ABC, the American Biased Broadcasting Company

ABC, the American Biased Broadcasting Company

ABC, the American Biased Broadcasting Company

Yesterday, ABC cancelled Roseanne after an ill-conceived, ill-received and decidedly unfunny tweet. The fallout from the tweet, seen below, was swift and ABC’s response was probably the fastest corporate response the broadcast giant has ever made. They were shocked, shocked they’ll tell you, by the tweet and there was only one possible response because what the comedienne said was not indicative of the network’s values.

The tweet has since been deleted by Roseanne but, because the internet is forever, here’s what she had to say.

Less than 12 hours later, ABC responded, cancelling the show.

That would be fine if those values, and I use that term loosely, appeared to be more than its attempt to curate favors with the perpetually butt-hurt crowd or, worse in some ways, those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Remember, this is the same ABC that cancelled Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” after six seasons. Like “Roseanne”, Allen’s show enjoyed high ratings that last season. Like “Roseanne”, Allen was not a sufferer of TDS. In fact, his show was called “the perfect sitcom for the Trump Era.” Funny, shortly after that, it was gone, despite hitting ratings high that season.

This is the same ABC that not only owns but broadcasts the cat-fest called “The View”. The same show where, back in February, certain members of the cast took it upon themselves to “critique” Vice-President Mike Pence’s faith. Sunny Hostin said, “I don’t know that I want my vice president, um — speaking in tongues and having Jesus speak to him.” Joy Behar came back with, “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s called mental illness, if I’m not correct, hearing voices.”

The outrage from that incident was just as swift as it was with Roseanna’s tweet. But guess what? Crickets. Almost a month passed before Behar issued her “apology”. Until basically forced to respond during the Q&A session of the stockholders meeting, ABC remained silent on the issue. Then Disney’s Bob Iger said he thought the apology “appropriate”.

This is also the same ABC that owns ESPN. You know, that bastion of liberal sports personalities (I simply can’t call them journalists). The network that brought us Jamele Hill.

This is the same ABC-owned EPSN that has re-hired the “rehabilitated” Keith Olbermann. This is the same Olbermann who has recently been characterized as an “infamously angry and foul-mouthed political provocateur.” Not only has he been re-hired but his role at the network has been expanded. Hmmm, sounds like they are rewarding bad behavior, doesn’t it? Olbermann not only attacked President Trump, calling him a Nazi and worse, he wrote a book about it.

At least with Hill, ABC took some action.

Hill has since left the network. Olbermann, he gets rewarded. The View continues, as do the attacks. But be a conservative and say something insensitive or racist? Buh-bye.

At least ABC has finally admitted where it stands, even if it might not have meant to. Yes, what Roseanne tweeted was “repugnant” and “abhorrent”. But so, too, should be the statements by Olbermann and Hill, not to mention Hostin and Behar. If we are going to hold personalities to account for prejudicial statements, the rules should be applied equally across the board. Prejudice comes in many forms, not just racial — or political. ABC has made it plain where its “values” stand: with the liberal, anti-Trump faction. Perhaps it is time for the rest of us to let them know where our “values” stand but changing the channel and informing their advertisers just how we feel about the double-standard used by the network.

In no way do I approve of what Roseanne tweeted. Let’s be clear about that. However, before ABC climbs on its moral high-horse, it needs to take a hard look at itself. Not that I’m going to hold my breath until it happens.


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  • GWB says:

    after an ill-conceived, ill-received and decidedly unfunny tweet, just like almost all of her other tweets
    Minor fix, Amanda.

    Like “Roseanne”, Allen was not a sufferer of TDS.
    No, Roseanne doesn’t suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, she’s just plain deranged.

    Prejudice comes in many forms, not just racial
    Ah, but racial prejudice is one of the disapproved ones. See, there’s a list. And no, you can’t see it. You’ll just have to accept there is one, and what you did is on it.

    In no way do I approve of what Roseanne tweeted.
    Meh. Jarrett is a traitorous anti-American. Roseanne is a vile woman. So, I just really didn’t care that much.

    But, yes, ABC is entirely hypocritical with this “OMG! I can’t believe what an awful woman Roseanne is!” crap.

    • Amanda Green says:

      LOL, thanks for the “fix”. She does have a tendency to run off at the mouth — would that be fingers? — on Twitter. ABC knew very well what it was getting with her. One could almost say they cherry picked a situation they knew would blow up, one they could then manipulate to their advantage.

      • SFC D says:

        ABC went beyond cherry-picking, they created the situation and environment. Something like the arsonist that sets a building on fire so he can be a hero for calling the fire department and saving the day.

      • Nice article. Agree with you, thet new who Roseanne was and what they we getting. Cherry picked is right. Double standard is getting tiresome. I do not watch that channel anyway. I will let sponsors know how I feel.

  • SFC D says:

    Folks, this is Rosanne Barr we’re talking about here. As repugnant as her tweet was, why is the world acting so surprised that she’d say something like that? It’s who she is, it’s what she does. ABC had to pull the plug on her show. Probably the only honest thing that pile of hypocrites at ABC ever did.

    • Amanda Green says:

      Except I don’t see it as honest. ABC knew what they were getting when they gave the show a green light. As I noted in my comment above, it was almost as if they set up a situation where they knew they could use it to their advantage.

      Add to that the fact they haven’t taken such instant and decisive action on any other sort of insult — sorry, what Behar and company said about VP Pence and all Christians who believe God talks to them is as bad in its own right as what Roseanne said — simply proves they have a double-standard. Yes, Roseanna’s words were repugnant. But where do we draw the line?

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  • wyldkat says:

    My biggest problem with this is the people calling her conservative. Folks, Rosanne is no more a Conservative than I am Michael Jordan. She is, or was, a member of the Green Party. She is now a member of something called the Peace and Freedom Party. Both of those groups are leftist. She’s a left wing nutbar who just happens to be anti-Clinton and apparently anti-Obama.

    She’s always been flako.

  • Civil War 2.0 Is Gonna Rock! says:

    How dare this Kulak vermin blaspheme someone who works for the Chicago Jesus Messiah.
    Barak al Hussein is the greatest human being ever to walk the face of the earth and you are…wayciss!

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