COVID Death Of Rep-Elect Brings Out Ghouls

COVID Death Of Rep-Elect Brings Out Ghouls

COVID Death Of Rep-Elect Brings Out Ghouls

The left long ago made their moral determinations about COVID. After the initial first wave was over, if you contracted COVID, you were A Bad Person.

The reason for being declared A Bad Person was because obviously, you did something wrong if you contracted COVID-19. According to the moralistic, Puritianical garbage of the left, only bad people caught COVID because they weren’t wearing a mask, or they left their house when they were supposed to lock themselves inside, or they did something that the left condemned – like going to work – when they should have just stayed inside and learned to code and let the government pay them.

Oh, right. Also, no one ever caught COVID while doing something “good” and “virtuous,” like protesting in the streets or partying after the election.

This is why the left still believes that Florida and South Dakota, which are mostly open, are hotbeds of evil COVID spikes and mass death, while New York and New Jersey are happy, tranquil places that beat COVID until they didn’t, but no one in the media except Janice Dean is going to ask Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-Grandma Killer) about his “Mission Accomplished” victory lap and book tour.

So, when the news broke that a representative-elect, Luke Letlow, from Louisiana had died from a heart attack following a procedure related to COVID-19, the media immediately went looking for the REAL reason the man died.

Oh, he was a REPUBLICAN, the brain trust known as Aaron Rupar of Vox decided, so of course he did something wrong, didn’t take COVID-19 seriously, and then died. Because in the media’s estimation, only A Bad Person dies of COVID now.

Rupar has not deleted this tweet, but the Twitter account of Luke Letlow has been locked down, so his account’s tweet no longer shows up. And the tweet is vital to the context of Rupar’s snotty condolences. You see, in choosing this tweet to highlight, instead of, say, one of Letlow and his wife and two very young children, Rupar falls just short of saying the congressman-elect, who said that the economy should open back up, was A Bad Person and therefore deserved whatever he got at the hands of COVID. Rupar is now sanctimoniously preening and calling the representative-elect’s death “avoidable” (how does he know that?) – even though he was all for parties when it was for The Right Cause.

And don’t look at the responses to Rupar’s tweets, because they are full of ghouls agreeing with the echo chamber of “Letlow had it coming.” Unless you are in need of a reminder that Twitter is a cesspool and a feedback loop all rolled into one.

COVID-19 is a virus. It does virus things, like multiply, spread, and infect. It does not care about anyone’s political leanings, no matter how the media might try to cover things up so that we never know just how many people at a protest might have contracted it. Those wanting their version of “social justice” can contract the virus just as easily as anyone else. The only way to fully protect yourself is to lock yourself away, indefinitely, in a bunker, and never have contact with anyone from the outside. Some have done that. Not everyone can or should. There are cost benefits to all actions, and the sanctimonious finger-wagging in the face of a “selfish” or “deserved” death says far more about the people pronouncing judgement from on high than it does about the person who died.

Meanwhile, the real tragedy is that two very young children have lost their father. These children are three years old and eleven months old. They are too young to realize their loss, and too young to have any real lasting memories of their father. But because the internet is forever, someday they will find the numerous ghouls who blamed their father for his own death, and wonder why people were so horrible in the face of their very real devastation.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    OK, just as long as “we’re” SURE that he didn’t die of a heart attack during surgery
    to address a comorbidity exacerbated by Chinese Wuhan Novel (horseshoe bat) Coronavirus-19.

  • Jerven says:

    Am I really the only one who immediately wondered if he’d been Arkancided?

    There are getting to be a questionable number of ‘convenient’ kung-flu deaths of ‘inconvenient’ people around the world, don’t you think. Never let a crisis go to waste sort of thing …

    (I’ll just go back to polishing my tin-foil beanie shall I?)

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