Roundup Time: The Left Gets Power and Won’t Let Go

Roundup Time: The Left Gets Power and Won’t Let Go

Roundup Time: The Left Gets Power and Won’t Let Go

While the early days and weeks of the Wuhan Lab Lung Rot was an extraordinary time of little information, the vast majority of us pulled together for the two weeks to flatten the curve. Now in Week 100, Leftists in Power are fighting to maintain all the emergency powers they seized.

Gavin Newsom “You want people to DIE!”

King French Laundry has been extraordinarily stubborn about giving up his Rule-By-Fiat powers. After shutting down schools for more than a year, refusing to lift school mask mandates for both inside and outside, making cheat-by-mail voting permanent, he is now pivoting to use health emergencies as a permanent excuse to trigger shutting down people’s rights on a dime.

To address the emergency, Newsom suspended “applicable provisions of the Government Code and the Public Contract Code, including but not limited to travel, advertising and competitive bidding requirements.”

This enabled Newsom to award no-bid contracts, hidden from any public process that might allow the terms to be questioned. A CapRadio investigation in 2021 found that more than a few of those contracts went to Newsom’s biggest donors. (snip)

“This pandemic won’t have a defined end,” Newsom told the Associated Press on Thursday, “There’s no finish line.”

Newscum easily demonstrated that he has never taken the virus seriously …

It’s just a means to a Left cult power grab.



Canada to consolidate the power to destroy your life over WrongThink

While the Canadian Parliament was forced to delay its debate on Trudeau’s extraordinary emergency power while Ottawa police curb stomped actual peaceful protestors, Trudeau’s deputy, the ironically named Chrystia Freeland was speechifying about making the temporary fascism permanent …

Isn’t that special?

atm meme power


Pelosi’s private police to fence in capitol again

Well, they are considering it, but you know such an announcement is to merely soften the blow.

Authorities are considering reinstalling a fence around the Capitol ahead of a possible trucker convoy protest during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union next month, officials said Friday. (snip)

In an earlier statement, the agency said it was working with other law enforcement agencies and the Washington D.C. National Guard.

You know, the National Guard that Drunk Nancy refused to have anywhere near the capitol on Jan 6, 2020. They may have annoyed the embedded Feds and their agent provocatuers and inteferred with the Dems Reichstag Fire. The capitol is still off limits to visitors and no one seems to actually object to turning the People’s House into Capitol City of Hunger Games. Certainly not the media or NBC that included this eyebrow raising paragraph:

In the United States, anti-vaccine groups, supporters of former President Donald Trump and followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory have sought to replicate the protests north of the border.

Oh.dear. Some people just can’t let go.



Be thankful for the Second Amendment, even as the Left tries to neuter it.

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