MSNBC Host Slams “Teeny Tiny Ego” Trump

MSNBC Host Slams “Teeny Tiny Ego” Trump

MSNBC Host Slams “Teeny Tiny Ego” Trump

MSNBC host and Never Trumper, Nicolle Wallace, opened her pie hole and slammed President Donald Trump for his tweeting support for the Covid-19 anti-lockdown protests. Miss Wallace is perpetually offended by the existence of Donald Trump and her bitter about her role as a host on the failing network. But, even for her this was ugly.

A little background here about the MSNBC host is helpful. Let’s walk back through the mists of time. Wallace first worked on the George W. Bush 2004 Presidential reelection campaign and was a top adviser to John McCain’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Now, if you know anything about those two men, you know that both men are/were more Country Club Republican-types. When it comes/came to Conservative thought, they were both quite squishy. Nicolle Wallace fit right in with both men. McCain’s Veep choice, Sarah Palin, was a bete-noire. I will forever blame Nicolle Wallace for throwing Sarah Palin under the speeding train for the wardrobe kerfuffle. If you have forgotten about that you can read it here. I would argue that the Tea Party and the Presidency are the results of people like Nicolle Wallace.

Here are are today, incarcerated in our own homes thanks to the Chinese Covid-19 pandemic. Most of us have been “home” for a month. Most of us don’t know anyone who has had this Coronavirus, but we all know someone who has lost a job, been furloughed, or had to shut down their small business. I know probably 20 or 30. It is natural that Americans would begin to chafe at the ruination of their lives. Anti-lockdown protests began last week and continue this weekend. Victory Girls’ Lisa wrote about the liberal reaction to these protests. Read her post here.

MSNBC host Wallace is one of those who are appalled that the serfs are protesting. Last night, her opening monologue on her program and the first block were both just ugly Trump hating. Mediaite reported:

“This moment is like every other in Donald Trump’s presidency, where it’s about his fragile, teeny, tiny ego and the vast nation that he leads and he’s making all his decisions based on press coverage,” Wallace said of Trump, not hiding her scorn. “The difference here, Matt Miller, is that people are dying, more than 30,000 people have died. The virus is still spreading across the country. And Donald Trump today, like a punk, seemed to tweet about, about protesters. I mean, where do you see this moment, Matt Miller?”

Donald Trump’s “fragile, teeny, tiny ego”? Donald Trump tweeted like a punk? Here is the video. You probably didn’t see it because nobody watches MSNBC. This portion begins at about the 4:40 mark:

It’s hard for an elitist like Wallace or, truly, any other MSNBC host to understand. Donald Trump is a reflection of the rage that is felt in the Nation. He is not leading us. He is listening to us. It’s very easy to sniff at the peasants for revolting when you have a huge salary for flapping your gums on television. Yes, 30,000 people have died from Covid-19. I know this sounds harsh, but many of those people had a least one underlying condition. About 38,000 people die annually in automobile accidents. Should we all stop driving?

Nicolle Wallace’s disdain for Donald Trump is really her disdain for us. She is really calling us punks and telling us we have fragile, teeny tiny egos. I still haven’t forgiven here for Sarah Palin, so this is really just one more strike against her.

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  • Taylor says:

    I do not know who I find more loathsome – Nicolle (with two “l’s”) Wallace, Steve Schimidt, or Rick Wilson. Interesting that both Wallace and Schmidt were McCain advisers in 2012.

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