In 2014, the Clinton Foundation spent less than 5.7% of budget on charitable grants [video]

In 2014, the Clinton Foundation spent less than 5.7% of budget on charitable grants [video]

In 2014, the Clinton Foundation spent less than 5.7% of budget on charitable grants [video]

The willingness to overlook the obvious continues to bewilder me. It is very clear that the Clinton Foundation was used as a front to collect money that was siphoned into Bill and Hillary’s pockets (maybe not literally – but they certainly get all their meals paid for). Those who “donated” to the Foundation got special access to the former Secretary of State, and secured various advantages (like Denis O’Brien of Digicel, the largest Irish donor to the Clinton Foundation, who eventually become the sole provider of cell phone service in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake that killed 250,000 people. Karl Rove explains the convoluted operation here starting at the 6:00 minute mark). The lengthy video below begins with the Haiti situation.


This type of scheme is right up the Clinton’s alley. They know how to capitalize on crisis, and the premise of their Foundation is exactly that. Unfortunately, the massive donations that come into the Foundation do not go back out. At least not to those who really need them.

In 2014 the Foundation spent about $91.3 million dollars out of its $177.8 million dollar revenue. Want to guess how much went to charitable grants? Less than $5.2 million dollars, or just 5.7% of that year’s budget. So where did the rest go? Salaries, employee benefits, fundraising, and other expenses. Presumably the surplus stayed in the Foundation coffers; net assets for 2014 are listed at $332.4 million.

According to the Foundation’s mission the purpose it serves is to improve global health and wellness, increase opportunity for women and girls, reduce obesity, create economic opportunity and growth, and help communities address effects of climate change. So basically anything that you feel is important and to which you are dying to donate some money, the Clinton Foundation will be happy to accept your generous gift in furtherance of their programs – which are coincidentally aligned with every possible existing worthy cause.

If we were to give them the benefit of the doubt, we might say they need to do a better job of seeking out needy situations, and then actually proving funding. What other reason would there be to allow over $332 million dollars to sit idly by while there are plenty of legitimate needs that could be helped with just a few dollars in comparison? Once again the answer to this question is getting worn out – they are either simply incompetent, or they are corrupt. Since they are smart enough to figure out how to collect millions of dollars per year, they do not seem incompetent. So it’s corruption. There is just no other explanation.

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