Biden Recast As Modern FDR With Weekly Address

Biden Recast As Modern FDR With Weekly Address

Biden Recast As Modern FDR With Weekly Address

Who doesn’t want a phone call from President Grandpa Joe Biden? Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

While Biden isn’t signing a gigantic stack of executive orders (three branches of government with checks and balances? Who needs ’em?), apparently his team is selecting people who should have the privilege of approaching His Presidency with their personal woes – and then producing it into a very slick video package to start up the Biden weekly video addresses to the nation.

Welcome to the new normal, where Joe Biden will be recast as a modern-day FDR who cares about the common American.

“This is a time-honored tradition in the country of hearing from the President in this way, from FDR’s Fireside Chats to Ronald Reagan establishing the weekly presidential radio address,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Friday. “President (Joe) Biden will continue that tradition, and we expect it to take on a variety of forms.”

Biden’s inaugural edition features a “conversation” between him and Michele, a Roseville, California, resident who lost her job at a startup clothing company due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Psaki.”

The reinstatement of the presidential addresses is another return by the Biden administration to presidential traditions and norms, including the resumption of daily White House press briefings.”

Say what you want about Donald Trump’s Twitter habits – and trust me, there was a LOT to be said – the average American in the 21st century knew that tweeting at him was a quick way to perhaps gain the attention of the top levels of government. For all the Twitter drama, it did connect President Trump to the average person. I’m sure Joe Biden knows what Twitter is, and I’m equally sure that he doesn’t actually use it. I’m also pretty sure that he expects a screechy whining dial up tone every time someone in the Oval Office gets on the internet.

But hey, ONE PERSON feels special now!

(Michele) Voelkert said that speaking to Biden was like chatting with a friend. They talked about how her dad was a nurse in the armed services and that she was pursuing a master’s degree in human resources. Voelkert said she felt heard during the conversation.”

“I felt like he was really listening and the fact that I wrote a letter and I got a phone call definitely shows that he was listening,” Voelkert said.”

The phone call wasn’t the only exciting thing to happen. Volkert said she landed a job interview the day after speaking to Biden.”

“I thought, you know, if I can get through a phone call with the president, I can do anything,” Voelkert said.”

And if you think that “random person who writes a letter” will instantly get through the screening process and end up on the desk of Joe Biden, you are mistaken. There were probably layers and layers of screening before that phone call was made, including checking out Voelkert’s social media. After all, there is no way that some icky Trump supporter is just going to get a random phone call from Joe Biden with a camera crew in their living room. Unless they are going to cry and repent of their sins, of course.

And when Voelkert says she wrote a letter, does that mean that she emailed the White House, or that she actually put a piece of paper with writing on it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, and mailed it? Because I could see Joe Biden being excited about receiving an actual letter that went through the mail. Maybe THAT is the secret to Voelkert’s success!

What is really odd is the desperation to make Biden over into a modern FDR – minus the wheelchair, and the massive violation of American civil rights, apparently. The Democrats have a continuing love affair with FDR that they can’t seem to let go of, even with the ongoing revelations that FDR was certainly indifferent at best and racist at worst when it came to the Holocaust, and that his policies prolonged the Depression. Somehow, FDR continues to be a figure to be emulated, instead of scorned, at least to Democrats.

There is no hope in making Biden over to be another Obama, so the best that can be done is to make him the Democrats’ version of a 21st century FDR. Too bad we don’t know for certain if this is FDR in his first term, or his fourth term. Too bad the press doesn’t care to find out, either.

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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  • The next person in the Biden Administration who evokes my memory with some lame association will get a visit from Eleanor standing naked in their living room holding a string of pearls. Do it twice and the ghost of Amelia Earhart will simulate going “round-the-world” on Winston Churchill. Am I making myself clear?

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    I’m sorry you’re suffering from TDS (Trump Defeat Syndrome) Lil’ Dimwitted Deanna. Doesn’t “Lil’ Dimwitted Deanna” sound like a nickname Trump would have used on Twitter to connect with his supporters? I hope this little morsel of Trumpian insult will bring you some comfort in your despondency. Thoughts and Prayers, Lil’ Dimwit.

  • the Bruce says:

    “(Michele) Voelkert said that speaking to Biden was like chatting with a friend.” Biden is a deep state/swamp/DNC/CCP/marxist/fascist that will say anything to a ‘plebe’. He will turn right around and destroy jobs, increase the price of your heating oil, fuel and the price of everything (it’s called inflation) to enable the deep state to make huge amounts of money any punish the middle class. He is really only a tool, being controlled by Soros, Obama, Clinton, Brennan and the rest of the DC cabal. His mission is to make the middle class dependent on government and lower the standard of living by saturating the country with illegal aliens that will suck all of the money out of the social systems. Wake up !

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