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Biden Regrets Nothing About Document Mishandling

Biden Regrets Nothing About Document Mishandling

Biden Regrets Nothing About Document Mishandling

Regrets? What regrets? Biden has none when it comes to the mishandling of classified documents guarded by his vintage Corvette. In fact, he’d really rather you QUIT ASKING him about it!

Biden scolded a female reporter who asked him about the controversy during a trip to tour storm damage in California.

“What quite frankly bugs me is that we have a serious problem here we’re talking about,” Biden said. “We’re talking about what’s going on, and the American people don’t quite understand why you don’t ask me questions about that.”

Well Joe, the American people can ask for and gather information on multiple subjects at a time. We are talented like that. More importantly, it’s pretty obvious that you, the White House, and Karine Jean-Pierre REALLY want this document mess to disappear into nothingness. 

The problem is, the more KJP dodges and refers questions to the DOJ, who refers the same back to the White House, the more questions we ALL have regarding who, what, where, when, and why. 

It doesn’t help matters that Hunter Biden not only lived in the Corvette guarded house for over a year, it is the fact that he wrote about the entire family congregating there for the week of the 2020 election. 

In “Beautiful Things,” President Biden’s formerly crack-addicted son described spending four days inside his father’s 6,850-square-foot residence with other family members as they awaited the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“You would have loved the scene on election night, too, even though the night would’ve driven you nuts, not least because the vote counting dragged on for days,” Hunter wrote in the book’s epilogue.

“Yet one of the benefits of waiting so long for the race to be called was that we all waited it out together, at Mom and Dad’s house — [Hunter’s wife] Melissa and the baby [Beau], my girls, Natalie and Hunter, Ashley and Howard,” he continued. “More than waiting together, we were also quarantined together. There was no escaping one another.”

There are SO many questions with this mess. Why is the DOJ and FBI allowing Biden’s lawyers to go through all the documents from the Penn office and the two Delaware homes without supervision? Never mind that, it’s the Democrat way.

Biden’s administration has been criticized for a perceived lack of transparency since the documents were discovered in the president’s home in Wilmington, Del., and at a think tank associated with him. His lawyers have turned over the documents to the National Archives and the Justice Department.

If it was Trump or ANY other Republican, you can damned well bet (as they had been) they’d be there front and center with bells on. 

Besides, it’s only a few documents. Trump had a lot more or something! Which has the media and lots of pundits opining that only a few classified or Top Secret documents is no big deal. Biden is fine with having no regrets because his sins weren’t as bad as Trump’s. Talk about splitting hairs and straddling barbed wire fences! OOF. 

I mean, even Hillary wasn’t as bad with her servers and Blackberrys, but maybe it was …kind of sort of. 

But no regrets Man!! 

No regrets, but lots of frustration!

Joe may be frustrated, but he and the entire Administration have brought this mess upon themselves. Each time they insist there’s not a there there, one pops up. For example, the Secret Service trying to gaslight us into believing they don’t keep visitor logs for Biden’s personal homes. Well, OOPS. 


You see, the more they try to make this not a thing, and the more they attempt to convince the American public that this thing isn’t really real, the more the skepticism grows. 

The Biden Administration INSISTS they’ve been transparent about this the whole time. Dodging questions or refusing to answer is transparent? Getting testy over documents stored in a garage and guarded by a Corvette is transparent? Refusing to answer why the DOJ and FBI aren’t handling the review and securing of documents is transparent?

Yes, they are bringing all of this on themselves. 

Will any of this be resolved? I doubt it. We are at essentially a stalemate. However, while Biden may insist he has no regrets, the fact remains… there indeed was and IS a There There. Documents were mishandled and none of this came to light for over six years. And now, all they want to do is bury it back under the rug again and hope we’ll all forget about it. 

Feature Photo Credit: Original artwork by Victory Girls Darleen Click 

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  • Cameron says:

    Sorry but no. Biden doesn’t have the right to wave this all away. He needs to be treated just like anyone else who did this.

  • Stephen C says:

    In public, a lifetime of abnormal behavior, whoppers, stupidity and corruption, and no regrets. I give Joe props for survival. But no regrets, no he can’t have that. America regrets.

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