Loudoun Loudness: School Board Meeting Gets Shut Down

Loudoun Loudness: School Board Meeting Gets Shut Down

Loudoun Loudness: School Board Meeting Gets Shut Down

A school board meeting for Loudoun county schools in Virginia came to a grinding halt yesterday after some boisterous activity that “violated decorum“, according to chair, Chair Brenda L. Sheridan.

What, exactly was so boisterous about this school board meeting? What, exactly, “violated decorum” at the Loudoun Country School Board meeting? What was all of the Loundness up in Loudoun? Comments against Proposed Policy 8040 on the rights of transgender and gender-expansive students. One person was arrested and there was at least one person injured and another individual was issued a trespassing charge, authorities say.

News accounts with regard to the meeting seem vague. Someone was arrested. Someone was injured. Someone was issued a trespassing charge. In fact, reports like this one, will lead a reader to believe that the meeting was shut down because of those attendees opposed to Proposed Policy 8040. The accounts from Twitchy tell a different story, stating that former Virginia state senator Dick Black (R) had his mic cut off in the midst of his comments opposing Critical Race Theory in schools. Parents responded loudly yo this by belting out The National Anthem.

But the news said what followed suit was “loudness and opposition”, an abrupt end to public comment (about 200 individuals were slated to speak) and the sheriff calling the board meeting an “unlawful assembly”.

Right? We’ll get to that in a moment here. This has not been the first time Loudoun County Schools made the news, however. A few weeks back, Tanner Cross, an elementary physical education teacher, voiced his opinion on Proposed Policy 8040 and was put on administrative leave:

This issue of concern comes from a teacher at an elementary school. Tanner Cross did not want to feed into telling a biological boy a lie that he is indeed a girl. Cross may be the most sensible teacher in that whole school. Cross was put on a leave of absence for merely speaking his mind. A District Court judge ruled later that Tanner Cross be reinstated by the school district on grounds of his freedom to speak and religious liberty. I should also not neglect to mention that Loudoun County was also home to anti-racist educators who made their own “lists” on a (now defunct) Facebook group of targeted parents and community members opposed to their agendas.

The details of Loudoun County Schools’ Proposed Policy 8040 can be found here and outline the schools’ responsibilities in carrying out proper student identification in the classroom to correspond to their preferred pronoun(s), professional development and training for staff, access to all activities for students and access to facilities. You could venture to guess what facilities mean here and you would be correct in your assumption.

Students should be allowed to use the restrooms and locker rooms that ‘correspond the their consistently asserted gender identity'”.-Proposed Policy 8040, Loudoun County Schools

So is this a medically (you know, based on biological science) “consistently asserted” gender identity or just one that is made up in a person’s head on any given day? Michelle is now Michael and Tom is now Tina. They should be able to use the restroom or locker room that corresponds to their named identity, according to this, not their biological identity. And the Loudoun County School Board is shocked at the outrage of this proposal? So much so that they cut off Dick Black mid-sentence? So much so that, all of a sudden, these liberals who are throwing around CRT (mostly of progressive, anti-law enforcement ideoplogies) as part of classroom curriculum and professional development for educators , call in the sheriff and have the State Police show up? Oh, how they like law enforcement now, don’t they? This school board meeting was called an “unlawful assembly”? Was that before or after the crowd broke out into The National Anthem? And, hold up…a community member was arrested for trespassing? On property paid for by taxpayers? And, furthermore, where was the violence? The person was injured sustained minor injuries. Nobody was shot. Nothing was burned down. No windows were busted.

But members at the Loudoun County School Board meeting violated decorum, you see. What was it that we saw on our city streets last summer? A violation of decorum? I mean. didn’t we see lots of violations? Violations of private property? Violations of community sound ordinances? Violations of trespassing? Theft? Looting? Violence? Property damage? Crime? City blocks upon blocks completely trashed? But this…this scheduled, school board meeting where the community members broke out in The National Anthem was an unlawful assembly?!

Sadly, Loudoun County is not the only school district across The United States facing opposition and drawing criticism from parents and other concerned community members in terms of CRT or letting young men into the locker rooms of young women and vice-versa. Educators who do not agree with the new agendas being pushed through are also afraid to speak out in fear of being placed on leaves by their districts or reprimanded by their administrators. They are being silenced by the majority. Some are throwing their hands up in the air and quitting or retiring. With all of this focus on CRT and lifestyles of the LGBTQ community this month, parents are asking questions and are skeptical of this focus when the focus apparently has taken off of the basics of why kids are in school in the first place and why some kids are behind in their academics this year. This has been in the works all year as school districts nationwide have been placed on lockdown due to COVID restrictions. This was the golden opportunity to take advantage of revamping curriculum for students and trainings for staff. This was the part of the reset. And this may even be happening in your school district. In all seriousness, there are enough mama bears who that will gladly violate decorum in the names of their children. Keep those unlawful assemblies coming!

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