Salon Writer Slams Pro-Life Right, Reveals Own Ugly Soul

Salon Writer Slams Pro-Life Right, Reveals Own Ugly Soul

Salon Writer Slams Pro-Life Right, Reveals Own Ugly Soul

Salon writer, Amanda Marcotte, wrote an article attempting to slam the Pro-Life Right for ignorance and hypocrisy and only ended up baring her own ugly soul. Marcotte conflates being anti-mandate with anti-vaccination, which is commonplace for unthinking Leftists. She conflates being against universal health care with being anti-life. It’s hard to know whether to feel sorry for or angry at the ugliness of this ignorant woman.

Victory Girls has been writing about the unfortunate Amanda Marcotte for 13 years. I have never taken up Chromebook against her. VG writers like Lisa and Deanna have done a superb job of cataloging her ignorant bleats, before and after she joined Salon as a staff writer. Salon has a coven of writers who hate anyone who isn’t, well, them.

Then, I saw her article, “March for Life” is a misnomer — GOP’s pro-COVID stance makes clear, and I saw red. I cannot imagine a sentient being with a mind that closed or a soul filled with that much ugly.

Her opening paragraph:

Friday is the misleadingly named “March for Life,” an annual event where the anti-choice brigade descends on Washington D.C. to march, speechify and party for the cause of forcing childbirth as punishment for sex. Anti-choicers are the OGs of right-wing trolling, which is why Friday’s marchers are willing to brave the grim winter weather just to attach their misogynist march to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. This year’s theme — “Equality Begins in the Womb” — is an even nastier troll, hijacking the language of social justice while fighting to deprive every human with a uterus of their basic human rights.

Childbirth is not a punishment for sex. How small one’s life must be to even type that sentence. Birth control is cheap and sometimes free. I have heard of high schools that have bowls of condoms available, not that I approve. No one has to fall pregnant, if one does not wish it. Creating life and giving birth are miracles of miracles. Since Amanda Marcotte is an atheist, we will leave God out of this. If you appreciate science, you must appreciate the miracle that is a healthy baby. And, by healthy, I mean live. Not perfect. What an amazing miracle! What a tiny, sad mind one must have not to see this.

“Misogynist march”? Here is something that will blow Marcotte’s mind: What if the misogynists are the pro-abortion crowd? Which is a blessedly shrinking group. Might be why they are so angry.

Amanda Marcotte also flat out lied when she conflated anti-vaccine mandates with being anti-vaccine:

Multiple speakers scheduled for this “pro-life” rally have also stood against life-saving mandates and other efforts to slow the death rate from COVID-19.

Alliance Defending Freedom lawyer Kristen Waggoner has repeatedly spoken out against vaccine mandates as “unlawful” and claimed (falsely) that they will lead to massive staffing shortages. Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., pushed for a law to block Biden’s vaccine mandate, calling it “overreach of federal authority, unconstitutional, and disrespect Americans’ rights.” And while the top-billed speaker — has-been actor Kirk Cameron — has been largely silent about vaccines, he repeatedly had trolling events to protest temporary lockdowns meant to prevent the spread of the disease pre-vaccine.

Salon has always had a stable of asses writers who are willfully blind, but Marcotte takes the hay bale. The woman is thick as two short planks. One can be pro-vaccine (points to self) and vehemently anti-mandate. It’s called bodily autonomy.

This next bit made my blood boil for the sheer, delusional, lack of self-awareness it showed:

On the contrary, there’s a dark consistency between the anti-vaccination and anti-choice worldviews. Both are hostile to preventive health care, especially in light of the anti-choice movement’s turn in recent years towards fighting contraception access. And, despite anti-vaccine conservatives trolling by stealing the “my body, my choice” language, their opposition to vaccines is very much a strike against bodily autonomy rights. Ultimately, they’re claiming a “right” to spread COVID wherever they want and to violate the basic right of others to go to work, to the store, or anywhere else without an undue threat of contagious disease.

And both are wholly intertwined with the GOP’s authoritarianism.

Let’s take the easy part first: GOP authoritarianism? This from the woman who wants to jab and lock down everyone by whatever means necessary. Then, bleating that the GOP is stealing the “my body, my choice” language. Marcotte’s “my body, my choice” is only about one thing and that is murdering babies in the womb. Maybe Miss Marcotte needs a mirror when she speaks of hypocrites and authoritarians.

If you watched any of the March for Life you saw joy. Check out this very brief clip:

Imagine being Amanda Marcotte and seeing authoritarians and hypocrites in that group of amazing people. So, when you think of Marcotte and read her sad brain droppings think of this. It must be much uglier inside of her. Really want to tick her off, pray for her and for the other writers at Salon. I am not there yet, but someday.

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  • Cameron says:

    She’s a sad shell of a person trying desperately to get attention for being edgy. It sickens her that people actually choose to have children and that THE SCIENCE!™ keeps proving that yes, that it is a person.

  • Scott says:

    As the saying goes, “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone”.. This skank is the poster child for that saying, and proves it beyond a doubt.
    It’s odd that ALL leftist seem to be sad / angry little people…

  • Deborah B. says:

    My son is adopted. I like many others did not have the wonderful experience of pregnancy. Every year on this day I remind my son that his mother chose life (at no small cost) and in doing so allowed me the joy of motherhood.
    This poor ugly soul clearly cannot begin to imagine my joy. She is fortunate , I suppose, to have a platform for her hatred and illogic. The pastor of my parish has said we must pray for people like this. May God have mercy on her.

  • GWB says:

    childbirth as punishment for sex
    This is the real issue. It’s always been about sex without consequences. It’s always been about throwing out the moral strictures imposed by Christianity on sex and recreational drugs. While they don’t present it this way, the choice they’ve been defending was the choice to whatever they want without suffering the natural consequences of those choices.

    hijacking the language of social justice
    Well, since it was first hijacked by progressives…. (Projection is a key component of Progressive ‘moralizing’.)

    deprive every human with a uterus of their basic human rights
    Just the ones that have already been born.
    Also, if killing another human being for my convenience is a basic human right, then the Left is right to fear the Second Amendment.

    Since Amanda Marcotte is an atheist, we will leave God out of this.
    But that is the whole crux of it. A free Republic is only sustainable with a “moral and religious people.” What Adams meant was “a Christian electorate.” If the people reject the Christian God, then they reject the very premises that built America: natural rights, freedom, and some measure of self-determination. Her atheism is the very starting point for the problem of abortion.

    I also like to argue from both Christianity and evolution (Darwinism), re abortion. But you can’t truly defeat abortion until you defeat the hedonism of Progressivism, and to do that, you have to introduce God into the equation.

    have also stood against … other efforts to slow the death rate from COVID-19
    Oh? You mean like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine? You mean, like restricting therapeutics based on race? You mean, like accurate reporting of death with Wuhan Flu and death from Wuhan Flu?
    Projection, again.

    claimed (falsely) that they will lead to massive staffing shortages
    Do you even read the news, Amanda? Wow.

    It’s called bodily autonomy.
    It’s called CHOICE. Ahem.

    The March For Life is one of the things that actually gives me hope. It’s exactly what I keep saying we have to do: evangelize, advocate, educate. We have to talk to our fellow electorate and do our best to make the Progressive scales fall from their eyes. It is the only way to recover our Republic.

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