Babies Bodies Found at Late Abortionist Property

Babies Bodies Found at Late Abortionist Property

Babies Bodies Found at Late Abortionist Property

After the recent death of an Indiana abortionist, the man’s family stumbled upon over 2000 preserved remains of babies on his property.

Shades of Kermit Gosnell.

Dr. Ulrich Klopfer died on September 3 in Will County, IL, which is southwest of Chicago. Shortly after his death, family members were going through his property, as families do, when they found some medically preserved babies bodies. They requested that the bodies be properly removed, but authorities then found over 2000 more babies. In all the number totaled 2,246 remains. At this time local authorities don’t believe Klopfer was doing any abortions at his home — although they’re still investigating.

The question here is: what kind of a person does this? Abortion is horrendous enough, but to preserve the bodies of babies? As I said above, this is reminiscent of the notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell and his “House of Horrors.”

And, like Gosnell, Klopfer had his own shady past, too.

Ulrich Klopfer (and from here on, I will not use the title of “Dr.” to describe this man) may have lived his final days in Illinois, but he performed much of his dirty work at several sites in Indiana. He made his “services” available in the northern Indiana cities of Gary, South Bend, and Fort Wayne — that is, until the law caught up with him. Klopfer had performed an abortion on a 13-year-old girl without notifying the state, which he should have done within three days, according to Indiana law. The misdemeanor case against him was dismissed, but he did lose his medical license in 2016.

In an interview with South Bend reporters in 2013, Klopfer brushed off his “clerical errors” as mere “mistakes.” He also said it was “just like the priest in South Bend who abused altar boys.”

Rather twisted reasoning, wouldn’t you say?

Yet that’s not all. He took his grisly trade across the state line into Illinois, where he provided an abortion to a ten-year-old. That’s right, a ten-year-old child. Klopfer told a court that the girl was raped by her uncle, but he failed to notify the police. Instead, he sent her home to her parents, who refused to prosecute the perverted uncle.

What’s more, Klopfer also allegedly used abortion and sedation practices that were already decades old at the time.

But Klopfer, like other killers of unborn babies, claimed he was merely championing the rights of women:

“Women get pregnant, men don’t. We need to respect women making a decision that they think is best in their life. I’m not here to dictate to anybody. I’m not here to judge anybody.”

Never mind that babies die.


Credit: New Voices/flickr/public domain.

This may not be the end of this horrific story. Klopfer may just well be the Midwest version of the depraved Kermit Gosnell.


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  • Kate says:

    2246 murdered children. He was a serial killer.

    • Kim Hirsch says:

      Indeed. I have a hunch that he was illegally continuing his trade in Illinois; hence, the 2000+ babies bodies on his property.

  • Scott says:

    This can’t be right.. the pro baby murder crowd said Gosnell was an anomaly, not representative of the whole baby murder industry…

  • Mary Anne Borg says:

    Were the the babies remains buried? Why did he keep them? Was it a fetish? Looking at dead babies. Dead by his own hands. Pride in his profession of baby killer.

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  • David Longfellow says:

    The support for abortion comes from a death cult.
    Death cults routinely exhibit this type of behavior.

  • Joe R. says:

    The POS (D) demand not just the legality of this, but tax money, and they use the kick-backs from PP to fund their campaigns. Then PP compounds the financial gain by selling the baby parts for food, cosmetics, medicine, testing, and whathaveyou in order that you should be made to eat them, inject them, and rub them on your face.

    If that doesn’t rise to the textbook definition of “Monster”, then you are more f’d than them.

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