CNN: For Biden, Trump’s Indictment Means Business As Usual

CNN: For Biden, Trump’s Indictment Means Business As Usual

CNN: For Biden, Trump’s Indictment Means Business As Usual

As the pages of the Trump indictment became unsealed yesterday afternoon, CNN chimed in to let us know that old Joe Biden is just “business as usual“.

While our very own Nina outlined how bad the indictment is (it’s bad), CNN is here to inform us minions that Biden is hard at work (cough) promoting his legislative agenda:

We’re in an incredible competition worldwide, economically, politically, militarily.”-Joe Biden

You think, you old nincompoop? And tell us again…elaborate as to why we’re in this “incredible, worldwide competition”? The CNN Biden love-fest drones on:

For Biden, the business-as-normal approach to decidedly abnormal circumstances amounts to a defining feature of a presidency primarily meant to convey stability after a tumultuous four years of Trump.”-Kevin Liptak

Kevin Liptak and his fellow journalists at CNN must be smoking something. They must be high. A defining feature of a presidency, he says, is to completely ignore what is going on and happily trudge along on his day, apparently. Business as usual…

More word vomit from the news source that proudly displays a “facts first” on their Politics page.

Aides know Biden’s dutiful, there-and-back stops at community colleges, union halls and construction sites aren’t likely to generate the same level of headlines as those about Trump’s legal peril.

The last time former (CNN forgot the word, President) Trump was indicted, Biden left the White House the next day intent on going about his schedule without wading into the matter.

He took to same approach after the second indictment. Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden were in North Carolina on Friday to promote his job-training agenda and sign an executive order meant to help military spouses remain in the workforce.”-Kevin Liptak

Jesus, Kevin. Dutiful and Joe Biden in the same sentence? And why ever would that old, corrupt relic want to wade into the matter? His choice to say “I have no comment” is probably the smartest thing this guy has said his entire time in office. For Joe Biden to point out any corruption on Trump’s end, causes further scrutiny at corruption within his own walls. Of course, Joe Biden will decline comment and move right along with his business at hand.

You’ll notice, I have never once – not one single time – suggested to the Justice Department what they should do or not do on whether to bring any charges or not bring any charges. I’m honest.”-Joe Biden

Honest Joe who, apparently, does not know the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean. Stupid, yes. Honest? No.

CNN offered up this spin on Biden “going about his daily routine” as Biden and Nurse Ratchet-oops-I mean “Doctor” Jill, visited North Carolina yesterday-a state he needs to have a presence in if the Democrats want to combat laws preventing abortion after 12 weeks. They said, Biden’s agenda (or lack thereof) will not be enough to get him elected in 2024; he will need to “show up”.

And, not hide in his basement and put a lid on any questions after 8pm/Eastern? Just going about the day-to-day.

Yet perhaps more than the accomplishments themselves, Biden is hoping to project an air of competence and authority as a contrast to the chaos that has accompanied Trump for years. The boring-by-comparison tactic, in his advisers’ view, will come to benefit him in the end.”-Kevin Liptak, CNN

Accomplishments?! Projecting an air of confidence over chaos? I would say Biden’s tactics are far from boring-especially for his aides, his sadistic wife and his fawning liberal press pool who all try to cover up the obvious corruption, mental fragility and abysmal incompetency that has surrounded this current administration. CNN and the rest of the liberal media are trying to spin this as Biden being the “better man” and not commenting on the Trump indictment. They are hoping that this indictment will detract scrutiny off of the horrific administration that is Biden’s. After all, he’s “not as bad as the guy before him”, right?

Boring, by comparison, right, CNN?

This is how this is going to roll. We already see this happening. Is the Trump indictment bad? Why, yes it is. Is what Joe Biden did as former Vice President bad? Yes, it is. CNN and their parrots will continue to paint Joe Biden as the “calm” in this sh#tstorm. Trump caused the chaos and mismanaged the documents. Joe Biden and the Democrats only wanted and end to all disorder. They wanted “calm” after Trump.

In reality, they wanted resistance. They wanted compliance. They wanted total submission. They still do want all of these things.

And they will sell these things to those willing to believe their hogwash. To those that do, the stability of tyranny is a much better outlook than the chaos of a Republic. Business as normal for CNN.

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