Dear Celebs: Ukraine Is Not About You

Dear Celebs: Ukraine Is Not About You

Dear Celebs: Ukraine Is Not About You

It does not take long for our dear, narcissistic celebs to take any situation and mold it for shameless self-promotion. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a perfect case-in-point.

Entertainment’s finest hopped on flights and spewed ignorance and, at times, sheer laughability on their social media feeds. Honestly, I felt terrible laughing at the sheer cluelessness of some of these celebs because the situation is what it is. But these individuals have taken it upon themselves to spout of their self-importance in a time like this. Example Number One, Sean Penn:

Sean Penn. So brave. A hero, really. Not many celebs get to hang with the likes of El Chapo or Raul and Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. Heck, even Chavez used one of Penn’s own quotes to trash The United States in a speech. Something about “leading with a sense of entitlement”? When it comes to celeb entitlement, thy name is Sean Penn.

There is something to say for Penn, though. He did, at one point of time in his life, have some raw acting talent. Unlike some of his peers of the same era. But, alas, celebs like anti-gun, pro-baby-killing Alyssa Milano can’t help herself:

Look at me! Look at me! Sean Penn is boots-on-the-ground and I have the scoop!

Alyssa, you are pathetic.

Then, there’s 90210 actress, AnnaLynne McCord. Celebs love to show how deep and introspective they are with their prose, don’t they? Dear Mister President Putin….

Dear President Vladimir Putin,
I’m sorry that I was not your mother.
If I was your mother, you would have been so loved,
Held in the arms of joyous light,
Never would this story’s plight,
The world….
Before our eyes,
A pure demise,
A nation sitting peaceful,
Under a night sky,
If I was your mother,
The world would have been warm,
So much laughter and joy
And nothing would harm,

If I was your mother, if the world was cold, I’d have died to make you warm,
I’d died to protect you from the unjust,
The violence, the terror, the uncertainty,
I would have died to give you life,
Oh, dear Mr. President Putin!
If only, I’d been your mother,
Perhaps torture of unwritten youth,
would not within your heart imbue,
Ascription to such fealty ‘gainst the world that seemed so cruel.
Perhaps you would hold dear human life and on this night,
Instead of Mother Russia, you would call ME,
I would set your mind quite free,
with only the love a mother could give,
and only a mother could take away, when holds she doesn’t harm at bay,
And leave her boy for the promise of a man,
Whatever your story, Mister President Putin,
I can’t imagine how it feels in your heart,
But I know if I was your mother,
That would be a start.
Towards the awareness of what a powerful being of light you could be,
If your mind was free from the violence seen when you were just two or three.
I can’t believe I was born too late,
In a different place, when I would have loved you so,
Watched you play wherever go.”-AnnaLynne McCord

And she’s serious about this, too. Humor me for a moment. Imagine celebs like AnnaLynne McCord and Alyssa Milano writing this prose about Mister President Donald Trump?! The “Not Our President” Hollywood crowd is now wishing to cradle little, baby Vlad in their arms and embrace him in a nice, warm hug and rays of love and light. AnnaLynne McCord is so damn egotistical and narcissistic that she thinks she can singlehandedly change Vladimir Putin. Think about that for a spell.

(Take a shot of vodka.)

Or perhaps, AnnaLynne, a victim of childhood sexual abuse, would like to insert the names of known celeb sexual predators in her prose? Dear Harvey Weinstein

I would have died to give you life, even though you trafficked my high school best friend to Pedophile Island to give you a massage in front of your common-law wife…

More deep thoughts ensued. Just ask Cardi B about “the whole Russia thing“:

Wish these world leaders stop tripping about power and really think about whose really getting affected (citizens).

The whole word is in a crisis. War, sanctions, invasions, should be the last thing these leaders should worry about.”-Cardi B

Yeah, and you helped put some of our teenage girls in a world of crisis, Cardi B. Just sayin’.

And yet some celebs and talk show hosts often don’t think about what comes out of their mouths. Enter, The View‘s Joy Behar:

You know, you plan a trip. You want to go there. I want to go to Italy for four years and I haven’t been able to make it because of the pandemic.”-Joy Behar

Apparently, Ms. Behar is now worried that tensions in Europe will put the kibosh on her summer trip to Italy.

Joy Behar may just have to be inconvenienced this summer, the poor dear. She’s waited so long to do this and endured a pandemic. Seriously, Joy? Go down to Little Italy and shove some Sfogliatella pastry down your piehole.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, people are in bomb shelters. Tiny babies, clinging to life, are in makeshift NICUs.

And what of the Ukranian-Americans who have come here to America to flee religious persecution or economic depression who are now watching these events unfold and fearing for family members still in Kyiv or other parts of their home country? I know and work with some of these people and they are, hands-down, some of the most generous, hard-working and humble people I have ever met. Celebs writing poetry from Malibu, filming documentaries and discussing “this whole Russia thing” in the name of self-promotion are not helping. Not one bit.

In the meantime, perhaps Ukraine can fight mat’Rossiya by locking Putin’s troops in Chernobyl’s New Safe Confinement forcing them to endure hours of Cardi B’s WAP on continuous loop, alternating with AnnaLynne’s spoken word and episodes of The View. With any luck, Sean Penn will be with them.

Dear Celebs: If I was your mother, I would say, Ukraine is not about you. It will never, ever be-so just stop.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/UP9, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons/Cropped/FileURL

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