Back To Eden Bakery: Woke When Closed [VIDEO]

Back To Eden Bakery: Woke When Closed [VIDEO]

Back To Eden Bakery: Woke When Closed [VIDEO]

Keep Portland Weird, they said. We are progressive, they said. We are woke, they said. The bakery sign said closed. RACISTS MUST BE FIRED, the boss said.

Here’s the story: the Back to Eden Bakery of Portland, Oregon, was closed. No one disputes that. There were customers still in the store who had entered before the 9 pm closing time. They were still being served. But that’s where the social justice begins.

The incident occurred in early May and is now circulating in the news, garnering a strong public response on Facebook and social media. A woman named only as “Lillian” entered the bakery at 9:06 p.m. after the shop had already closed, according to the bakeshop’s Facebook post about the event. Confusion arose because the shop was unusually busy for the late hour and there were still a few customers in line who the shop agreed to serve but who’d been informed the shop was officially closed. The lighted “Open” sign had been turned off.

After the bakeshop employees informed Lillian that they were officially closed and they could serve no more customers, Lillian video recorded the experience and claimed the bakery was racist because it served the two white women who had arrived at the shop earlier, but refused to serve her.

Cue the video. (Language warning.)

I was Denied service at Back to Eden Bakery. Video 2

Posted by Lillian Green on Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cue the accusatory Facebook comments. Cue the apology in which the owner FIRES THE EMPLOYEES FOR SAYING THE STORE WAS CLOSED.

Yes, you read that right. Can you make any sense of this word salad?

Lillian, we are so incredibly sorry for the treatment you received from someone on our staff. What you experienced in our shop is absolutely egregious and we are already taking all of the necessary steps to deal with this appropriately. First and foremost, we have let the two staff members go immediately as there will never be room in our organization for anyone who is inclined to give such poor customer service. Admittedly we have had issues with staff trying to enforce our closing hours too firmly without being sensitive to the fact that that person came out of their way to support our business. Whatever their reason for denying you service is not acceptable and flies directly in the face of the experience we aim to provide our customers.

But we also recognize that simply firing the employees in question is not nearly enough to fully address the incident. Even though a very large portion of our staff are women of color and/or members of the LGBTQPOC community it is clear that we obviously have some more work to do to make sure that every single person we employ upholds our values and commitments. We have been supporters of the Equity and Beyond Workshops led by local social justice advocate Cameron Whitten and will be seeking opportunities to provide inclusivity training for our organization moving forward. Already in the works, we are donating 10% of our Mother’s Day sales to the Black Mama Bail Out Project and will begin hosting Brown Hope, a reparations happy hour to directly support the Black community that supports us.

Knowing that we are doing business in a gentrified neighborhood in a racist city within a racist state of a racist country we see it as our moral and personal responsibility to use our platform and privilege to support marginalized communities, educate the public about the very serious issues facing people of color and demand meaningful change. We are not only allied with you but we would like to consider ourselves fully committed along with you to the social justice revolution this country sorely needs.

When is a closing time not a closing time? When Lillian wants a dessert, apparently. And this is the owner talking! If the owner wants to change the rules for his employees, maybe he should – oh, I don’t know, CHANGE THE CLOSING TIME OF THE STORE?

The terrible thing is, the two employees probably think they deserved to be fired.

But wait! Another customer who was there that night speaks!

So, the owner, in a panic that he won’t be seen as “woke” enough by the patrons of his gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan bakery in ultra-left-wing-hipster Portland, spews a word salad that TL;DR means: “we are so woke, please don’t boycott us.”

Portlandia couldn’t have done it any better.

So, just be aware, if you ever happen to pass by the Back To Eden Bakery – the customer is always right. So if you demand service and don’t get it because the bakery had the temerity to close, know that the owner will profoundly apologize and fire employees just to satisfy your sense of outrage.

And if you are a current employee of this idiot – quit today. Your boss doesn’t respect you, or the rules he created, and sees you as props in his quest for hipster dollars and accolades. Get out now, instead of walking around scared that you will be the next person fired to satisfy the mob’s need for justice.

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  • Scott says:

    Any white person that works at or patronizes this business is a flaming idiot, or a SJZ just like the owner! Just more proof that “liberalism” truly is a mental disorder!

  • Wfjag says:

    If the owner wants to stay there and serve people all night, that’s his option. But, like most Social Justice Jerks, he expects others to bear the burdens of his virtue signaling. The employees have lives, family and friends to get to. Staying late to satisfy an obnoxious, late and demanding person isn’t part of their job.

    • Scott says:

      In general I’d agree Wfjag, but based on his description of his employees, I SERIOUSLY doubt they have lives… they all sound like SJZ’s too..

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  • CaptDMO says:

    When shop keepers live in FEAR of the prevailing political “atmosphere”.
    I guess we HAVE come a long way, when the dreaded (ie) JUDEN can be “painted” on the
    shops windows…electronically, from a “smart” phone.
    “Maybe if we just sit here quietly, they’ll just leave us alone, and go for someone ELSE!”
    Meh, OK. Owner’s choice. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. …or something.

  • GWB says:

    Knowing that we are doing business in a gentrified neighborhood in a racist city within a racist state of a racist country we see it as our moral and personal responsibility
    Wow. S/he/it just threw Portland under the SJ Bus, didn’t s/he/it*?
    (* I wouldn’t want to microagress, now, would I?)

    This does demonstrate how truly advanced our Western Civilization is, though. After all, in what other culture in the world could someone with this level of obvious mental impairment own and operate their own a business?

  • SFC D says:

    The fact that you’re black had nothing to do with you not being served. You weren’t served because you’re an arrogant, entitled, race-baiting bitch. Put the race card back in the deck, take a deep breath and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS.

    John Bomgren,
    Call an Uber, and head for the nearest medical facility. They have a procedure that you’re in dire need of. It’s called an addapairtome. Good luck.

  • nobody says:

    This is worse than anything Orwell could have imagined. A society which lives in fear of social media.

    I ask anyone who is listening: find a way, please. delete down those accounts. create a network of real people rather than login names.

  • Martin Knight says:

    If I were in Portland, I would absolutely torture this guy and mercilessly take advantage of his special “woke” rules for us poor benighted Blacks.

    I would not only demand service outside of working hours, I would also demand discounts and a percentage of the day’s revenue. And if I don’t get it – “Racism!”

  • Sam Adams says:

    This moron went to top tier schools (courtesy of affirmative action, I’m guessing based on the facts I have) and can’t even speak proper English: in the video she made outside the bakery, which you can easily find elsewhere (it’s no longer embedded in the article above), she says “…two white women IS [sic} in front of me…”.
    On her Linked In page (what a hoot that is!), she mistypes (or misspells) Montana twice (as in, “Mantana [sic] State Teaching Certification”). She claims on that page that one of her (many) skills is something called “intercultural communication”. Yes, I could see that in the bakery episode (crickets chirping…). Her resume sums up what is wrong with the country, why civilization is indeed imploding. This idiot has a “master’s” and a “doctorate” in “education”. She has held the title of “adjunct professor” and “temporary assistant professor” at some no-name college [why am I thinking of a former President?]. Her current job title with the state of Oregon (of course she’s a state employee!) is “equity director” (and no, she is not involved with the state pension system! :-))
    She took up space at Johns Hopkins, and at Columbia University, that could have gone to an actual scholar. Mein Gott!
    And this human cliche of a touchy, posturing, race worker, this unattractive woman of middling intelligence, maybe an IQ of 105 soaking wet (based on her speech and her field of study / career), this unremarkable cookie-cutter progressive minority female clinging to her group identity and feigning outrage (because she’s trying to keep up the difficult self-delusion that she’s brilliant, physically attractive, and doing morally unassailable work), this well-paid professional victim …
    just got two people fired…for no reason! Two people who actually do something worthwhile – they make coffee and baked goods and / or serve people in what I’m sure is often a difficult job. At least they didn’t major in education, race, sociology, and BS. If anyone in the area who is hiring is reading this, please contact the spineless owner of the bakery with a phone call or FB PM and offer a job to one or both of the poor, innocent bakeristas who just got canned… because some loudmouthed buffoon was LARPing as a Pacific Northwest Rosa Parks, and that swpl caved like a cliff in a mudslide. She’s (allegedly) helping underprivileged kids in the daytime, and getting working people fired at night. What a real piece of work.

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