Bill Clinton’s Ritzy Birthday Gala Is Mega $$ Fundraiser for Family Foundation [VIDEOS]

Bill Clinton’s Ritzy Birthday Gala Is Mega $$ Fundraiser for Family Foundation [VIDEOS]

Bill Clinton’s Ritzy Birthday Gala Is Mega $$ Fundraiser for Family Foundation [VIDEOS]

Typically, when someone throws a birthday party for a 70 year old, it usually doesn’t come with demands for money. However, in today’s world, there are exceptions.

That’s right. Tonight is the long awaited 70th birthday bash for Bill Clinton.


It will be quite the deal.

Even as the Clintons are touting plans to distance themselves from their foundation and limit its fundraising if Hillary Clinton is elected president, they’re planning one last glitzy fundraising bash on Friday to belatedly celebrate Bill Clinton’s 70th birthday.
The fundraiser is being held at the Rainbow Room, a fine-dining restaurant on the 65th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper. Plans called for performances by Wynton Marsalis, Jon Bon Jovi and Barbra Streisand, according to people briefed on the planning. They said that major donors are being asked to give $250,000 to be listed as a chair for the party, $100,000 to be listed a co-chair and $50,000 to be listed as a vice-chair.

Show Me The Money in spades!! So who are the lucky donors who plan to pony up zillions of dollars for the chance to party on down with Bubba tonight? Who knows, the secrecy is strong with the Clintons once again.

Shalala quickly indicated the party sponsors would be made public.
“We will disclose the donors, there’s no question about it,” Shalala said. “We will, as we do on our tax return, disclose the money that we raise, the tax — the IRS tells you actually not to connect the donation with the person’s name. But we certainly will disclose the donors. And listen — for that party, I looked at the list, and other than two people, all of them are people who have been annual donors to the foundation and are longtime friends of the president.”

Oopsie – hold on!! Shalala had hardly finished speaking when a Foundation spokesperson quickly put the kibosh on it. The public will only get to see the donors from the last quarter, NOT the list of who’s who that ponied up zillions to dance with the birthday boy. I wonder if Bill will break out the sax and join Bon Jovi on stage?


But wait, weren’t the Clintons going to, you know, quit doing foundation stuff so as to not be questioned about their sticky ethics issues?

Oh, ok. Nothing to see here move along. Yeah right.

Yes, that’s correct, the Clinton Foundation pay for access train must continue!

A total of 205 Clinton Foundation donors whose corporations and foundations collectively contributed $216 million since 2009, were awarded the most coveted invitations in the nation’s capital: prestigious seats at one or more White House State Dinners, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

Wow. No wonder the donors have no problem with the massive price tag for tonight’s bash. Access is king for sure! Party on dude!!

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