Dear Republicans, Shut Up And Eat Your Popcorn

Dear Republicans, Shut Up And Eat Your Popcorn

Dear Republicans, Shut Up And Eat Your Popcorn

The 2024 presidential election is taking on soap operatic proportions, and the smartest thing the Republicans can do now is be QUIET.

Right now, the Democrats are in not just a tizzy, but an absolute panic. Ever since Joe Biden stepped out on the stage last Thursday night, there has been nothing but bad news and chaos for them. First, Biden wets the bed almost collapses on the debate stage. First it was “he has a cold,” then it was “it’s the aides’ fault for overtaxing and overpreparing him,” now it is “he was so tired from traveling” while Karine Jean-Pierre insists that he still has that mythical cold that clears up when we’re in Joe’s “good” hours and he has a teleprompter.

Meanwhile, the internal polling got leaked from Team Biden and… it ain’t pretty. Even as the campaign insists “all is well,” the numbers are telling a different story.

Which begs the question – who leaked that poll data? Methinks some of those aides are updating their LinkedIn resumes while the Titanic sinks over the next few months. And the Biden campaign is insisting that the September debate is going forward. At least, for now.

But while Democrats are literally pointing fingers at each other and the calls for Biden to leave increase, and Joe Biden looks to be completely incapable of changing the narrative on his performance, Donald Trump (aside from commenting about the SCOTUS presidential immunity ruling) is comparatively silent. The Republicans – aside from Representative Chip Roy of Texas, who filed a resolution asking Kamala Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment – have also been fairly silent. After all, why interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake?

And while many in the GOP aim to keep the president’s age and health in the spotlight heading into November, others believe Republicans should simply stay out of the way as Biden’s troubles mount.

“It’s just so frustrating when you have the other party lighting itself on fire for all of America to watch and the only task we have as a party is to stand still and let America witness what they’re doing,” one GOP operative involved in down ballot races told The Hill. “This is not about driving a message other than allowing Americans to see who the leader of the Democratic Party really is.”

“We’ve seen Dems wildly thrashing around since [the debate]. They have no clue what to do,” the operative continued. “Republicans don’t need to insert ourselves into that episode, we just need to sit back and watch. It’s frustrating because we’re getting ahead of our skis.”

The best way to keep Biden’s age and frailty in the news is to let Democrats continue to keep talking while Joe Biden hides. The leaks about the Biden inner circle are now absolutely gushing, as the media is furious that they got caught with their pants down on debate night. With sins of omission and commission, they covered for the old man, and now they look like fools.

So while the Democrats are sucking up all the oxygen in the room talking about Joe Biden’s incompetency, along with Kamala Harris’s unlikeablility, Donald Trump seems to be sitting back and enjoying the spectacle.

Republicans need to take their cues from Donald Trump, shut up, and make sure you have plenty of popcorn. If the September debate happens, Donald Trump needs to simply repeat his performance from the first debate. If that debate doesn’t happen, then Republicans need to realize that Donald Trump has already done enough to win the election in November with that single debate. There is literally nothing else that Trump needs to do, other than keep pointing at Joe Biden and letting the Democrats run their mouths. The dynamics of the race have shifted, and the race is not about Donald Trump. The race is a referendum on Joe Biden – his age, his dementia, his physical health, his policies, and the bubble that is surrounding him. And if that is the sole focus of the race, Biden is going to lose.

Which means that Republicans need to stuff their mouths full of popcorn and hush. Every day that the Democrats stay in the news cycle, insisting that the old man is totally fine or discussing if they can replace him, is a day that the Republicans win without saying a single word.

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