on behalf of the current and next generations when you snuck around crafting the Iran Deal? I don’t think so. You should sit this one out Sparky.

Hey Move On, what is rude is that the entire group came into Senator Feinstein’s office and demanded her time.

You know, I’ve met with elected officials. When you meet with that person and are talking about an issue, what you DON’T do is lecture and talk over them. Doing one or more of those things will ensure that they will refuse to hear/listen to you or anyone else from your group in the future.

As noted above, I’m with her!

What is cringeworthy about this is the kids. Our country is one of the best in the world. Yet these kids are being taught to fear their future because WEATHER, CLIMATE, CO2!! These kids are being taught that getting rid of cows and their farts will save us all. These kids are being taught that straws are the next bad thing and that we just need to grow plant trees/fruits/vegetables everywhere and it’s all good.

As I write the above, I’m sitting at a ranch in WY watching and listening to the wind howl across the plains…like it does EVERY DAMNED YEAR at this time. Is that climate change? Nope. It’s called weather you fools.

As for the young lady who told Feinstein that a scientist said we’re going to die in 12 years, honey, AOC is NOT a scientist. Period.

Using kids as props to push your climate change crap screams of propaganda. Using kids to coerce people into buying into your tax the rich climate agenda screams of socialism and communism.

I applaud Senator Feinstein for not caving in to the Sunrise Movement. Will those kids learn anything? Not while their parental climate loons are still around.

Feature Photo Credit: Sunrise Movement Bay Area Facebook page, cropped and modified

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  • Formerly known as Skeptic says:

    When they parroted the 12 years BS, Feinstein should have told those children that the adults were lying to them and they should do their own research!

    • GWB says:

      She can’t come down too hard on the poor dears. After all, she’s still counting on the “Global Warming” BS to get her votes and opportunities for graft and corruption.

    • Senator Feinstein should have politely listened to them and then from that old song Summertime Blues she should have paraphrased the line “I called my Congressman and he said quote I’d like to help you son but your too young to vote.” And with that dismissed them from the office. She’s 85 and just got reelected so what’s she got to lose. She may not make it through he full term (92 when she comes up for reelection again).

  • Joe in PNG says:

    They’ve done gone from preachin’ to meddlin’.
    I do suspect that the Dem establishment is going to quietly clip Occasional-Cortex’s wings- and if she doesn’t take the hint, they’ll squash her like a bug.
    If they let her go on, she and her ilk will replace them, and they can’t allow that to happen.

  • GWB says:

    what is rude is that the entire group came into Senator Feinstein’s office and demanded her time
    No, what was rude was that a bunch of snot-nosed kids came in with parroted lines and demanded that a 60+ woman bow to their superior “wisdom”. That’s RUDE. While I disagree with Feinstein and think she’s one of the many whores for political power in DC, she DOES have the accumulated wisdom (such as it is) of decades of public “service” behind her. A bunch of 12yos who probably can’t graph a binomial function*, much less solve one is going to lecture this elder on how smart they are? F* that.
    (* When the most famous climate graphs show a “hockey stick”, you damn well better understand at least binomial functions before you start talking about the topic.)
    This is where the cult of youth has brought us. This and the “woke 8yo” twitter phenomena. *smdh*

    Our country is one of the best in the world.
    Don’t fudge it, Nina. It is, by far, the BEST.

    Using kids to coerce people
    And they have to have been brain-washed into it. This isn’t a thing a 12yo picks up and says “I gotta do something!” without a lot of brain-washing.

    we just need to grow plant trees/fruits/vegetables everywhere
    Which would require… *horror movie music* *horror shocked face* MORE CO2!
    (Moreover, we have more trees in America now than when Columbus landed.)

    tax the rich climate agenda screams of socialism and communism
    Hmmm, well, no. The “tax eat the rich” schemes are separate from the climate schemes, which are designed more to place everyone from the middle class down into permanent serfdom.

    You want to convince me of our desperate need to reduce our standard of living so we can save the planet? 1) Don’t use bogus math and doctor your data. And 2) don’t use propagandized kids to try and shame me into believing you.

  • JeffS says:

    Ye reap what ye sow. The dhimmicrats (including Feinstein!) have lied, insulted people, demonized groups, meddled, sabotaged, and in general been insufferable, arrogant jerks for decades. It is of no surprise when the next generation follows in the footsteps of their elders.

    I just wish these spoiled, ungrateful and ignorant cretins would go somewhere else. Say, Noth Korea.

  • Wan Wei Lin says:

    Kids are not constituents… they don’t vote and rightly have no voice in politics.

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