China Watch: CCP Arrests HK Leaders While World Watches COVID

China Watch: CCP Arrests HK Leaders While World Watches COVID

China Watch: CCP Arrests HK Leaders While World Watches COVID

While the world is watching the COVID pandemic unfold, China is working behind the scenes to stamp out Hong Kong democracy. On Saturday, China and its HK minions arrested 15 pro-democracy leaders. So what were their crimes? The CCP suspected them of “organising and participating in unlawful assemblies” between August and September.

Keep this in mind when you hear media give full-throated support for excessive stay-at-home orders.

But this is no ordinary crackdown by the CCP. The leaders arrested included heavyweights like media tycoon Jimmy Lai, former legislators, and prominent lawyers. Their ages ranged from 24 to 81 years of age. The eldest of that group is Martin Lee, and while you may not recognize his name, he is someone you should know.

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong points out that Lee is the barrister who drafted Hong Kong’s basic law after the UK turned HK over to China. He’s also known among pro-democracy Hong Kongers as the “Father of Democracy.”

CBS News interviewed Mr. Lee last September.

So while the United States has released over 16K inmates from prison due to coronavirus, the CCP arrested an 81-year-old man for promoting democracy and human rights. Tells you a lot, doesn’t it?

But Mr. Lee remains undeterred. After being released on bail, he said he had “no regrets.” Lee has represented activists for a long time, and was proud to finally stand with them.


Screenshot: Tom Grundy/Twitter.

However, these arrests weren’t just a one-off. In fact, Tom Grundy, editor-in-chief and founder of the Hong Kong Free Press has observed several ominous moves by the CCP over the past week. On Tuesday, for example, Beijing threatened pro-democracy legislators who used “malicious filibustering” in the legislature.

These are threatening words:

“This kind of malicious filibustering behaviour amounts to a blasphemy of the duties of legislators. Not only does this fail the great trust of voters, it is also causes arbitrary damage to the overall interests of Hong Kong.”

Then, on Wednesday, Beijing claimed “foreign interference” in Hong Kong. Never mind that spokesman Luo Huining provided no evidence. He made it clear that Hong Kong needed more security — “security” that Beijing and its Hong Kong supporters have been promoting. That security would include “zero tolerance” towards protests.

“If an ‘anthill’ that erodes the rule of law is not eliminated, the ‘grand dam’ of national security would be destroyed, harming the well-being of all citizens in Hong Kong.”

Finally, the mass arrests came on Saturday.

It’s obvious what the CCP is doing. While nations hunker down for fear of COVID, China is moving on Hong Kong to put the kibosh on democracy. As Joshua Wong tweeted:

“When all countries are now busy combating #coronavirus, the authoritarian regime of #China is now clamping down on democracy movements in #HongKong.”

Chris Patten, Hong Kong’s final colonial governor, agrees:

“This is not the rule of law. This is what authoritarian governments do. It becomes ever more clear, week by week and day by day, that Beijing is determined to throttle Hong Kong. The world should make clear how this further undermines any residual trust that we still have in the Chinese Communist dictatorship.”

Meanwhile, 14 of the Hong Kong 15 will be appearing in court on May 18. They will face charges of “organising and participating in unauthorised assemblies.”

Remember those words “unauthorized assemblies” as more Americans protest stay-at-home orders. Remember those words as police arrest Americans for not “social distancing” correctly. Or when the mayor of the NYC urges residents to snitch on their neighbors.

As Patten said above: This is not the rule of law. This is what authoritarian governments do. 


Featured image: 2019 Hong Kong protest banner/Wikimedia Commons/cropped/public domain.

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  • Lloyd says:

    Interesting parallels here should scare all Americans, but it probably won’t. We now live in an age of government snitches. Scary, ain’t it ??

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