Chile Rejects Super Progressive Constitution

Chile Rejects Super Progressive Constitution

Chile Rejects Super Progressive Constitution

In the end, the vote wasn’t close, and the people of Chile should be pleased that they soundingly rejected a new ultra-woke constitution that was being supported by none other than Bernie Sanders.

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, is 36 years old and was at the helm of this campaign to adopt a new and progressive constitution. He is the youngest president in Chile’s history, and when you read the description of how Chile ended up at this vote in Time Magazine, you come away with the impression that Chile elected a male AOC as president.

The new constitution, drafted by a specially elected assembly, promises sweeping progressive reforms, such as a new national health service, greater autonomy for Indigenous people and tighter controls on the mining sector. Supporters say it will transform Chile into a fairer, more democratic, and stronger country. Opponents say it will destroy economic and political stability. Polls suggest a majority of voters plan to reject it.”

Boric, the 36-year-old former student leader who was elected in December 2021 off the back of mass protests demanding social change, is urging Chile to approve the constitution. Whatever happens, as Chile’s most leftwing president in half a century, he is promising to transform the country.”

And when you read what the new progressive constitution was promising, you can see just where it was all headed.

In a single ballot, Chileans will decide whether they want legal abortion; universal public health care; gender parity in government; empowered labor unions; greater autonomy for Indigenous groups; rights for animals and nature; and constitutional rights to housing, education, retirement benefits, internet access, clean air, water, sanitation and care “from birth to death.”

In fact, the polls in Chile before the vote were already showing that the people were very worried that this new constitution was too long and too confusing.

“How the hell do you vote on a constitution with 388 articles?” said Gabriel Negretto, a political science professor in Chile who has studied constitutional reforms across the world. “You are overwhelming voters.”

If voters reject the proposed Chilean constitution, it would be a major setback for the new administration of President Gabriel Boric, a tattooed, 36-year-old former student-protest leader who took office in March, but has quickly faced plummeting approval ratings amid rising inflation and crime. The constitution would enable Mr. Boric to carry out his leftist vision, while rejection could mire his term in more political fighting about what to do next.”

And now you can really see how this guy is just AOC in a suit. (And she was a big fan when he was elected.)

And you know who REALLY loved this new progressive constitution draft in Chile? None other than that old communist himself, Bernie Sanders!

I have a feeling he’s going to wake up this morning and have a great big sad that his progressive nightmare isn’t going to be inflicted on the people of Chile, because they were smart enough to not buy what the leftists were selling. That vote was not close.

With 99% of the votes counted in Sunday’s plebiscite, the rejection camp had 61.9% support compared to 38.1% for approval amid heavy turnout with long lines at polling states. Voting was mandatory.”

The approval camp conceded defeat, with its spokesman Vlado Mirosevic saying: “We recognize this result and we listen with humility to what the Chilean people have expressed.”

Boric, who had lobbied hard for the new document, said the results made it evident the Chilean people “were not satisfied with the constitutional proposal that the convention presented to Chile.”

Just think about what the consequences would have been if Chile had actually changed its constitution to this pile of insanity. The list of “rights” that were going to be “guaranteed” in this document’s 388 articles just blows the mind. We have heard all of these same wish list ideas before, but in one document that would become a country’s constitution? YIKES.

But overall the draft is a confusing mess, full of woolly language that more or less guarantees decades of squabbling about what it actually means. “Nature” would be given rights. The draft mentions “gender” 39 times. Court rulings, the police and a national health system will have to operate with a “gender perspective”, which it does not define.”

The document is far less business- or growth-friendly than the current constitution. It gives trade unions the sole right to represent workers, guarantees them a say in corporate decision-making and allows them to strike for any reason, not just those relating to work. It says that everyone has the “right to work” and that “all forms of job insecurity are prohibited”. That could make it rather hard to fire anyone. Landowners, such as farmers, could potentially lose the property rights to water on their land. Compensation for expropriated land would not be at a market price but at whatever Congress deems a “just” one.”

The draft creates a portfolio of socioeconomic rights that could blow up the budget. It requires the establishment of several new bodies, such as an integrated national health system, and cradle-to-grave care, without giving much thought to how they would be funded. The state would oversee the provision of housing, to which it says every person has a right. Property speculation would be banned. So would for-profit education.”

Legal checks and balances on the government would be watered down. A new council would have power over all judicial nominations; previously the Supreme Court, the president, the court of appeals and the Senate all had a role. The draft upends the budget process by giving Congress new powers to propose spending bills, although the president can veto them.”

The document is ridiculously broad. It says the state should “promote the culinary and gastronomic heritage” of Chile and recognise “spirituality as an essential element of the human being”. Everyone has a “right to sports”. Non-humans get a look in, too: the state will promote “education based on empathy and respect for animals”.

As news outlets have pointed out, Chile is a top producer of both copper and lithium. This constitution, with its emphasis on “climate” and “nature,” would have likely wrecked those industries in the name of being green (and with no lithium, you can kiss the battery in that “green” electric car bye-bye), and then where does all the money for these cradle to grave social programs come from, President Man AOC?

So, congratulations to the people of Chile for deciding to not sign on to this progressive wish list that would have consolidated more power in government. The odds of becoming the next Venezuela would have been quite high with this constitution, all in the name of “equity” and “social justice.” Just look at all the things that the “state” would have had control over in this document! And then remember that Bernie Sanders actually ENDORSED this crap. After all, this is what he and The Squad absolutely believe in – cradle to grave government, with them in control of your lives and actions.

Chile avoided disaster. At the rate we are going, the United States might not be so fortunate.

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  • Chad King says:

    Nice win. But as always with the communists, this is just the first phase of the battle. 62-38 sounds great (and it is a decisive win). But the left’s next step will be to remove some of the more visible power grabs and see if they can get another 12% of the votes. They just won’t give up–advocates of economic and political freedom can’t take anything for granted.

    By the way, not only did the “Pinochet” constitution so despised by the left guarantee economic rights, Pinochet voluntarily gave up power. How many of the left’s “heroes” have ever voluntarily left office after installing themselves through a coup?

  • Cameron says:

    Pinochet only did two things wrong:

    1. Stop.
    2. Not teach the US how to handle people like Bernie Sanders.

  • LTC Ted says:

    Next up: The horrid fire in the Chilean Legislature Building, set by ultraMCGA right wing wreckers, demands martial law. If not, Famer Jones will return and take you to Room 101 at Mar-A-Lago.

  • Big Balinese Wheel Money says:

    “Chile is a top producer of both copper and lithium.”

    I’m sure when they completely destroy those industries to be “green”, they can make up for with the huge amount tourism by people going there to see, umm, uh . . . .

    Seriously, who says “I’ve got two weeks vacation coming in May, let’s hit Chile!”?

  • toorightmate says:

    Chile is a beautiful country with beautiful.
    Their history has been stuffed up be paranoid mongrels. Let’s hope their future does not experience the same fate.

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