Open Letter to the Media: There’s Nothing Charming About North Korean Slavery [VIDEO]

Open Letter to the Media: There’s Nothing Charming About North Korean Slavery [VIDEO]

Open Letter to the Media: There’s Nothing Charming About North Korean Slavery [VIDEO]

Dear Media –

Your collective orgasm over the sister of mass murdering North Korean despot Kim Jong-un, the Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Kim Yo Jong was a sight to behold. Your obsequious fawning and genuflection in front of substantive authoritarianism, while you denigrated the President for his ostensible “tyranny,” because he doesn’t support your progressive causes loudly or exuberantly enough, was disgusting.

And now you’re all charmed with the North Korean “cheerleaders” – the poor young ladies enslaved by the regime and forced to deploy as part of Kim’s psychological operation to charm the west into forgetting that he’s not an evil, murderous little tyrant – that you clueless, willfully blind bootlickers have dubbed “the army of beauties.”

Courtesy of the Daily Mail.

You’ve forgotten, but the world hasn’t.

The world hasn’t forgotten the gulags.

The world hasn’t forgotten the starvation, the enslavement, the murders and the tortures.

The world hasn’t forgotten that the regime you’re so charmed by is one of the most malevolent in the history of the world – the same regime you cheer because you hate America and the current administration so much, you’re willing to fellate true evil in an effort to discredit and destroy the United States.

How evil is this regime? Ask a defector who is lucky enough to have gotten away from the misery and suffering of Kim’s slave state.

It’s almost like a beauty contest, except it’s not a beauty contest because you’ve been forced to take this position. And you don’t have an option as a North Korean citizen. So when we’re seeing these young women cheering, they’re not like cheerleaders that you see. They didn’t come there on their own will. They’ve been ordered by their regime. So they’ll go back to their lives and it’s as if these past few days never happened for them because they’re not allowed to discuss any of it back home.

But you know, this is not that unusual. In North Korea, citizens are rounded up for a different purpose. If you go to North Korean restaurants, there are about over a hundred of them. A lot of them in China, Cambodia, Malaysia, these restaurants are served by North Korean women.

They’re not waitresses; they’re just young women who also have been selected to serve there and sing and pour drinks for foreign men and raise cash. Somehow, this has been turned into one of North Korea’s greatest propaganda successes despite the fact that this is the second time South Korea has hosted the Olympics. The first time was back in ’88, which was marred by North Korea’s terrorist attack against South Korea by bombing an airplane which killed over 100 civilians. This time, it just looks to be almost hijacked by North Korea, and the moment having been used for legitimizing North Korea.

This is what you’re fetishizing, you sick, twisted, hateful vermin! In your froth-flecked zeal to paint the United States and the Trump administration as heinous and corrupt, you are worshiping dehumanizing, soulless, nefarious depravity. You are worshiping slavery. You are glorifying murder and torture. You are honoring brainwashing and programming the very ideal of freedom out of individuals, propaganda, lies, and psychological warfare you’re obviously too stupid to understand.

This is what it’s really like – from a defector who’s been there and done that. This is what you beatify.

Look at their eyes, you repugnant, depraved sociopaths! Do you see happiness there? Do you see pride in their country? Can you be honest for one bloody moment and look at the pain and fear that is so clearly written on their faces?

No, you probably can’t. You’re too busy trying to discredit Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and the United States you so hate for ostensibly depriving the C-Hag of what you believe to be her rightful place in the White House.

You don’t care that these young women are given no choice – that they are plucked from their lives and forced to serve the state’s interests as chattel.

You don’t care about women’s rights. You don’t care about women’s freedom. You don’t care that these young girls are brainwashed and compelled to serve the interests of an authoritarian state at the point of a government gun. You cry and squeal about the false narrative of a wage gap in the United States. You whine about pervasive “sexual harassment” when a man dares ask a woman on a date more than once and claim misogyny when a woman fails to get a promotion she hasn’t deserved, but ignore plain acts of cruelty perpetrated against these women, who are forced to be whores for the Kim’s insane self aggrandizement.

Is it any wonder Americans don’t trust you?

Do yourselves a favor, and take a long look in the mirror. Look at what you’ve become thanks to your unhinged rage. There have got to be some decent journalists and human beings left among you! I sincerely hope they make their voices heard, because the rest of you despicable gremlins don’t deserve the cherished freedom of the press our Constitution strives to protect.

Marta Hernandez,
Immigrant, veteran, American by choice

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Those who fawn over the Norks need to get the worms many of those people are afflicted with. Then they can really live the Prog dream.

  • Jim says:

    It’s an interesting paradox: modern Social Justice Warriors preach freedom and liberty, but worship the regimentation of puppets controlled by a vicious and absolute puppet-master who kills at whim.

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