Deep State Warns Paul Manafort May Spend Life in Jail

Deep State Warns Paul Manafort May Spend Life in Jail

Deep State Warns Paul Manafort May Spend Life in Jail

The New York Post has an article today speculating that Paul Manafort may never see the outside of prison again, according to a Watergate prosecutor. If you need background on what Manafort has done to have his freedom revoked, Victory Girls very own legal eagle Jenny North has written a great background piece and you can read it here.

Now, I don’t know Paul Manafort from Adam’s house cat. He may be evil personified. He may be a white collar criminal who in his spare time rips the tags off of mattresses and burns tires on Earth Day. He may even be pro-life and pro-gun. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Paul Manafort is worth $70 billion dollars. The Good Lord knows that in Liberal Land that alone would warrant life in prison.

Just why does the former Watergate prosecutor think Manafort will spend the rest of his life in the Graybar Hotel?

Nick Akerman, an assistant special prosecutor in the case against former President Richard Nixon, pointed to the lengthy sentence handed to a Watergate burglar – and the fact that Manafort is age 69.

“What broke the Watergate case was when James McCord got a 25-year sentence,” Akerman told MSNBC Friday, as Manafort was hit with new obstruction charges and a Virginia judge revoked the former Trump campaign manager’s $10 million bail.

The Liberal Media Industrial Complex has been jonesing for another Watergate and another scalp since 1974. And, like Nixon, Trump may hand them the weapon with which to destroy him. Chuck Todd and Pete Williams of NBC are practically giddy.

I understand that there may not be any statute of limitations on money laundering or whatever but according to the New York Post:

Special counsel Robert Mueller has hit Manafort with charges including money laundering and making false statements in connection with his lobbying work for a crooked Ukrainian politician starting in 2006.

According to, Manafort worked for Donald Trump from March through August, 2016. What if Special Counsel Mueller leans on Paul Manafort until he dies of old age and Manafort doesn’t have anything to give him. I agree with Jenny North. Manafort may just prefer to stay in jail than be a lying sack of donkey shite.

And, another thing. The next person who says Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a Republican may get slapped. There are many, many Establishment type, Deep State Republicans that are appalled by the 2016 Election and would love nothing better than to make Donald Trump go away. Forget truth, justice and the American way. And, let Paul Manafort rot, as long as Donald Trump gets gone and business as usual resumes, the country club Republicans don’t care a whit a miscarriage of justice.

Scotch, please.

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  • Robin H says:

    Jailing people until they confess to crimes they may not have committed….where have I seen that before? Oh yes, Hitler, Stalin, et al loved using that tactic. At least Manafort can’t be tortured. I’m sure Mueller is upset about that.

  • CaptDMO says:

    Hold my beer. Watch THIS….
    Who is Mark Rich?
    Who ELSE did the president pardon on his last day in office?

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