Media Says “Opening Up America Again” Guidelines Won’t Work

Media Says “Opening Up America Again” Guidelines Won’t Work

Media Says “Opening Up America Again” Guidelines Won’t Work

Guidelines titled “Opening Up America Again” were issued by the White House yesterday afternoon. And immediately the media quarterbacks rushed to their keyboards hair on fire and proclaimed ‘IT WON’T WORK!’

Jake Tapper was in the lead whining about how testing isn’t included in the guidelines. 

It was obvious that Jake hadn’t even bothered to read the guidelines. You see, testing is emphasized THROUGHOUT the entire document! Read here. 

President Trump is demonstrating federalism at its finest. Instead of MANDATING the guidelines, he had this to say on the call with all 50 Governors. 

“On a conference call earlier Thursday, Trump told governors, “You’re going to call your own shots,” according to a recording of the call obtained by The Washington Post. But he emphasized that the federal government will support the states.”

In other words each state, after careful consideration, should craft their own – see Knox County, TN, and implement based upon what is going on in THEIR state, no one else’s. 

As the President stated during his briefing, Americans want the country to be open again. However, he also emphasized that it is a delicate balance to manage the virus yet reignite our economy. He pointed out that the shutdown has caused great stress, and public health is suffering in regards to drug/alcohol abuse, depression, snitches, and more. Thus, the move to open America up again won’t happen all at once. It will happen in phases as dictated by the circumstances and needs in each state. 

I read through the guidelines several times. And they provide a good strong framework. Several states are already signaling that they will start opening back up beginning on May 1st. 

“Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine plans to begin reopening Ohio on May 1, he said Thursday.

Ohioans will have to live with the threat of coronavirus until a vaccine is developed, he said. But he must restart the economy to bring jobs back and decrease the chance of other health issues, such as drug abuse and homelessness”

North Dakota has issued its own guidelines and is eyeing a strategic opening as well. 

Meanwhile our our media betters are absolutely sure and certain that these guidelines are the worst thing the world has ever seen!

Gosh CBS, next thing we know, you’ll use a video from Italy and say it is an overrun New York City hospital! Oh wait, they already did that. TWICE. If the President had dared, as I mention above, to TELL the states what to do, the world would implode. Instead, he rightfully provided the states guidelines, NOT ORDERS. Weijia Jiang doesn’t want viewers to realize that.

CNN’s Chris Hayes had a stellar take on this. 

It’s almost like the media doesn’t want our economy to start back up. Their TDS is so damned strong that they’d rather see Americans continue to suffer physically, mentally, and economically because ORANGEMANBAD! Hacks.

Never mind the fact that the President has put the guidelines together so that Americans CAN go back to work. Since he didn’t express sympathy during the briefing, his guidelines are crap says our betters.  Some former NYT guy lectured Trump about all the people dying, and the same NBC gal who ran with the AZ couple guzzling fish tank cleaner tried again with a new ‘this drug is BAD!’ story. 

The Biden campaign had thoughts.

That’s …cute. Jealousy is so unbecoming. The fact is, and I’ve repeatedly said before, if we don’t step up and start letting all of us go back to work while following all the guidelines, this country won’t survive economically. The Mayor of Las Vegas gets it.

““This shutdown has become one of total insanity in my opinion, for there is no backup of data as to why we are shut down from the start. No plan in place how to move through the shutdown or how even to come out of it,” Goodman said during a city council meeting.


“We cannot keep our heads in the sand and think it’s going to go away,” she said. “We’re adults with brains who can know what to do to wash our hands, to take all precautions not to spread this disease.””

Las Vegas is head for a $150 million deficit over the next few months unless they are able to start opening businesses. And they aren’t alone. 

What I DO hope is that every state implements these guidelines quickly, challenges the citizens in their state to really do their part to get America working again.

The media on the other hand, is already working to spin this as Trump is useless so the states have to do all the work. 

According to Vox, because Vox, the President has declared victory over Coronavirus. Having watched the news briefing I can tell you that he did no such thing. 

Our country needs to get back to work. These guidelines need to be acted upon quickly by all. And the armchair media quarterbacks need to take a knee and ZIP IT. 

Feature Photo Credit: White House Flickr feed, cropped and modified

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  • DAVE says:

    Please look at the work of ISAAC BEN-ISRAEL, mathematician — his analysis of existing data (NOT modelling) shows that the disease has a predictable course REGARDLESS of which tactics are employed to deal with it (lockdown vs. nada!). This is biology at work, not a political game …(Ooops). Destroying the Constitution to ensure an illusion of “safety” is moronic at least and treason at best.

  • Scott says:

    These idiots are all in favor of an overarching tyrannical federal government, and as such, they believe that’s how it should work (never mind their screeching about President Trump being a fascist, that’s what they actually want from the fed), so when President Trump rightfully puts the responsibility on the states (with the fed to back them up), they loose their shit..
    Some of them are just clueless as to the concepts outlined in the Constitution, others of them are openly hostile to those concepts. Either way, they should be ignored.

  • GWB says:

    it is a delicate balance
    Not really. Only those that still believe the “experts” would think so.

    live with the threat of coronavirus until a vaccine is developed
    You mean… like every other disease in the world, just about?
    Also, we already have a vaccine: exposure followed by treatment. A lab-grown/killed vaccine is just a slightly more methodical and “scientific” method to achieving herd immunity.

    We’re pushing to open up for them…..right?
    That’s not even dishonest. It’s just downright gibberish. OK, it’s dishonest gibberish.

    Also, why does Jennifer Rubin even still have a job?

  • Chancellor says:

    Nina, I’m very angry at you.

    You used “Chris Hayes” and “stellar” in the same sentence.
    You also used “Biden” and “thoughts” in the same sentence.

    My computer is broken and may not recover.


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  • Kathy says:

    A lot of folks that I have read are screaming for testing for every single person before opening up – some multiple times. The concept to start was to keep from overloading our medical systems. That appears to be forgotten.

    Also, I wonder if any of those folks have heard of the concept of a sampling plan so you DON’T sample every single person.

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