BleachBit 2.0: Mueller Team Wiped Data Off Thirty One Phones

BleachBit 2.0: Mueller Team Wiped Data Off Thirty One Phones

BleachBit 2.0: Mueller Team Wiped Data Off Thirty One Phones

Bleachbit rises again! Turns out the Mueller team engaged in some data wiping of their own. Thirty one phones somehow accidentally on purpose had their data disappear before the DOJ could examine them.

How does one “accidentally” wipe data off a phone? Is this the same magic that Hillary used regarding disappearing data off of her bathroom servers? Bleachbit really gets around y’all! I guess if they saw that it worked for her, then it could work for all the lawyers investigating Trump on Russia collusion! 

Now, we all know that the Trump Russia investigation helmed by Robert Mueller went nowhere. Even a liberal writer at Vanity Fair had to admit as much. 

“It’s true, as some have pointed out, that the Mueller report corroborates a lot of reporting from major media outlets. One should hope for such matches to be the rule and not the exception. (Publish a lot of stories like the Guardian’s “Manafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy” or BuzzFeed’s “President Trump Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen to Lie to Congress About the Moscow Tower Project,” and readers might start to notice a pattern.) We see that, yes, Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner indeed held a very unwise meeting with a Russian lawyer in the hopes of getting dirt on Clinton, and in this tiptoed up to criminality, even if opportunism and obliviousness were the primary drivers. We see that, yes, Donald Trump indeed tried to get White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller, even if the effort failed.

But proving the major stories of 2017 and 2018 not-wrong is a low bar. Often, the report reflects what the media settled on only after initial stories were debuted with exaggerated or misleading claims and then dialed back.”

I’ve lost count as to how many Trump Russia gotcha stories have been dialed back within hours as they were shown to be flat out lies. The list is very very long. 

That said, this DOJ report is damning. You can read it here. 

In reading through the report, we find out that the attorneys utilized a very different version of BleachBit. First of all, several attorneys, James Quarles among others, claim the phone data just disappeared …like magic!

Meanwhile, Andrew Weismann, Kyle Freeny, Greg Andre, Rush Atkinson and others claim the phone data disappeared altogether after too many wrong passwords were entered. 

This information is humorous and infuriating at the very same time. These phones were supposed to be checked for records of information. Some of these phones belonged to Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. 

I watched a guy who is completely unrepentant, and probably completely thrilled that his phone’s data was magically wiped from existence before the DOJ led by William Barr could review it. 

In light of this news, will Adam Schiff pursue his new Russia whistleblower case? That new case has problems. Why? 

“DHS had to reassign Murphy after it was reported in August his department had compiled reports about protesters and journalists covering the Trump administration’s response to unrest in Portland. The “open-source intelligence reports” were then sent to law enforcement, according to the New York Times.

Because Murphy’s office was already under “rigorous oversight” by the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff said, “In light of recent public reports, we are concerned that Murphy may have provided incomplete and potentially misleading information to Committee staff during our recent oversight engagement,” adding more oversight might be needed.”

Whoopsie! So, Murphy was lying then, but because his new info is about Russia, Adam will believe him? Given Schifty’s Trump Russia TDS for the last four years, it’s a fair bet that Murphy will be believed because Russia!

Bob Mueller’s awful performance at the Congressional hearing raised a lot of questions as to who was in charge of  the investigation. An investigation that led to a pretty large nothing burger. 

The thing is, phones don’t just wipe themselves. Yet, according to the supposedly brilliant team of investigators, that is what happened. 

I tell you what, if a Vegas bookie had put that bet up… someone would be sitting pretty right about now. 

Here’s the thing, all of this Trump Russia has been predicated upon the completely discredited Steele Dossier as well as information from Alex Vindman. Now we find out that attorneys on the Mueller team engaged in their own form of wiping data with a cloth BleachBit style. 

THIRTY ONE phones. Thirty one phones whose data is now gone. If ANY of the data on those phones would’ve shown that there was definite Trump Russia collusion, you damn well know that information would’ve been been made public during and after the Mueller Investigation. 

Instead, that data is gone. What was the Mueller team hiding?

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  • GWB says:

    What was the Mueller team hiding?
    They’re trying to hide their own collusion with anti-Trumpers like Strzok. They saw what happened when his texts came out in the record, and they didn’t want to suffer the same fate – consigned to appearances on GMA and some consulting job in the backwater portion of DC.

    One thing I don’t see in the reporting: what percentage is that 31? How many phones were there? 310? 62? 10% might still be suspicious, but not as suspicious as 50%.

    And, let’s be careful how we attack this. It is entirely possible for a phone to “wipe itself.” There are technologies that will remotely slick a stolen phone or laptop. Then there’s BitLocker and its like – an extra password layer that unencrypts the drive on the system so you can login normally. If that is compromised, bye-bye data! (It’s still there, just hopelessly jumbled for all of time.)
    So it is possible. And it’s possible to do it accidentally. But 31 times? No, not likely.
    Let’s keep the focus on that statistical improbability near impossibility.

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