Please Put Judge Roy Moore Out of Our Misery

Please Put Judge Roy Moore Out of Our Misery

Please Put Judge Roy Moore Out of Our Misery

The major conflict that has developed out of the special election to replace former Senator Jeff Sessions in Alabama is roiling with more emotions than a twelve year old girl in a drama class. Judge Roy Moore is the cause of all of this battle royale. This morning The American Spectator posted an article titled “Put Roy Moore Out of His Misery” by Arnold Steinberg. Mr. Steinberg lays out a cogent and well-reasoned argument for why Judge Moore should drop out of the Senate race in Alabama. Mr. Steinberg is right. Moore won’t quit though and that means, especially in The South, Thanksgiving dinner is gonna be nastier than that green bean casserole dish.

Judge Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore needs to quit and get out of our misery. But he won’t.

See, this Judge Roy Moore thing is a generational and cultural thing. Thanksgiving Day is filled with food, football, family and generations. Sometimes, there will be five generations at home for the day. It’s not a meal. It’s a day. We have enough to argue about with SEC coaches getting fired left and right. Butch Jones, of the University of Tennessee, was fired yesterday.

Judge Moore, we don’t need the generational and cultural jello fruit salad that you bring up.

Being a beautiful girl in The South used to be like money in the bank, think “Gone With The Wind”. Southern Mamas made sure their daughters looked their best and were groomed to within an inch of their lives. Etiquette classes, or dances classes some were called, were important. Learning to walk, talk and eat properly were de rigueur. “Be sweet.” “Take this tennis racket and go practice, so you can get into college and marry a doctor.” “Your face just looks happier when you have lipstick on.”

I can just see in my head those Southern Mamas when Roy Moore asked to date their daughters. Let’s see, West Point graduate, Army Officer, battle tested, Law Degree, University of Alabama Law School. Oh, I am having heart palpitations just thinking about what a catch Roy Moore would be for a Southern Mama. They would have bragging rights all over Hell and half of Georgia.

1970’s Southern College Party

Look at that photo, would you? By 2017 standards, everything in that photo is reprehensible. In the 1970’s, when Roy Moore was dating these girls, and they were girls, this was a typical weekend Fraternity/Sorority party.

That’s the problem. Judge Moore doesn’t see that times have changed. Have you listened to the radio interview that Sean Hannity did with Roy Moore? It is devastating.

Lord, help me, Jesus. The man doesn’t get it. Seen in today’s light, what was typical male behavior is now seen as being a pedophile or sexual predator.

Spiced Sweet Potato Casserole from Taste of the South

Judge Moore, I am begging you. Give it up. Maybe you did nothing wrong. I don’t know, but bless your heart, I have seen some very normal people throw a hissy fit over you like they were getting paid for it. I know you won’t quit. I wish you would and put us all out of our misery. It sure would make digesting that sweet potato casserole easier.

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  • Nicki says:

    I’ve always thought he was creepy as hell, but that’s just me. You’re right. He doesn’t get it. Whatever it was that was acceptable eons ago when his turgid hard-on was leading him around the area mall is no longer acceptable. And the assault allegations (despite the odious presence of Allred) strike me as true.

    Also, you have now made me hungry with that post. Really hungry.

  • Jodi Giddings says:

    Spot on, Toni. He indeed doesn’t get it. But I do, and you’ve explained it to us beautifully. Thank you.

    BTW: I love the green bean dish. I must be the only one. 😉

  • Merle says:

    So you think it’s OK to back up and judge history by current standards?


    • Toni S Williams says:

      No no no. That’s not at all what I’m saying. I should have written more clearly. What I worry about is that judge Moore doesn’t get that times have changed. If he had said in the Hannity interview. Why yes I did date younger women 17 18 19 year old girls. I was considered quite a catch back in the day. Now we don’t do such a thing. He would have been sanitized for our protection and he could have done anything. But he doesn’t seem to acknowledge that that was then and this is now. I still see a lot of this today in the south but it’s gone more underground and it’s not as open that women are pushing their daughters to marry older men. I hope that helps

      • TRX says:

        Why should he have to acknowledge it? Anyone who doesn’t understand that times have changed is a fool, and the ones who pretend they don’t are his enemies, so why should he cater to them?

  • twolaneflash says:

    Unless you’re a registered voter in Alabama, shut up. Your OPINION has no value, carries no weight, and is a ridiculous demand in view of the silence on Bill (hold my cigar) Clinton, Harvey (the raper) Weinstein, Anthony (pedophile inmate) Weiner, Joe (the groper) Biden, and not to forget, Ted (the murder) Kennedy, just to name a few leftist tools defended by the media till the bitter end.

    Toni, it seems you really hate the South and its people, bless your heart.

    • TRX says:

      But-but-but… someone doesn’t *like* him! And he’s old. And Southern. And that Jesus thing, eeeewww. He should just go away! To make room for…

      Now that *is* a question, isn’t it?

    • Toni Williams says:

      I beg your pardon. If you read the article, I described my childhood of going to dance class being told to be sweet and the work that catching a good husband entails. Hate the South. You can kiss my grits.

      • twolaneflash says:

        Your privilege is showing.

        • GWB says:

          So, you accuse her of hating the South, then – when she responds with her Southern belle credentials – you accuse her of privilege because of her Southern-ness?
          Oy vey.

          (I’ll repeat what I addressed to you below:
          Honey, you might want to hang around awhile and get to meet the girls before you go off on them like that. They have been anything BUT silent on those topics. )

          • twolaneflash says:

            I grew up in a cotton mill town in the South. I have 3 older sisters, all strong glass-ceiling breaking professionals or corporate executives now in their 80’s who climbed from Southern poverty to prominence in their fields. There were no dance classes unless you were privileged, i.e., your family had money for dance lessons. I remember only one girl in our town that had dance lessons, and her dad was a doctor.

            I repeat: your privilege is showing.

            • Toni S Williams says:

              My coal mining and sisters are laughing at you from wherever they have gone once they slip this Mortal

      • NJ Mike says:

        Ummm, ever hear of a self hating Jewish? It’s not out of the relay of possibility.
        Talking to my 80 yo mom this morning, she’s Virginia’s last conservative but was parroting the lefty line….I told her the ONLY response to anyone buying these patently false, oh so typical leftist lies is……”F@ck off and die you anti American POS”
        And it is.
        So far, the “proof ” of:
        the yearbook (which wapo had to change the color of the printing to sell it to gullible fools)
        the restaurant layout (he was driving me to the rear of the restaurant to the road there- the over 100 year old rail road tracks kinda make a road EVER existing thereally a physical impossibility)
        the phone in her room ( her MOM says nuh uh, twerent no phone)
        the obviously forged yearbook not3.
        All show that this is a total flat out lie, set up by the deep state to deprive us of our birthright freedoms.
        I’m sad to see so many R sites jump on board just to virtue signal.

        Nemo me lacessit impune.

    • Nicki says:

      Wow, dude. Eat a bag of dicks.

      Her opinion is as valid as anyone else’s on the issue, and since Senators who are sent to Washington impact us all, she certainly has skin in the game.

  • GWB says:

    Judge Roy Moore is the cause of all of this battle royale.

    Oh no. He is not the cause. The progressives are the cause. Moore merely happens to be vulnerable to their BS.

    Judge Moore doesn’t see that times have changed.

    And? Are you saying that “change is good”? Because I will continue to fight for an old-fashioned set of “bourgeois values”.

    what was typical male behavior is now seen as being a pedophile or sexual predator.

    Whereas, what used to be seen as perverted and predatory behavior is now celebrated with verve and gusto, regardless of its moral – or even medical – implications. Again, I’ll take the old-style, as it makes more sense.

    I have seen some very normal people throw a hissy fit over you like they were getting paid for it.

    Ironic, because most of the people pitching a hissy fit are getting paid for it.

    Having read your response to Merle, I get that you miscommunicated a bit. But my points still stand – I would much rather abide by “ancient” “bourgeois” standards than to abide by the new “hedonism is great” and “traditionalists are a bunch of racist mysoginist haters” memes. And I won’t give that up, no matter how many “good people” demand otherwise.

    a ridiculous demand in view of the silence on … Clinton, … Weinstein, … Weiner, … Biden, and not to forget, … Kennedy

    Honey, you might want to hang around awhile and get to meet the girls before you go off on them like that. They have been anything BUT silent on those topics.

  • GWB says:

    Further, I would love to see Moore win, and take these women to court and win against them, too. We need to put a stop to this “Oh, 40 years ago, someone did awful things to me, and you should punish them now with acrimony and approbation, even though this has never been brought up before, but it conveniently happens to be at a crucial juncture in the political process” bulloney. If you have an accusation about wrong-doing, you need to bring it up NOW, and as often thereafter as required to get action. If you sit on it for FOUR DECADES everyone should look at you, shake their heads sadly, then turn away from your drama. Period.
    I hope like heck that Moore does sue these women and the WaPo (especially the WaPo) for slander/libel, and that he wins big. The lies and the defamation coming from the progs need to stop.

    • Toni Williams says:

      I don’t want to argue with you. I agree there should be a statute of limitations on poor Behavior. I don’t think that judge Moore is a pedophile or that change is good necessarily in anyway. What bothers me is that judge Moore doesn’t seem to get that he is being judged by current standards on his past Behavior. He doesn’t seem to be able to acknowledge that. If he acknowledged it we could all move on.

      • twolaneflash says:

        wow! Narrative trying to bring down Judge Moore just keep imploding. I’m still waiting for the smoking blue dress, or whatever. I know my 70+ years have made me cynical, curmudgeonly, and a skeptic, but they’ve also made me demand proof, especially in this age of fake news, internet as propaganda tool, and social media manipulation of the masses by algorithm.

      • twolaneflash says:

        There is nothing for Judge Moore to acknowledge. In our culture of moral relativism, his values seem to not need changing to whatever would allow you to “move on”. I bet he doesn’t rap either.

  • Romey says:

    Unfortunately Judge Moore is so damaged, that even if pure as the driven snow, it would take years to prove that. After that, there would still be people who deny him.

    He, for practical reasons, needs to get out of the race. It would throw the election to the Dem, but he would almost certainly face insurmountable challenges to his election, if he stayed in and somehow one.

    He, if truly innocent, should bring suit against anyone and anything that may have some culpability, and donate proceeds to a worthy charity.

    It is really hard to believe all of these charges went unreported for forty years, given his high profile public offices held. I suspect there is much to be found out about the accusers and the WaPost who seems to be leading the charge.

    • Toni Williams says:


    • Sam says:

      I agree with all you said, except I disagree fundamentally with your comment
      “for practical reasons, needs to get out of the race. It would throw the election to the Dem, but he would almost certainly face insurmountable challenges to his election, if he stayed in and somehow one.”
      I would rather have him as a senator than ANY Democrat. So unfortunately, even though he is damaged, he is a MUCH LESSER THREAT TO AMERICA than ANY Democrat.

  • wyldkat says:

    “Butch Jones, of the University of Tennessee, was fired yesterday.”

    Well #$%@. I like Butch. Okay, maybe he wasn’t up to coaching a Division I school, but from what I saw, he has class – something that is lacking in football (or another major sport for that matter)

    On the main subject.

    Moore has been accused of misconduct 30 years ago, that’s it. No evidence has been presented, no charges have been filed. So, in my mind, he is innocent until proven guilty by a preponderance of evidence. And that isn’t a seemingly endless line of wilting lilies coming out of the woodwork 3 decades later. (after 30 years my question is .. why now? why not 25 years ago?)

    • GWB says:

      “So, in my mind”
      The problem is that too much of America seems not to share that mind. They convict based on the media and what their Twit feeds show.

      We have to fight that. We have to defeat the very human need to pronounce people guilty based on rumor and innuendo and unfounded charges. But all we usually have to work with are flawed people (yes, Moore is not my ideal by any stretch) who we really would prefer to keep at arm’s length. But we need to fight anyway, or live amongst savages – I don’t see any other options.

      (One of the things I love about Victory Girls is that they will engage with their critics – when their critics present a reasoned argument.)

      • wyldkat says:

        “But we need to fight anyway, or live amongst savages’

        I agree wholeheartedly. I have to fight it down at times, (cop killers jump to mind) but I do try to wait to see more information before I make a opinion.

  • Kauf Buch says:

    Guilty before proven innocent?
    Converged with SJWs?
    You are F’ing NUTS!

    You enable the GOPe (not to mention Dems)
    with such specious blatherings.

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      I’m sorry, but this is an election – it’s not a court of law – so the whole “guilty before proven innocent” thing is irrelevant here. Fact is he’s damaged. Looking at the situation rationally, and without emotion, an adult trying to date a teenager by today’s standards is wrong. Plain wrong. Times have changed, and while his predilections at the time were socially acceptable and legal, today he would have been run out of town.

      This has nothing to do with SJWs, and that’s not what Toni wrote.

      • Toni Williams says:

        Yes, what Marta said.

      • GWB says:

        No, it’s not irrelevant. It does mean that we don’t have procedure to fall back on to settle the issue. Which means you have to actually fight the accusations.

        Otherwise, you’re giving a heckler’s veto to the opposition. Which is the position of weakness the Republicans have always fallen back to when their candidates are attacked.

        Now, I’m not saying Moore is the right place to push back. But the push back needs to start somewhere. We have to say “Oh, hell no, you are not going to get away with bulloney accusations to ‘taint’ our candidate.”

  • GWB says:

    Now, on the credibility gap front…
    It appears that Moore’s wife is hurting his by 1) claiming a restaurant cited in one story wasn’t there in 1977 (the current one opened in 2001), even though it was (it evidently went away at some point, and they eventually opened a new one), and 2) by editing an old letter of support from pastors and posting it as current. (Info from Twitchy, so *hands you some salt* )

    Since the entire drama is a credibility battle (he-said/she-said) I think Mrs Moore may have holed her husband’s boat below the waterline.

  • CaptDMO says:

    The times were DIFFERENT then!
    College students, fearing the bill for college loans, seeking out Sugar Daddies…
    Let me know when any J’accuse evolves into criminal complaints, and some sort of consequences are on the table should any such “as reported” proves to be false.
    Timing. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Toni S Williams says:

      You know it’s going to happen period sooner or later one of these boys are girls who has a sugar daddy will look for the deeper pocket and the criminal complaint will be filed.


  • Sam says:

    Hey Toni,
    Nice article for discussion. Comments already posted show how much opinion varies on this. For myself, I think it a travesty that Moore needs to be thrown under a big bus because the amoral libs are just appalled by all this while conveniently not caring a wit about MUCH worse behavior (think B. Clinton and R. Polanski).

    You contend that times are different now, and they are, but I want to take issue with you about some of your evidenced used to support that. Please be careful to not mislead. You use the photo, labeled “1970s Southern College Party” and say everything in it is reprehensible by today’s standards and say it was a typical weekend fraternity/sorority party. COME ON! Why don’t YOU look at the picture. This is obviously a Civil War Reenactment photo of some kind. There are men dressed in Confederate uniforms and the civilians are dressed in period costumes, To imply this is what the South looked like in the 70s is as bad as the Dems and their misinformation. The folks in this photo could just as easily be from a reenactment in 2017. Let’s not stoop to their level, please!

  • Sam says:

    Plus, how is it that “typical” male behavior can be so reprehensible now, but it was OK then. I am tired of all this hogwash. It has never been ok. Men have either been putting women on pedestals, or treating them like sh*t, for thousands of years. It depends on the individual. Has human nature changed that much in 30 years? I would contend that it hasn’t changed at all in thousands. The only thing that has changed is that men, in general, are being beaten down so that they don’t know where they stand as men anymore. There is little reason to act like gentlemen anymore. Maybe more accurate to say they don’t know where they stand in society. Chivalry IS dying, and there are very few gentlemen left. The assh*les are rising to the top. We need to get back to a place where we are teaching our young how to respect others, and in doing so they will learn how to EARN respect for themselves. We need to bring back POLITE society. It is currently being stripped from it.

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