Women Candidates and That Special Place in Hell

Women Candidates and That Special Place in Hell

Women Candidates and That Special Place in Hell

Remember when former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was out stumping for twice failed Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and she said that line about women and Hell. As reported by the “UK Guardian”:

Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright introduced Hillary Clinton at an event in New Hampshire on Saturday, telling the crowd and voters in general: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

Well, out of the 57 (hyperbole alert) candidates running for President in 2016, Hillary Clinton was number 73 for me. Even the threat of Hell from the fearsome Madeleine Albright couldn’t convince me to vote for a woman who I found reprehensible. And, I think I have a mild case of Oppositional Defiant Disorder in that I really, really resent being told that I must do something. Something like support women candidates because I am a woman. While I would really rather not go to Hell and be separated from God for eternity, I’ll take the party bus to Hell if it means I get to think for myself and support the candidate whose values and ideology most mirror my own.

There is nothing on this planet that screams competent, independent and thinking less than walking in lock step wearing a pussy hat and voting for a woman just because she is a woman. And, then this happened.

While perusing Facebook, I noticed that a female candidate for U.S. Congress from my district is supported by a group called “Winning for Women”. Now, this candidate has a spectacularly impressive resume. She is a former Air Force Reservist and currently in the Tennessee Air National Guard. She is a KC- 135R Stratotanker Aircraft Commander, with the current rank of Lt. Colonel. She has four underage children. I am exhausted just reading that. So why play the “woman card”?

I love being a woman. My friends are all women. However, my Dad was a man, my husband is a man and so is my son. I want all Tennesseans and all citizens of the United States of America to be represented by someone who doesn’t need to play any card. The only card needed is The Constitution of the United States. So, I just kind of asked on Facebook and then, this happened.

Now, the candidate and I were having a nice exchange and then her friend butted in and proceeded to insult me. She now claims she wasn’t, but she was. She insulted this blog and the owner of this blog. Well, women if you want to support women candidates don’t insult potential voters. Don’t engage them in a negative way. It’s one thing to say why you support a candidate. Don’t insult men or women.

Many of us serve our country in many ways. On Wednesday, rather than going to meet this candidate, I am going to support my friends who happen to be a Gold Star Family. And, besides I think we have already asked too much of this candidate. She is currently serving and has four kids under their majorities. We don’t want to burden her with a Congressional seat. She is already Superwoman.

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  • Skid Marx says:

    Nothing says respect for women like telling them who to vote for and what party they must vote for or else turn in their woman card.

    • KT says:

      Nothing says respect for a woman by judging and making assumptions and decisions for her. Telling her she is already burdened enough and therefore could not handle or do the job. Am I talking about men saying that? Unfortunately no, women not supporting women because they don’t agree, but yet claim their whole being is to support and empower women to equal rights.

  • KT says:

    Shouldn’t we allow the candidate to make her own decision, instead of making the decision ourselves that she has no right to run because she is already burdened? Really? Isn’t that the whole point of your blog and supporting women?! Are you now changing your positions? I think she, as a woman, knows better than we whether she is burdened or incapable of handling, this why She chose to run, we didn’t for her. Nor did she ask our opinions. Talk about a downer and not supportive.

    • Scott says:

      Pretty sure Toni said nothing about whether he should run or not, just that she would not vote for her. As you said, it’s the candidates decision if they feel they are too overburdened (obviously not, because they decided to run), or qualified enough to do well in the position. It’s up to us as voters to make the decision if we believe them / think they’re correct in their decisions… and once again, no-one should be telling us how we “should” vote, just because of race, gender, etc…

      • KT says:

        Scott, Pretty sure she absolutely did. If you read the same as I, her last two sentences of this blog state just that. The inferences are quite strong, including Toni’s Direct statement making the judgment for the candidate that said candidate is already too burden to undergo anything else, “We don’t want to burden her with a Congressional seat.” As well as Toni choosing not to be engaged or informed with getting to know the candidates…. well I guess Toni know best with her assumptions and without executing any homework or research.

        • Scott says:

          I took that statement to mean that she and her family don’t want to burden the candidate, which fits my earlier comment. Since neither of us knows which is correct, I guess I’ll leave it to Toni at this point.
          That being said, if your assumptions are correct, this would be the first time since coming to this blog that I’ve seen Toni do anything without executing homework or doing research…

          • KT says:

            Scott, respectfully I’m not sure how that could be misconstrued to mean anything other than exactly what the words state. But I will agree to disagree with our takes. Thank you for your politeness to this discussion. 🙂

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  • Nina says:

    I looked over the conversation. I didn’t see anywhere were there was a discussion or defense about the candidate’s platform/stance on issues.

    For me, I’ve never cared for ANY group or person telling me that I must vote for said candidate because that candidate meets a single criteria. Groups focused on single issue or in this case gender, IMO lose sight of the larger picture of promoting (if candidate has it) the candidate’s resume and platform. I always look at a candidate’s platform and resume along with how they handle the campaign debates/speeches/commentary before deciding whether that person (gender NEVER factors for me) is worthy of my vote.

  • Skid Marx says:

    @ KT

    I was never a member of the ruff and tuff cream puff he-man woman haters club because none of us would be here without a woman.
    Politics really boils down to those who want to control other people and those who have no such desire.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    Ms. Albright, do you even believe in Hell?

  • Timmy says:

    What would be the outrage if there was a winning for men group? Then why none here?

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