Consent No Longer Important To NY Times

Consent No Longer Important To NY Times

Consent No Longer Important To NY Times

Consent or the lack thereof is no longer important to The NY Times. According to Michelle Goldberg of The NY Times, it was “relationship violence” not actual, you know, RAPE.

But this week, during a juvenile court hearing, a fuller picture of Smith’s daughter’s ordeal emerged. She suffered something atrocious. It had nothing at all to do, however, with trans bathroom policies. Instead, like many women and girls, she was a victim of relationship violence.

Yes, Goldberg seriously went there. In fact, she started off her opinion horseshit by blaming the right and the victim’s father, Scott Smith for making this story a thing, when according to her, it shouldn’t be. 

This is a story about how the right twisted the sexual assault of a teenager into a culture war fantasy. It’s about how a distorted tale on a conservative website became grist for a nationwide moral panic.

On June 22, a middle-aged plumber named Scott Smith was dragged, lip bleeding and hands cuffed behind his back, from a raucous school board meeting in Loudoun County, Va. According to the local newspaper Loudon Now, he’d been swearing loudly at another parent and leaning toward her with a clenched fist when the police tackled him and pulled him outside. He’d eventually be convicted of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and given a suspended 10-day jail sentence.

I tell you what. It is exactly crap like this as to why parents have had enough, and why rational people, no matter their political affiliation not only dislike, but no longer trust the media. 

In one opinion article, Michelle Goldberg blames the right for making this story a thing, attempts to blame the Smiths for being upset about what happened to their daughter, and shames the victim! 

I mean, how DARE they or anyone else be upset about a boy in a skirt sexually assaulting their daughter??!! It’s only a bit of “relationship violence” don’t you know? Concerns about consent or the lack of are not Michelle’s concern.

Michelle, it doesn’t fucking MATTER that the two kids did something two times prior. What matters is that, on the third occasion, she said NO. 

Michelle, who has likely been all about #MeToo because it’s a left thing, points the finger of blame at the victim, the parents, and the right because transgender narrative crap must be protected at all costs! 

This week, Loudon County students walked out in protest. 

I absolutely agree with the students here. Why weren’t the parents and they told about this? Why did the school board literally lie about the assault in May, and try to hide the assault in October by the SAME student? 

“Loudoun County protects rapists,” a group of students chanted for several minutes in protest of how the county handled two sexual assault cases, one in May and the other in October, by the same student in two different high schools in the district. Broad Run High is where the second incident took place.
“Why didn’t anybody tell us,” another student yelled.

More than 2500 students from at least 20 schools, including Riverside High School, Briar Woods High School and Lightridge High School, took part in calls to stop sexual assault, according to information provided by the school district. On Monday, hundreds of Arlington Public High Schools students also left their classrooms to stand against sexual misconduct and harassment.

Parents and students should’ve been notified. The student who assaulted Scott Smith’s daughter should’ve been suspended during the investigation. 

Yet here’s Michelle using twisted logic and saying this is all because the right hates transgenders. No girl, that ain’t it. 

What everyone is pissed off about is that a student was RAPED, the school covered it up, and the DOJ issued a memo. 

Then again, Michelle is in good company. NBC is also trying to blame the parents for creating false outrage and chaos. 

Once again for the cheap seats that Michelle and NBC reside in. Consent was not given. Scott Smith’s daughter was RAPED. The fact that the left isn’t outraged by that and by the school’s cover up shows how twisted their values (if they have any left) are. 

Indeed. What is also telling is that there are far too many who AGREE with Michelle Goldberg. Consent doesn’t matter to them either.

No Michelle. The “exquisitely useful lie” is the one YOU are peddling. YOU are peddling lies about the victim, her parents, and the right. YOU are saying that consent or lack of doesn’t matter. We are outraged and heartsick over the fact that a young girl and her family suffered because the school district played political games. The Loudon School board was informed about the assault the day it happened, but Michelle is here to tell you the outrage is an “exquisitely useful lie.” 

Now, news is breaking of other potential assaults in Loudon County middle schools. Will Michelle calls those accounts “exquisitely useful lies” and engage in more victim shaming? If it fits her leftist narrative, then she probably will. 

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  • Chris says:

    Well maybe ol’mEshell is one of those wierd ass’s.
    Dreams of being Analy raped by the Crips or the bloods or the Latin Kings, hells angels….

    No shame mEshell, its the 21st century.
    Hell we even gots us a Pedophile Pressydent and a Hoover Vacumn VP.

    We are just sick to Death of having your perversions foisted upon us.

    I doubt it

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  • The consequences for these and the other protectors of the new perversity will be severe.

    There should be no mercy — and none will be given.

  • Cameron says:

    I guess they are rationalizing that the girl’s skirt was shorter than the boy’s.

    And at this point, the school should not only be punished severely but people like the boy that committed that assault should not be allowed to hide. Name them, give out their addresses and brand them as sex criminals.

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  • GWB says:

    The boy, however, expected sex and refused to accept the girl’s refusal.
    And this is the very definition ofRAPE.

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