Bowe Bergdahl Escapes Prison Sentence Despite Harrowing Testimony [VIDEO]

Bowe Bergdahl Escapes Prison Sentence Despite Harrowing Testimony [VIDEO]

Bowe Bergdahl Escapes Prison Sentence Despite Harrowing Testimony [VIDEO]

Thanks to the broad sentencing latitude of one judge, Bowe Bergdahl is walking out of his court-martial today a free man.

Bowe Bergdahl
The judge, Army Col. Jeffrey Nance, has announced that Bergdahl will NOT serve any prison time, despite his guilty plea. He could have gotten life in prison. Instead…

He walks out of the court, free to go sit in Mommy and Daddy’s basement back in Idaho.

Never mind the men who died or were injured while looking for his pathetic self. Never mind that he had his desertion completely worked out in his head so that he was the hero of his own stupid story. The prosecutors had asked for 14 years. But Colonel Jeffrey Nance has decided that Bergdahl has suffered enough, so home he goes.

I don’t think there are words enough to say just how terrible this is for those Bergdahl left behind, or for the family members of the injured who suffer daily from his actions.

The dishonorable discharge and loss of rank and pay is not enough. Bergdahl gets to walk free while good men suffered and died trying to find him, and terrorists walk free because of him. The only court left to convict him is the court of public opinion, and it’s beginning to weigh in.

What should the sentence be from the court of public opinion? A good, old-fashioned shunning. Bowe Bergdahl is not fit to mingle in society. He is an admitted coward and deserter. He made his own choices and other people paid the consequences. He should feel every bit of the disgust and anger that is now being expressed. Let his name become a byword for cowardice the same way Benedict Arnold evokes treason. And that’s better than he deserves.

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  • Marta Hernandez says:

    As an Army veteran, words escape me. I’m absolutely enraged at this little bastard getting to go free!

  • SFC D says:

    The Army flag is flying at half staff in front of D’s Cantina today. Justice has died a tragic death.

  • George V says:

    Words cannot express my disgust with this. But Deanna, I think you’ll wait a long time for any form of shunning. Expect Bergdahl to be on the left-wing lecture circuit within a couple of weeks, and in a few years running for office in some Dem stronghold.

  • Johnny says:

    And from a military judge, no less.

    After we’ve finished draining the swamp, perhaps its time to arrange a testosterone/spine transfusion into our military command chain.

    The fine men and women who actually serve in the trenches have plenty of both to spare, as does Mad Dog Mattis.

  • Dana says:

    As a good Catholic, I am not allowed to say something like I hope that Mr Bergdahl is waylaid and lynched somewhere.

  • GWB says:

    What should the sentence be from the court of public opinion?

    Personally, I think it should be the same he should have received from the military court. I’ll leave it at that.

    I also think the judge should receive a DNP and be drummed out of the service for failure to uphold his duty.

    • GWB says:

      A co-worker suggested he simply be placed into a dark, locked room along with some of his ‘mates’ from back in the day. When the last one leaves, the sentence is done.

    • Dana says:

      Judge is already topped out, not going to be promoted. he had nothing to gain, and nothing to lose.

  • Leland says:

    Absolute travesty of justice. He didn’t plead guilty to simply going AWOL.

  • Merle says:

    does anybody know if that judge is an Obama appointee?


    • Nina says:

      In terms of the military, judges are not appointed by the President. UCMJ is entirely different and separate from federal judiciary.

  • Stacy0311 says:

    While part of me wanted this ‘individual’ thrown in the darkest cell in the deepest part of Leavenworth, so far back that he had to be fed with a slingshot, the judge decided otherwise.

    Looking at the bright side, the sooner this asshat is tossed out on the street, the sooner we will be free of the obligation to provide medical and mental care for him.

    AND all testimony from his court martial, including his statement AND guilty plea will be available for civil suits that go after any money that he gets from interviews, books or movie deals.

    I don’t think cat whisperer will pay enough to cover his legal costs.

    Additionally he should’ve forfeited ALL pay and allowances and got a fine equal to all the back pay from when he was a guest of the Taliban/Haqqani.

    And how will this affect future sentencing of other soldiers accused of AWOL/UA. “I was only gone 45 days and it wasn’t in a combat zone. Why am I getting 6, 6 and a kick?”. Sets a very bad precedent

  • Skil1lyboo says:

    I read that all military court findings are reviewed. If true then General Abramsl will review this case and determine if a general courtmartial is justified.

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