CNN Soap Opera’s Cuomo-Gollust Edition

CNN Soap Opera’s Cuomo-Gollust Edition

CNN Soap Opera’s Cuomo-Gollust Edition

The latest revelations coming out of an internal investigation at CNN may be reeling the network; however, it is just laying bare something that has been apparent for years. The scandalously cozy relationship between powerful members of the Ruling Class and the Media/Entertainment complex.

Worthy of the trashiest of soap operas, L’Affaire CNN is one of revolving doors and beds. It was just two-weeks ago we were treated to the spectacle of CNN’s head, Jeff Zucker, resigning in the wake of the exposure of his long-time affair with CNN’s Exec VP Allison Gollust. Now, in the wake of Allison’s own resignation, it is revealed that she had extensive discussions with now-former Gov. Andrew Cuomo over topics to be discussed in interviews.

On Tuesday, Ms. Gollust was forced to resign from CNN after an internal investigation found a trove of written communications between her and Governor Cuomo, including messages about the March 2020 appearance, the people said. Jeff Zucker, who at the time was CNN’s president, was aware of many of the communications between Ms. Gollust and the governor, the people said.

The episode is the latest example of how closely entwined CNN’s leadership was with one of the country’s most prominent Democratic politicians.

Ya think?

During the first few months of the Wuhan Lab Lung Rot virus, Andrew Cuomo was the subject of some of the most epic media tongue-bathing to be witnessed. Not to be left out, dozens of Hollywood celebs were trying to rebrand the Lewinsky kneepads in order to show their fealty and love of Andrew. They proudly deemed themselves Cuomosexuals

But the consequences in what is supposed to be a newsroom is too serious to joke about. The most trusted name in news is little more than a Democrat public relations firm.

The Cravath investigators also uncovered extensive written communications between Governor Cuomo and Ms. Gollust, who had briefly worked for the governor in late 2012 and early 2013, the people said.

Ethical people bow out of decisions where former bosses, friends and lovers are concerned. The garbage heap AKA CNN certainly kicked that to the curb.

investigators found messages during the pandemic in which Governor Cuomo informed Ms. Gollust about three specific subjects that he wanted to be covered during a March 28, 2020, appearance at CNN, the people said.

They said those topics included his recent phone conversation with Mr. Trump and the effect of New York’s being placed under lockdown.

Ms. Gollust then sent messages to CNN staff requesting that the governor be asked about those subjects.

The Cravath lawyers reviewed broadcast transcripts that showed that the anchor asked about the subjects that Ms. Gollust had put forward, the people said.

Let’s note, too, the amusing spectacle of other “mainstream media journalists” feigning surprise at the revelation.

Or try to make excuses …

The public has tended to ignore this kind of coziness between media and Leftwing politicians because so many seem surprised when it is pointed out. Former D.C. employees hired into lobbying firms is bad enough, but when the door between Presidential administrations and network *news* is spinning at 78 rpm or more, can you trust what is being spoonfed to you on the nightly news?

Is it any wonder that we now see Democrats wanting BigTech to purge their platforms of WrongFact and WrongThink?

CNN doesn’t do news. It needs to be taken out with the garbage.

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