CNN’s Chris Cuomo Caught Red-Handed Aiding Accused Brother, Andrew

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Caught Red-Handed Aiding Accused Brother, Andrew

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Caught Red-Handed Aiding Accused Brother, Andrew

CNN talking head, Chris Cuomo, brother of disgraced former New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, is caught lying. He might be the next Cuomo brother looking for a job.Thousands of documents and sworn testimony were made public Monday affirming what we already knew; Cuomo corruption was brewing behind the scenes in the former governor’s inner circle.

Andrew Cuomo’s misdeeds have been well documented. He is a disgusting human being that can’t keep his hands off females that come within six feet of him even while social distancing. If he wasn’t groping women, he was covering up, conniving, and killing grandmas and grandpas by sending COVID positive patients into nursing homes during New York’s COVID crisis. All the charges laid out by New York’s attorney general should warrant criminal charges.

We’ve kept readers well-informed on his misdeeds thus far, trust me, it will be a Victory Girls scramble who gets the pure joy of letting you know when Andrew Cuomo has caught criminal charges.

Back to the report released Monday. As if there couldn’t be any more details about New York’s recent train-wreck governor, it gets worse. Chris wasn’t just helping Andrew’s campaign of damage control, he helped Andrew a lot. Truth? Journalistic integrity? Impartiality? Uh no. Leveraging contacts, smearing victims, and covering up truth. You bet.

We all knew CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Andrew’s little brother, was a member of the governor’s inner circle advising the governor on messaging, deflecting, and saving his brother’s arse. Chris’s crafting of his brother’s defense was well reported last spring, to which Chris gave a half-assed apology that it won’t happen again.

First revelation in Monday’s data dump, Chris Cuomo was caught

“…using his media contacts to keep tabs on reporters pursuing stories about the governor. At one point, he even ran down a secondhand tip that another woman accusing the governor of unwanted advances at a wedding was lying.”

The journalist on that story is Ronan Farrow, the same journalist who got Harvey Weinstein’s misdeeds in the headlines and eventually in prison. Chris was nervous knowing his brother’s unwanted groping and kissing was about to become Ronan’s headline.

Chris states in the freshly released transcript:

“I called a fellow journalist who works with Ronan a lot. And I didn’t want to contact Ronan directly. I know him. He’s — he’s been good to me. He’s been on my show. But I didn’t want to — I didn’t want to push up on him like that. It’s not right…The concern was that Ronan always has more people. You know, I mean, that’s part of his currency as a journalist, is that people come to him to expand understandings. I know he has his critics. But, to me, that’s when he’s at his best…So the assumption was he must have new people if he’s waiting so long to have written about this. And then he didn’t. So, what the context is specifically is: I had heard that all he was writing — the only person he was writing about was Lindsey Boylan.”

Chris leveraged his professional relationship in attempt to thwart Ronan Farrow’s expose on Andrew’s accuser, Lindsay Boylan.

“CNN’s Chris Cuomo snooped into the progress of Ronan Farrow’s reporting about his brother Andrew Cuomo and relayed it to the governor’s inner circle, according to a newly released transcript of his testimony to New York state investigators in July. Farrow, who famously won the Pulitzer Prize and helped launch the #MeToo movement with his reporting on disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, also took a deep dive into alleged sexual wrongdoing by former Gov. Cuomo, the CNN anchor’s older brother.”

Second revelation from Monday’s info dump; Chris was addicted to Andrew’s political power and fought tooth and nail to keep his bro in the governor’s mansion. Be damned his responsibilities as a reporter to be objective.

“Chris Cuomo proved to be more useful to those trying to help the governor cling to power, according to text messages, emails and testimony collected by investigators. He also argued strenuously against his brother resigning before a full investigation was conducted.”

CNN? Hello? You watching your own twisted news brought to you by your fallen angel, Chris? Your own staff sounded ready to jump ship when the initial reports of Chris’s lack of journalist give-a-crap came out last spring.

“…within CNN, where employees … were highly critical of the company’s decision not to discipline Chris Cuomo for his role in the scandal. ’I think…it’s our responsibility to act in the most responsible possible way, not only to maintain journalistic integrity, but also for the public to regain trust in journalism and television news,’ said one current CNN staffer, who asked… to remain anonymous in order to speak freely. ‘And the fact that Chris Cuomo wasn’t fired over his inappropriate conflict of interest in actively affecting a news story is not only irresponsible of CNN, but also a disgrace to journalism.’”

The positively galling half-assed response by CNN after Monday’s revelation not about Andrew Cuomo, but CNN’s own Chris Cuomo being caught in unprofessional, lying deeds as a reporter is as follows.

“The thousands of pages of additional transcripts and exhibits that were released today by the NY Attorney General deserve a thorough review and consideration…We will be having conversations and seeking additional clarity about their significance as they relate to CNN over the next several days.”

If CNN’s past is an indicator of the present, that is CNN word salad for “we’ll let this blow over and find another variant to scare the public over.”

It’s bad enough New Yorkers had to tolerate a groping, grandma-killing governor for so long. For most of 2020 New Yorker’s lingering question was, “Why is Andrew Cuomo still in office?” Great question. It is relevant to Chris Cuomo for 2021.

Chris Cuomo is caught. Period. It begs the next question, why is Chris Cuomo still employed as a “reporter” by CNN?

Twitter sums it up nicely.

Featured image: Chris Cuomo at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, cropped, public domain
Gov. Cuomo speaks at opening of new LGA terminal via Delta News Hub, CC Attribution 2.0 generic, cropped. Photos combined.

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