#CongressionalBaseballGame: Spec. Agents David Bailey, Crystal Griner Hailed as Heroes For Taking Down Shooter

#CongressionalBaseballGame: Spec. Agents David Bailey, Crystal Griner Hailed as Heroes For Taking Down Shooter

#CongressionalBaseballGame: Spec. Agents David Bailey, Crystal Griner Hailed as Heroes For Taking Down Shooter

Two Capitol Police Officers, both members of House Whip Steve Scalise’s security detail this morning, are being hailed as heroes today after a gunman opened fire, targeting congressional Republicans practicing for tomorrow’s annual charity baseball game in D.C. In an emotional floor speech, Speaker Paul Ryan named and thanked the two special agents:

Hero: Special Agent David Bailey (Photo Credit: Heavy.com)

Special Agent David Bailey is a nine-year employee of the Capitol Police, and a Graduate of North Carolina Central University. Bailey also worked as an administrator at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Falls Church, Virginia, from 2005 to 2008. Bailey is credited with helping attend to Whip Scalise’s injuries. He is reported to be in “good” condition and expected to recover from his injuries.

Special Agent David Bailey supporting his alma mater’s athletic teams (Photo Credit: Heavy.com)

Indeed he is.

Special Agent Crystal Griner was reportedly hit in the leg and the foot as she returned the shooter’s fire. She was taken to surgery immediately upon arrival at an area hospital. Not much is known about her just yet. Victory Girls will update with a photo and a bit of her bio when available. In the meantime, we echo Ms. Williams and COACH:

Special Agents Griner and Bailey are what true heroism looks like.

Here’s the full list of the known wounded. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers that they may recover from their injuries:

I know I speak for the majority of Americans when I say “THANK YOU!” to these two fearless, heroic Americans. Were in not for their quick response in the face of what promised to be a massacre on our lawmakers and other attendees, the outcome would likely have been very different. At least one Twitter user suggests organizers rename the annual get-together The Capitol Police Officers’ Annual Charity Baseball Game. I concur. America salutes your bravery and we wish for a speedy recovery for you both.

[UPDATE 3:30 p.m. PT] A FaceBook posts says that Griner is a 2006 graduate of Hood College:

And here’s a photo reportedly of Griner as an athlete for the Hood College Blazers:

Super Woman!

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  • Scott says:

    Good job to both of them. True heros, continuing the fight after being wounded, protecting those who could not protect themselves! Just heard that one of the wounded died, but no word on who. RIP to whoever it was.

  • Merle says:

    What I heard indicated that the shooter died – let us hope it wasn’t one of the victims.


  • GWB says:

    I had heard initially that one agent (evidently Bailey) had taken a shot to the chest. Obviously he was wearing his vest – glad it worked.

    And, yes, kudos to Griner for continuing the fight! Unfortunately, an awful lot of police don’t get real tactical training and because of it might have a hard time with the mindset necessary to carry through (and also are not very good shots because of that lack).

    BTW, I also read where some of the politicos grabbed a boy who was there shagging balls (a son of one of the congressmen) and got him under the bench in a dugout and acted as shields. Good on them.

  • Jake Fix says:

    Time to show our American gratitude for our country’s diversity. by supporting non-discrimination legislation for the LGBT community and defeating proposed legislation that permits people to discriminate on the basis of religious beliefs (which is targeted to permit discrimination against LGBT people after conservatives lost the marriage equality battle). And let us work together as a testament to unity to defeat any legislative agenda that harms women, people of color, minority religious communities, and the LGBT community. These are communities that continue to strive for equality and justice. It’s nothing short of amazing grace that two Capitol Police officers put their lives on the line for these legislators yesterday. Both are people of color. One is a lesbian woman who’s in a legal, same-sex marriage (which those legislators fought against; June is LGBT Pride Month and the President refuses to acknowledge it or proclaim it, as his predecessor did). When Trump and his wife went to the hospital last night, they were escorted by the VP of Operations at Medstar Washington Hospital Center, Dr. Ira Rabin, an Orthodox Jewish man. We have seen a rise in this country of hate toward minority faith communities, including anti-Semitic acts, often committed by anonymous citizens in the name of Trump. Rabin’s hospital employs many immigrant doctors, some of whom were interviewed shortly after the inauguration, sharing their fear of remaining in this country.
    There are just so many images of those representing the good diversity of America that came together to stop an evil-doer intent on carrying out a massacre yesterday. It’s God’s wake-up call to,America. Words of gratitude and praise for the courage and patriotism the Capitol Police officers demonstrated are not enough. They demonstrated the true meaning of God’s amazing grace by protecting legislators that have worked to persecute the minority communities of which they are a part; legislators who’ve worked against equality for these communities. Let us be sincere about our gratitude and call for unity by working for equality and justice for all. All! We can do it!

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