Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Speaks On Kneeling Protests

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Speaks On Kneeling Protests

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Speaks On Kneeling Protests

There is a saying that “Common sense is not a flower that grows in everyone’s garden”. This is true and Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott is a Master Gardener. He addressed the cosmically stupid NFL kneeling protests in a training camp press conference on Friday.

Former San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick (above) started this Social Justice Cirque de Stupid. Victory Girls’ Jodi has written about him and you can read it here. Yahoo.com has a training camp post up today written by Paul Newberry. The post argues that Kaepernick and former 49’ers Safety Eric Reid are good enough to be in the NFL and are being made an example of for their anthem protests. From the article:

What makes the treatment of Kaepernick and Reid even more perplexing: The owners and their non-blacklisted players continue to be locked in a back-and-forth squabble over whether protesting during the anthem is a legitimate way to address social injustice in this country.

(Spoiler alert: It is.)

The issue remains a thorn in the league’s side, even after Kaepernick and Reid were cast aside.

”Nothing lasts forever, and this is coming close to lasting way too long,” Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown groaned.

Before there’s any more discussion about sitting or kneeling or staying in the locker room, the players – all of them, black and white – should demand justice for Kaepernick and Reid.

Wrong-O, Mr. Newberry. Protesting during the National Anthem is not a legitimate way to address social injustice in this country. Sorry. Your argument is invalid. You do not have a right to protest at work. All NFL players, of any color, are paid quite well for their time and talents. Trading their time and talents for the prejudice soiled coin of the United States of America means that the Team owners get to set the ground rules. In my former corporate life, I understood that I had to behave in a way that reflected well on the major soap company I worked for. If for any reason they found my behavior unacceptable they could can my backside. Do you get it now?

Into this dogpile, steps Dak Prescott. He is no one’s mindless puppet. He is a man who thinks for himself. Common sense grows beautifully in his garden. Please, please watch this video.

Yes, yes. Thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus. Protesting is all well and good. But actions speak louder than kneeling. What have you done? Take your fat paycheck and do something with it.

Never, ever, ever, um ever will social injustice be wiped from the face of the Earth. #Truth. Life on Earth cannot be perfected. All we can do, as a society, is let those who are racist, prejudiced, bigoted, homophobic, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic or Christophobic know that their behavior or acts are unacceptable to us. There will always be someone, somewhere who hates you for what you are. There will always be ugly people in the world.

I love Prescott’s words:

“The game of football has always brought me such peace, and I think it does the same for a lot of people. A lot of people playing the game, a lot of people watching the game, a lot of people that have any impact of the game. So, when you bring such a controversy to the stadium, to the field, to the game, it takes away from that. It takes away from the joy, and the love that football brings a lot of people. So, for me, I’m all about making a change making a difference.”

Exactly. When people are paying to watch large men bash each other over a prolate spheroid, they don’t want politics, religion or sex brought into it.

And, just one more personal little thing. If you find the flag of the United States of America protest-worthy or offensive, maybe you should not accept the money of this country and you should leave. Thanks for playing now take your parting gifts and go.

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  • Skid Marx says:

    Too late. No one in my family is ever watching another game. My brother goes off if you even mention the No Fans Left league.
    We remember when it was all about football and no player would ever bring his petulant punk political protest to the gridiron. Good times.
    At least the taxpayers can enjoy paying for the stadiums that they will never be able to afford to visit.

    • Toni says:

      Nope. Never.

    • Phil in Englewood says:

      Skid is right. Too late. Once the pint of scheisse is mixed into the gallon of ice cream, nobody will eat it, nor will they ever trust it again. At this point, all the talk is just CYA.

      Reminds me of criminals that are remorseful after they are caught. I never see criminals coming forward to say they have seen the error of their ways, that they are stopping their criminal behavior, and making amends to their victims before they are caught.

  • bob sykes says:

    Kaepernick and his supporters have never considered the optics of the protests. What you have is black athletes kneeling before white fans. That image is just too precious. Jim Crow redux.

    A serious white racist would demand a rule that all black athletes and coaches kneel before white fans during the playing of the (white) National Anthem at every game in every sport, just to emphasize the power relationship.

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