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Julian Castro Ends His Clueless Campaign

Julian Castro Ends His Clueless Campaign

Julian Castro Ends His Clueless Campaign

Former Obama HUD Secretary Julian Castro has ended his presidential campaign. Yeah, I know… Who?

Despite his failure to break the two-percent mark in the polls during the length of his interminably awkward, cringeworthy campaign for the Democratic nomination, Julian Castro did manage to provide us with a few inept, embarrassing, but entertaining, moments. I leave it up to you to decide whether he was more or less inept than the ever-blundering Robert Francis O’Rourke, who voiced what most Democrats running for the White House were thinking but were too scared to admit: that yes, they really do want to take away your guns, or Eric “Duke Nukem” Swalwell Smallballs, whose claim to fame in 2019 wasn’t that he ran for President – no one remembers that – or his stated admission that the government would take guns away from its citizens because it has nukes, but his loud fart during an interview on MSNBC.

That queef lifted him off the ground a little, didn’t it?

And while Julian Castro did not cut the cheese on national television, he did manage to provide us with some jaw-dropping ignorance that I will gleefully detail here.

There was that time, that he claimed the government should provide abortion services to trans-females. Wait… what? I guess Julian Castro has either forgotten how biology works, or was so busy licking transgender taint, that it didn’t occur to him that trans-females can’t get pregnant.

When asked if his health care plan would cover abortion, Castro said it would. Then he added, “I don’t believe only in reproductive freedom, I believe in reproductive justice. And, you know, what that means is that just because a woman — or let’s also not forget someone in the trans community, a trans female — is poor doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to exercise that right to choose.”

But don’t let the simple absence of a uterus deter you from your pandering, right Julian?

Then there was the time, Julian Castro decided to be the trailblazer in pronoun recognition, working to pander to social justice zealots in both English and Spanish.

We can certainly understand Julian Castro’s desire to confirm that he is, in fact, male. It’s just not clear from his insufferably emasculated efforts to pander to the proglodytes that he does actually possess male plumbing, no matter how inadequate.

Just how awkwardly, forcibly accommodating do you have to be for even Bill Maher to criticize your “woke olympics?”

“Julian Castro won the ‘Woke Olympics’ on the first night when he said, ‘Trans females should have the right to an abortion.’ I agree. Now if only they had a uterus,” said Maher, with the crowd laughing along.

Then there was that time when Julian Castro admitted that he was too inadequate of a student to get into Stanford without affirmative action.

“Joaquín and I got into Stanford because of affirmative action,” Julián told The New York Times Magazine in 2010. “I scored 1210 on my SATs, which was lower than the median matriculating student. But I did fine in college and in law school. So did Joaquín. I’m a strong supporter of affirmative action because I’ve seen it work in my own life.”

The fact that Julian Castro is not only proud to have been handed the opportunity to attend one of the best schools in the nation based solely on his ethnicity when he was clearly not qualified and wants high standards diluted in favor of race, skin color, and other attributes one cannot control, should tell you everything you need to know about this loser.

“Hey, guys! I was a shitty student, I wasn’t smart enough to get into Stanford on my brains or skills, but they made an exception for me, because I’m Hispanic. And you can also be allowed to attend the best schools despite your inadequacies once government forces universities to accept you at the point of a gun! Isn’t this great?”

The Castro twins; Lauren Gerson on Flickr; in the public domain

No, Julian. It’s not. And bumping a more deserving student, who worked harder and has more brains and drive, from a spot in a prestigious school by using your ethnicity is morally abhorrent. Not that you would know morals if they jumped up and bit your shriveled sack.

The Examiner’s Brad Polumbo lists a few other cringeworthy “woke” moments, from Julian Castro such as claiming – without any evidence whatsoever – that transgender women of color are being gunned down in the streets in an effort to foment outrage and defending his imbecilic, deranged twin for disclosing the names of Trump supporters in his district in an effort to publicly shame them.

But if you think Julian Castro’s hispandering only goes as far as inappropriately and randomly pronouncing English words with a Hispanic accent during a debate, even though he was born in the United States, we would also like to remind you that he also wants to completely decriminalize border crossings.

Sinaloa cartel thugs wanting to cross the border to behead some adversaries? Come on in!

ISIS terrorists transiting Latin American countries to enter the United States and launch attacks? Come on in!

Pregnant illegal aliens wanting to get themselves some anchor baby benefits after giving birth within our borders? Come on in!

Transnational organized criminals wanting to use our financial system to deposit some money? Come on in!

Rapists? Gang members? Terrorists? You’re all welcome, according to Julian Castro – the affirmative action fruitcake, who is fortunately too stupid to become President of the United States.

Good riddance to bad garbage! Castro’s departure leaves only about 337 candidates in the crowded Democratic field, down from 756, so that’s a good start.

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Featured photo credit: Donkey Hotey on Flickr; CC license 2.0

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