Local Elections, YOU Influence National Outcomes

Local Elections, YOU Influence National Outcomes

Local Elections, YOU Influence National Outcomes

Local elections are measured as insignificant elections compared to the national contests. It’s time to adjust our focus from every 4 years to every year. Small tremors create a tsunami, so get off your butts and start shaking up your local systems. 

Election Administrations

The National Conference of State Legislators describes Election Administration duties as,

The entities that do the rubber-meets-the-road functions of running an election are typically on the county or city/town level. The state is responsible for certain aspects of elections as well, and the federal government has a role, too. The result is that no state administers elections in exactly the same way as another state, and there is quite a bit of variation in election administration even within states.”

This is a GREAT place to get involved. The local Election Administrations run the freaking elections. They make the decisions that craft the outcomes for the state. Imagine the unchecked influence these people have on their communities and states. Many positions are elected, some are committee, and others appointed. Check out this link to see what your state does to fill the seat, and get involved. Take a play from the progressive playbook and structure local elections in a way that helps your party. This is war people, and it’s not a spectator sport.

In all, this means that there are more than 10,000 election administration jurisdictions in the U.S. The size of these jurisdictions varies dramatically, with the smallest towns having only a few hundred registered voters and the largest jurisdiction in the country, Los Angeles County, with more than 4.7 million.

At the local level, elections can be run by a single individual, a board or commission of elections, or a combination of  two or more entities.”

School Board Elections

Who shapes the minds of tomorrow? How did we get generations of students thinking our Republic is a second choice to Socialism? Where did civics 101 go, and why are students leaving college even more rabidly politicized? Well, it starts in Kindergarten with the curriculum approved by your school board. Why do you think Democrats are so adamant about Universal Pre-K? Opposed to school choice and homeschool options? They know that shaping the minds of tomorrow happens right now.

The Center for Public Justice (Yeah, it’s a Liberal group. They share the playbook, I’m going to use it against them) answers the question, “what do school boards do?“,

In the first category of responsibilities, vision setting, school boards create rules and goals for the school district. They also must enforce laws and test standards from the federal and state governments. The policies they make affect the schools every day. For example, the school board sets the attendance and school discipline rules. They also set the goals for how well students should do academically. On top of that, they help choose the curriculum, make the school calendar, and purchase the textbooks used by students. To implement their rules and reach their goals, the school board hires a superintendent, the head of the school district. The school board’s job is to develop a vision for what the schools should be like. The superintendent’s job is to make that vision a reality.

If you think school board elections don’t matter, you need to reconsider what the leader of tomorrow will look like after years of progressive indoctrination (hint, they vote for jabbering old fools, and think behaving like Marxist thugs makes them Anti-Fascist).

As a taxpayer, you have a vested interest and ability to influence change on your school board. Supporting charter and homeschool options is great, but influencing thousands of kids has a huge ripple effect.

There is a Place for You in Local Politics

City Council, Alderman, Neighborhood block captain… these seemingly insignificant positions have great impact. Being an engaged conservative gives people a face to put with the ideology. Remember Andrew Breitbart, and be a “Happy Warrior”! Let the progressives have their rainy outlook. Let’s Take Back America with a thousand tiny ripples.

Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes talk about why local politics have a bigger impact on Americans than national politics.

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