#DemDebate: Bernie And Hillary Greatest Twitter Hits Round 2

#DemDebate: Bernie And Hillary Greatest Twitter Hits Round 2

#DemDebate: Bernie And Hillary Greatest Twitter Hits Round 2

Did you know? There was a debate last night! Yeppers. It was showdown #2 between Bernie and Hillary! It was quite the deal for sure. But before I get into the weeds of the various fast and furious tap dancing they both did on subjects near and dear to our hearts, I have to ask…


If the lights went out – would Hillary have glowed in the dark?

Okay Okay… back to the very serious topic at hand. Cue up a plethora of Twitter reax of Bernie & Hillary’s greatest hits!

HER government expansion of healthcare? Keep in mind folks, this is the same woman who started this entire healthcare debacle during her husband’s FIRST term in office! We absolutely do not need the original architect involved in healthcare anymore. She WANTS full government control of all our healthcare and is making sure we know that it was her idea in the first place!

Bernie has yet to understand – in fact his sycophants don’t understand either- that all this free stuff has a price tag..for someone! So Bernie, tell me please? Who will be footing the bill for all this lovely free tuition? You? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

HAHAHAHA! Somehow I don’t believe I need to explain trickle down economics to our readers. Its obvious that the Bernie followers have no clue.

The question from Gwen Ifill… WOW

Does anyone else see the total WRONGNESS of that question?? After that, I am truly in agreement that the debate resembles something like this:

Moving on…lets discuss donors shall we? *Pops popcorn…

Hahaha! OUCH! And then there is this:

And for the win:

Oh but wait! It gets better!

Lets hammer on those who serve us here at home right?

Has he BEEN to Wyoming?? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Bernie, sometime the pay AND the location drive the applicants to the job. But I bet you didn’t think of that did you?

Then there was the fact that somehow Henry Kissinger ended up being part of the debate.. HUH?

I know right?? But instead.. we had several minutes of Kissinger batted around.

Did Hillary have a reply? Well no… not really. Which should give one some serious food for thought.

Seriously this was foreign policy? Oh wait, perhaps Sanders was alluding to Hillary’s early ties to Watergate ..where she got fired? Hmmm maybe that’s it.

Lets put it this way…if you want serious government intrusion, if you want hand holding foreign policy, if you want an ‘its good for you kind of government’.. just watch this.

Did we learn anything new? No – other than wishing we could figure out if Hillary’s jacket glows in the dark. Seriously, what we now know is this. Bernie hates The Man. Hillary will pander to everyone she can. As for real solutions and an embrace of reality of what all Americans face whether it’s jobs, national security, medical insurance, or faith in our leadership? Did they move the dial? No they did not. The choice between Hillary and Bernie still is that of a Socialist or a Progressive. Although with those two, the difference is little to none.

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