Democrat Slogan ‘Make America Sick Again’ Is Desperate Attempt To Save Obamacare [VIDEOS]

Democrat Slogan ‘Make America Sick Again’ Is Desperate Attempt To Save Obamacare [VIDEOS]

Democrat Slogan ‘Make America Sick Again’ Is Desperate Attempt To Save Obamacare [VIDEOS]

Stop the presses!! Obama is on Capital Hill in a last ditch effort to save at least ONE portion of his legacy. That’s right, Obama and the Democrats are rallying one more time to save Obamacare!

Remember, Obama and Democrats lost well over 1100 seats partly because of their arrogant assertions that Obamacare is the greatest thing since sliced bread. We know very well how great THIS particular promise was…don’t we?

Fast forward to this 2016. Multiple states have had health exchanges go bankrupt. Americans across the country are seeing NEW rate increases. Rate increases from 24-125%!!! No…those aren’t typos either. The Republicans, led by Wyoming’s Senator Mike Enzi, have put forth legislation to try and corral this behemoth into something more reasonable, manageable, and potentially affordable. And the Democrats are freaking out.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talks about Republican’s plan or lack there of to repeal and replace Obamacare with POLITICO on December 3, 2017.

Just a short while ago, they unveiled their brand spanking new SLOGAN of opposition!

New Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) says Republicans want to “Make America Sick Again” by trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“It will create chaos. Because you cannot repeal a plan and put nothing in its place. It doesn’t matter if you say the repeal won’t take place for year or two years,” Schumer told Politico Playbook in an interview Wednesday.

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. “Make America Sick Again” will save Obamacare!

Wow. Just. Wow.

Yes, that’s the best they’ve got. And boy howdy it’s not much.

They even have the AMA, who was in the tank for Obamacare from the beginning, on board with this crappy slogan. Supposedly any repeal of Obamacare, as ‘imperfect’ as it is will kill us all…or something. And then the AMA gave us THIS bit of rational!

“Consistent with this core principle, we believe that before any action is taken through reconciliation or other means that would potentially alter coverage, policymakers should lay out for the American people, in reasonable detail, what will replace current policies,” Madara continued.

“Patients and other stakeholders should be able to clearly compare current policy to new proposals so they can make informed decisions about whether it represents a step forward in the ongoing process of health reform.” [Emphasis Added]

BWAHAHAHAHA!! Here’s a major flashback for the AMA and the Democrats.

Her subsequent explanation several years later didn’t help either.


The fact is, Obamacare’s insurance plan HAS made America sick again. Sick in the pocket book as several of us here at Victory Girls can attest to. Many others have been dealing with the same.

Need medical care? Go see your doctor! Oh wait, the latest and greatest Obamacare plan you are on won’t let you?

Gee…sucks to be you according to the Democrats.

This slogan sure highlights how ludicrously tone deaf the Democrats are doesn’t it?

Memo to the Democrats. That bill you shoved down our throats back in 2010? Its made us ALL sick. Period. We’ve been forced to buy insurance for care that we won’t receive and at costs that drain our pocketbooks. We’ve been forced to buy insurance through websites that don’t work and face additional fines (TAXES actually) if we don’t purchase insurance for care we won’t ever get. Who were the architects of this sickness? Obama and the Democrats.

So you know what? You can take your “Make America Sick Again” slogan and shove it.

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