Chancellor Hillary: New Year, New Title

Chancellor Hillary: New Year, New Title

Chancellor Hillary: New Year, New Title

Yes, you read that right. That’s Chancellor Hillary Clinton to you. (Would it be really, really snarky to toss off a “heil” here, or should we leave that joke alone?)

Nothing in this life has bothered Hillary Clinton more than losing the presidency to Donald Trump. Nothing. Ever since then, the former First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State has been stoking the fires of resistance, trying to make a buck off a tour with Bill, and watching the Clinton Foundation lose money now that no one wants to curry favor with her or Bill.

So, after her latest tour with daughter Chelsea finished up and trying to tease herself into the 2020 election, Hillary was bored.

What better way to combat boredom than to get a ceremonial title and a do-nothing job – in another country?

Ummmm, okay. You’ll never be able to convince me that she just wanted to be able to sign herself “Chancellor Hillary Clinton” on some official documents, just for the thrill of it.

While the role of chancellor is mainly a ceremonial one, securing Mrs Clinton will be seen as a coup for Queen’s.”

The chancellor often presides at graduation ceremonies and is also an ambassador for the university abroad.”

Mrs Clinton will also act as an advisor to the vice-chancellor Prof Ian Greer and senior management.”

The former Democratic presidential nominee previously received an honorary degree from Queen’s in 2018.”

However, her connection to Northern Ireland stretches back over three decades.”

She first visited Northern Ireland as First Lady in November 1995 with her husband, President Bill Clinton.”

Now, we have no idea if Hillary is being paid anything for this job, or if she just gets perks – like a free place to stay while in Northern Ireland. There’s nothing in this job that would technically preclude Hillary from running for president, either. So, why do it?

Because Hillary Clinton wants a title. She wants respect. And honestly, given her 2016 losses in the United States, why not go to Northern Ireland to get the respect she craves above all else? She’s made it very clear to the “deplorables” that she will never forgive them for rejecting her in favor of Donald Trump. So this really is not just an ego-stroking move for her, but a face-saving one as well.


If Hillary Clinton jumped into the presidential race again today, she would likely become the nominee because no one is exactly running away with the primary at this point. If Hillary thought she could win, she would do it in a heartbeat. The fact that she hasn’t gotten into the race by now – when candidates needed to have registered in individual states in order to be on the ballot – means that for all her talk, she knows that there are no guarantees. Having already lost once to Donald Trump, she would never put herself in that position again without knowing for certain that she would win. So why not take the job of chancellor? There’s no risk and no threat there.

In fact, could Northern Ireland just keep her?

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    “If Hillary Clinton jumped into the presidential race again today, she would likely become the nominee because no one is exactly running away with the primary at this point.”
    I disagree with that one. Refurbished Dem candidates tend to do even worse their second go round, as they are rightly perceived as losers. Their political and personal capital is long spent, and they have about the same appeal as that box of supermarket sushi you bought and forgot last week.

    The tour was supposed to be a hint that she was available to run again, which nobody in her party took up- most importantly via the powers that be giving her money to do so.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      It may even be that this is how the Left establishment is putting her out to pasture- especially if the Senate trial brings up some of her dealings with Russia.

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      I agree. She wasn’t all that well liked to begin with. Only the DNC apparatchiks seemed to be bound and determined that it was her turn, no matter what. If she ran again, she’d be a three time loser. Once to Obama, once to Trump, and now… not happening.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Just proves you really can’t make this shit up.

  • Jim says:

    “Chancellor Hillary Clinton”?

    I thought she was dressed up as the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. You know, the one who is described in Disney Wiki:

    “She is the tyrannical queen of Underland and possesses a bloodthirsty personality, commonly sentencing people and animals to be beheaded for the most ordinary of situations …”

    Well she may not have sentenced people and animals to be beheaded – yet, but I bet she has a list of deplorable candidates she would like to terminate.

  • Don Holland says:

    Note: NI has an extradition treaty with us that contains a clause that allows them to refuse to act if they consider the request to be politically motivated. I’m sure that’s a coincidence.

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