Comedian Terrence Williams is Latest Black Conservative Zucked by FaceBook

Comedian Terrence Williams is Latest Black Conservative Zucked by FaceBook

Comedian Terrence Williams is Latest Black Conservative Zucked by FaceBook

We’ve seen black conservative dynamic duo Diamond and Silk all over the airwaves and social media lately. They’re peeved because viewers of their videos dropped significantly after FaceBook labeled them “unsafe to the community.” That’s Mark Zuckerberg speak for “a bunch of offended liberals are afraid their voter base might hear Diamond and Silk’s message and start second-guessing their Democrat support; shut it the hell down.”

Well, they’ve got company: the latest black conservative to be Zucked is comedian, actor, and commentator Terrence Williams. In case you’re unfamiliar with him, here’s a taste of what he posts on Twitter:

Pretty scary, right? He enjoys super-sized drinks quite often, paired with fried chicken and his signature “what the hell is wrong with you” facial expressions while watching foolish people do stupid things. Like this:

So what was Williams’ Eighth Deadly Sin? Having the nerve, the audacity, the defiance of societal norms to post…screen shots of hateful private messages he’s received:

Screenshots via RightSide Broadcasting Network

That’s right: they kicked him into FaceBook Jail for outing bigots. But not before FaceBook deleted his posts, labeling them, not the cretins that sent them, as “bullying.”

Oh, and oopsie…could thin-skinned Zuckerberg, whose FaceBook minions deleted the account of prominent critic, Sabo, be ticked about this:

If the booster seat fits, Markie.

Williams says his inbox is often stuffed with messages like this, many from black liberals who, ironically, tell him to “stay in his lane:”

And tolerant tweets like this from those who’d prefer he reside on the liberal plantation:

Someone needs a Democrat Party history primer. And it’s not Terrence Williams. Here’s one.

Or if you prefer video:

Look. FaceBook sucks. It’s looking more and more like the Zuck Zombies are threatened by black conservatives who speak their mind, particularly those who do so in an engaging, humorous way that—gasp!—compels people to listen. We already know that the social media platform routinely censors conservatives. And now they—or at least the trolls who report their pages or their posts as “bullying”—seem to be setting their sights on black conservatives because, yes, they are a threat…to liberalism, which relies heavily on the near-monolithic black voter bloc for much of their power. Any traditionally liberal American steering “out of their lane” will not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, the man behind the idea he stole from his Harvard classmates, the same man who once referred to his social media users as “dumb fucks,” is touting the coming age of FaceBook AI. That’s artificial intelligence that will hunt down and assassinate “hate speech.” Mind you, humans are required to input algorithms that look for certain “hateful” words. You know, dangerous-to-the-community words like “patriotism,” “Second Amendment,” or “radical Islam,” or sinful words like “God.” You think it’s bad now? What until Zuck “fixes” it.

In case you’re as fed up with FaceBook censoring conservatives as I am, there are at least two alternatives where speech isn’t censored:

  • (personally, I don’t get this one; it’s weird, and clunky, and the point escapes me)
  • MeWe (this site has, in my opinion, the most potential for a FaceBook alternative)

No, they’re not FaceBook. And yes, it’ll take a wave of historic proportions to herd enough people away from FaceBook to substantially grow the other platforms. But herd we must. Because this is America. And we still have free speech. For now.

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  • GWB says:

    The best alternative to FarceBook is something that is open. Instead of a single platform, it needs to be open to all sorts of developers, with a FB over here and a QB over there, a CB on that corner and a PB on this one, but all able to link and pass information back and forth easily without knowledge of html.
    *That* would kill FB’s power.

  • Ty says:

    Literally the only ones I see defending Terrence & his shameless cooning are fools and ignorant white women like yourself. Terrence is a cooning clown, he’s only pandering to white Trump cultists for money and fame. And it’s HILARIOUS how you post a video detailing the Democratic party’s history of racism while conveniently disregarding the fact that the Republican party is now the the party of white supremacists & you have a literal Nazis running for Congress in the GOP lol.
    Stay “woke”.

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