Christmas Joy Is Not Something The Left Cares About

Christmas Joy Is Not Something The Left Cares About

Christmas Joy Is Not Something The Left Cares About

It’s pretty comical when outlets like Salon pretend to care about Christmas, don’t you think? Especially when the piece is really not about Christmas but about trashing First Lady, Melania Trump.

Trump’s 2020 Christmas was as generic and unmemorable as this year has been unprecedented and difficult. ‘America the Beautiful’ was the announced theme, a jingoistic phrase used as a title for everything from documentaries on the sexualization of American youth to the 50 designs of state quarters.”-Tabitha Blankenbiller, Salon

“America the Beautiful” is a jingoistic phrase now. Good to know. Blankenbiller essentially calls calls Melania Trump a “lame duck“. We guess the fighting words of triggered, liberal anger at Christmas time need to manifest themselves somehow.

So, let’s get this straight. While previous First Ladies (no names mentioned here but you can figure it out) commissioned Christmas decorations of their dogs they had flown to Martha’s Vineyard for vacations and had their volunteers decorate trees with balloon ornaments befitting something you’d see in the living room of a circus clown, the left has the nerve to pull out the Melania Trump “who gives a f#ck about Christmas decorations” line. Yarn dogs and Balloon trees were a-mazing, they said.

Our Nightmare Before Christmas queen is right back at it.”-Tabitha Blankenbiller, Salon

Decorations dedicated to the first responders and frontline workers in the Red Room during a difficult, to say the very least year? Jingoistic. Honoring other first families? Jingoistic. Honoring our children? Jingoistic. And then there’s The Gold Star Family Tree. Draped in blue, the color of perseverance and justice, paying tribute to our American heroes and their families who walk beside them in service. This year, families who decorated the tree placed the name of their fallen family member on ribbon that will adorn the tree. Another jingoistic display, Salon? Yeah, Melania Trump sure hates Christmas.

Because that’s what is on full display here in the dead branches, the blood-red trees and the funeral urns.”-Tabitha Blankenbiller, Salon

They really cannot help themselves. Okay…so the red trees were not exactly my favorite but let’s face it, Melania Trump has more class in her pinkie than (ahem) some of her (tacky) predecessors, for sure. To the left, she is the queen of doom and gloom.

Classy. Nothing says Christmas “comfort and joy” like a little Mao on the tree. Nothing says “comfort and joy” like bad-mouthing someone else’s child. Nothing says “comfort and joy” like media goons trolling for the latest smear. The “urns”, by the way? Foliage representing the vast landscapes of America the Beautiful. Sorry, Melania Trump did not include the charred remains of honest, hard-working Americans’ businesses torched during the “summer of love” riots and chalk paintings from Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP. Nor did she hang filthy, virtue-signaling cloth masks on The White House trees. The left has another sad about this. How completely out-of-touch this First Lady is! In all honesty, the White House Christmas decorations this year veered more so on the side of traditional. This may not have even been the aesthetic that Mrs. Trump would have preferred, based on her decoration schemes from years past but perhaps, she made it less about her this year and more about the time-honored tradition of an American Christmas. Alas, the left would find fault with anything First Lady Melania Trump does with regard to, well, anything. Christmas is no exception. And now, all of a sudden, they seemingly care about Christmas.

Trump doesn’t simply fail to give a f**k about Christmas.”-Tabitha Blankenbiller, Salon

Tabitha Blankenbiller, her cronies at Salon and the left in general couldn’t give a flying reindeer turd about Christmas. But we see, once again, they all would gladly take a comment made by First Lady Melania Trump (made as a jab towards the leftist media and articles like this one) out of context to spin a dystopian tale and suck the comfort and joy out of Christmas once again. Apparently, Tabitha Blankenbiller gives a f**k about Christmas! Who knew? But don’t say “Merry Christmas”, it’s offensive. Don’t put up Christmas lights, it’s offensive. Take CHRIST out of CHRISTmas because, it’s offensive. Instead, don your mask, embrace the impending suck that is upon us in January and get ready for that long, dark winter. Most people want normalcy. Most people will miss time-honored family traditions this year because of the left. Most people want to see light in the darkness and want some comfort and joy this Christmas despite the left and their spinning of tales. These people are joyless souls. It’s no wonder no one wants to party with them. Kudos to Melania for a beautiful White House Christmas display. Salon? I’ve got your comfort and joy right here. Meet me under the mistletoe at midnight. Kisses. Merry Christmas. Oh, someone’s offended by this sentiment? I don’t care, do you?

Photo Credit: The White House/FlickR/Creative Commons/Public Domain Mark 1.0/Cropped

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  • joecrew says:

    Lisa. Tell me where your mistletoe is located and I’ll meet you there. I love strong, intelligent and talented women. (As evidenced by my lovely wife of 45 years.) But I care about Christmas and would be more than happy to give you a peck on the cheek.
    As an aside, please keep calling out the morons and bores on the left. Their fraudulent attacks can not be allowed to stand without challenge.

  • Quentin Quill says:

    Well, I’m kind of with Melania when she said, “who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decoration……” I mean, It’s fun and festive in your own community, but as far as what the White House does for Christmas, “I really don’t care, do U?” I don’t care what Michelle Obama did, and I don’t care what Melania Trump does.I am very relieved, however, that the War on Christmas has been defeated. Thanks to our soon to be ex-president Donald Trump, we can once again say “Merry Chirstimas!” What a relief!


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