Democrats’ Midterm Playbook: Repeal the GOP Tax Cuts…and the Second Amendment

Democrats’ Midterm Playbook: Repeal the GOP Tax Cuts…and the Second Amendment

Democrats’ Midterm Playbook: Repeal the GOP Tax Cuts…and the Second Amendment

Nancy Pelosi just can’t shut up. Especially about the new tax law. And I’m hoping that’s a good thing when it comes to the 2018 midterms.

If you’ve been paying even the slightest attention to the train wreck that is the DNC, you know that they’ve hammered the GOP tax cuts as “crumbs” and “tax cuts for the rich,” lather, rinse, repeat. It’s the same ol’, same ol’ busted-down rhetoric they whip out any time Republicans do anything even remotely beneficial to everyday, hard-working Americans.

And Her Royal Highness Nancy of the Golden State has just doubled down on one of her party’s promises should they retake the House this fall:

“One of our complaints about what they did with the tax bill is they did it in the dark of night with the speed of light,” Pelosi said.

That’s rich. Say it with me: O-ba-ma-Care. But I digress…

Pelosi then declared that Democrats will win back the House in 2018, and after they do, they will work with Republicans to create a new tax bill.

“We’ll sit down at the table and say…what would be a tax bill that creates growth, that creates good paying jobs as it reduces the deficit?” Pelosi said. “It’s not about chipping at this piece or that piece, it’s about a comprehensive look at what our tax policy should be for the future.”

Tax policy that creates growth? And good-paying jobs? Has she not seen this?

Or this?

Girl, that train has already thundered from the station, and left you standing on the depot platform staring at your overpriced pumps.

And she cares about the deficit? Since when?

Perhaps she needs a shiny new pair of bifocals. Because nothing says “we care about hard-working Americans” like sticking your veiny, wrinkled meathooks into their back pockets after the GOP partially dislodged them. And has anyone advised Princess Oblivious—even if said bill ever made it through the Senate—of the power of the presidential veto? Perhaps all that Botox has squeezed her brain down to the size of a marble, most of which she’s already lost. Not to mention all those hyperventilating seals clapping in unison who believe her partisan hyperbole.

Oh, and not to be outdone in the How Can We Hurt American Citizens Even More playbook, they’re not even trying to hide the fact that yes, they do indeed want to take our guns. This from a sitting state senator and the DNC Vice Chair for Civic Engagement and Voter Protection:

Isn’t she precious? Now tell me again how “no one wants to take [our] guns.” They damned well do.

Meanwhile, is it any wonder that the Democrat party—by refusing to support President Trump’s immigration overhaul proposal, with an assist from members of the spineless GOP itself—is flooding the country with immigrants of both the legal and illegal variety, artificially, and permanently, altering the demographics of American towns?

Photo Credit: Fox News

No, you can’t impose Socialism on an armed populace cognizant of their constitutional rights. And you certainly can’t keep promising your new, low-skill voter base—most of whom have no understanding of the sacrifices this country has made to protect our freedoms, and think Socialism is the norm—freebie after freebie after freebie without squeezing every last penny out of the American taxpayer to the point where Government Dependence is Great Again.

Remember, this is how the de facto leader of the Democrat Party thinks jobs are created:

So, yes, Pelosi and Friends, please make tax increases, coupled with more and more immigration—legal or otherwise—and repealing every American’s natural-born right to self defense your 24-hour-a-day platform until November. Especially in “Fly-Over Country.” Although I could be wrong, something tells me it’s a losing proposition.

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